Sabbath Service – June 20, 2020 – Bro Stair

Sabbath Service - June 20, 2020 – Bro Stair

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Brother Stair at the Overcomer Ministry Tabernacle in Canadys SC starts preaching at 2:45.  We don’t get to hear more of the new organ today, but only piano playing… and Sister Burgess.  For whom Bro Stair is further targeting to move on the Farm without her husband by labeling him a tare.  Furthering his rebellion in separating the woman from her bond to her husband.  This move is in a large part to help him in the criminal case against him by having the mother of one of the girls he raped now living with him.

After coming in mild with a song it took less than two minutes before he showed out his true colors by taring into them  (something he says only others are doing to him).  This also manifesting what he will later say are Satan’s works.  Like calling Robert a fool and slandering him (after taking and squandering Robert’s 2.1 million dollars on riotous living) since there’s no more he can now take from Robert, all Robert gets now is slander.  This slander is bizarrely contrasted by his giggling as he flirts with the sisters.  A constant split-personality showing out.

He was upset that they didn’t know the sister’s name at called earlier, which Brother Stair should have known.  Moreover, they did know her name but Brother Stair had her name wrong.  This rouse was to disguise his fault and turn the blame onto God’s people.  Or are they?  As in this service, they are declared to be not Born Again.  Reinforcing our reference below about him being a tare gather.  Out of his own mouth.

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Gets the phone calls done at the beginning of Service.  Counting them (inaccurately) for an untold reason.  Again targeting a sister by encouraging Sister Sharon to leave her husband and family and come.

In the end, he calls several that fell away to be tares.  Refers to the dream/vision of him going higher up the steps (as did Lucifer and not John [Jn 3:30]) and dropping wheat, as if this means he’s not a tare gather.  If he had understanding he would realize that this means that all those that fell away were wheat and not tares.  That his story most likely means that he is carrying tares as he ascends above the Throne of God (Isa 14:13).  The true wheat escaped from him and went back to God as they were the Elect (Mt 24:24).

34 minutes of silence removed.


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