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Jonestown and Jim Jones:
As we near the anniversary of that tragic day in Church history, let us never forget how the false teachers and Elijah prophets come in…
*Viewer discretion is advised
A list corresponding to the Documentary
  • Carrying on Adulterous relationships
  • You are to obey any and every word without question
  • Plus 68 more …
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Jim Jones Jonestown & Bro Stair Overcomer

Jim Jones Jonestown & Bro Stair Overcomer

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Jim Jones in the PulpitBro Stair in the Pulpit

Jonestown and the Overcomer Ministry, Jim Jones & Brother R.G. Stair

*This program contains graphic language and graphic imagery.
Viewer discretion is advised.

This list corresponds to the Documentary

It lists some of the mentioned fruits of Jim Jones.  As Jesus told us, “by their fruits ye shall know them” (Mt 7:20).  It is important to realize that evil/bad fruits show that the root is evil.  This means that evil men have false doctrines and teachings.  That is what their evil fruit is showing us.

Do not be deceived by thinking that their teachings are valid but their actions are not.  Jesus gave us the fruit test to know what their root is, “if the root be holy, so are the branches.” (Rom 11:16).  So when we see unholy branches, fruit/works, then the root also is unholy.  The fruits they manifest are showing you the root (Mt 7:20).

  • “Some people see God in me
  • A Community like the Promised Land (Garden on Eden)
  • Tells followers, “Don’t be this way”, verbal abuse for them not molding to his desires
  • Carrying on Adulterous relationships
  • Justifying his adulterous affairs blaming it on how his wife treats him
  • No tears in repentance
  • “I represent Divine principles”
  • From a dysfunctional family
  • Targeted Blacks and became Pastor of a Black church
  • Hated and despised in the White community
  • Started out in the Revival circuit era
  • The government is wrong
  • Tried his ‘craft’ in California
  • Sell all and give to ‘this church’
  • Traveled USA spreading his beliefs & gaining members
  • All needs provided for people by Community
  • Their personal homes are not elegant
  • Few Followers
  • Followers overworked in the Community
  • Made to feel guilty for taking luxuries [Sleep deprivation]
  • Tells followers, “You don’t think for yourself”
  • Followers gave up their rights to him
  • Some followers believed “The man got power” (“what a preacher”)
  • False healings [or: past Unverifiable Stories]
  • People running around the isles, hollering
  • The Bible isn’t where the power is, it’s in the anointed man
  • “Did you see any lightning come from the sky and strike me dead?”
  • “You need to believe in what you see. If you see me as your God I’ll be your God”
  • Followers lifted him up to a level of adoration
  • Admired, loved, excused
  • Homosexual acts
  • You’re all homosexuals”
  • “Sexual relationships are very selfish”, yet was involved in many sexual affairs himself
  • Not monogamous
  • What he preached was not what he did
  • Forbids followers to speak with one another
  • ‘Feelings’ are bad, “Quit you like men”
  • Followers loyalty tested
  • You are to obey any and every word from him – without question
  • Political power
  • Had people that would ‘take a bullet’ for him
  • People are always threatened or feel threatened
  • Tells followers, “You’re not diligent enough”
  • A paranoia that ‘those on the outside’ are enemies
  • The community was to be free of the government oppression, to live as God wants us to
  • People loved to be in the ‘Community’ … at first
  • Forced confessions (testimonies)
  • Beatings [Jones: physical; Other cult leaders use: verbal, mental, spiritual]
  • Sexually motivated
  • Talks about Sex explicitly, often
  • Bussed in the congregation for public meetings to show off
  • Isolates followers from their families
  • Had ex-members, people left him
  • Told them the world would treat them badly
  • They could never leave ‘the Church’ (Community) – damned those that did
  • Followers subject to integration
  • Used his ‘platforms’ as fronts
  • The community was ‘lighter’ when he was not present
  • Speaker system going 24/7 with his voice anywhere you were
  • Recorded speeches that would broadcast all night
  • His voice was getting worse
  • He would interpret the news events over his ‘broadcasts’
  • A pervasive sense of being under attack, things are getting worse in the world
  • In the end, he was getting more frantic and insane in his ramblings
  • Followers subjected to Loyalty tests
  • No freedom to express to others what was going on (keep your mouths shut)
  • Took it as a betrayal to himself and the cause if someone left (leavers are also damned so that others fear talking to them to learn the truth)
  • “It’s blasphemy to talk about leaving without approval” (leader has to tell you what you can do, who you can marry)
  • Understood prisoners
  • Were prepared to defend themselves against authorities
  • The community was spartan but very impressive
  • Food stored on the Community
  • People thought it was the best thing that ever happened in their lives… at first
  • People found it hard to find a way to leave (their money, houses, family, & friends were all taken from them)
  • Would say, “People lie on me/us”, “Just leave us alone”
  • ‘You can leave if you want’, but makes them believe they are betraying him if they do
  • Often told, “Everybody report to the ‘tabernacle’ for a meeting”
  • The leader is entitled to special privileges that followers are not expected to have or want
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