America’s Last 40 Days

Nuclear Destruction

Brother Stair long proclaimed that he would issue the proclamation of America’s last 40 Days.  As a parallel to Jonah’s 40 days.  He emphasized the importance of this with these words:

“When I speak that, and they don’t come to pass,

I’m done!

That’s all there’s to it.

I understand that.

And this ministry then was all in vain.”

Brother Stair died without speaking that.  It will now never come to pass.  This was touted as a major part and reason for this ministry.  Thus we now see that this ministry then was all in vain.  I’m done!  [audio clip]

More damning than that is his statement that If I Die Naturally, I’ve been a Liar.  If I Die Before My Time – You’re Gonna Go to Hell.

Bro Stair died naturally, before his time.  If you believe the words of the Prophet, then where does that leave you?

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