Sabbath Service – April 11, 2020 – Bro Stair

Sabbath Service - April 11, 2020 – Bro Stair

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Throughout these Passover Services Brother Stair is not the same railer that we are used to hearing.  Why?  Because he has Grace Community and Pastor Rice there to impress to move to the Farm so that Brother Stair has access to more fresh meat (strong meat) that Pastor Rice gets to partake of.

But to get his fix of anger he had his weekly bout with Steve or Link on the phone.  Brother Stair really shows that Steve (or Link) is smarter than he is in this.  But Brother Stair loves (lives to) quarrel, so he takes them on.  As we see here Brother Stair is only defining himself in denouncing men like Steve and Link with his statement, “He’s not just sinful, he’s wicked.”

A few notes:
“I’m gonna torment you guys.”  Brother Stair says to his congregation.
Brother Stair even testifies that the caller’s wife saw that he tough he was Jesus.
Jesus doesn’t have a voice today.  [Thus you must hear Him through Brother Stair]
The Holy Ghost is not God
[Who then is this coming Jesus that Brother Stair is speaking of?  It’s not the God of the Bible.]
Bro Stair boasts of having charge over another man’s wife (Dennis’s Rose).  [The wife he’s been committing adultery with for decades.  That’s the privilege of taking charge.]
A brother was put out because he had very contagious sores.

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About 25 minutes of silence removed for your listening endurance.

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