Reprobate Concerning the Faith

Who are these men whose faith is reprobate?
Those who have made Faith reprobate?

Those who have shipwrecked their Faith?
Who destroy the faith of others?

Their faith is reprobate – to them being reprobate IS Faith.

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Reprobate Concerning the Faith

Last Updated on August 5, 2019

Who are these men whose faith is reprobate?

Men who have made Faith reprobate? 

Men who have shipwrecked their Faith?  [1Tim 1:19-20] 

Men who destroy the faith of others?  [2Tim 2:18]

These are certain men!

For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. [Jude 1:4]

Their faith is reprobate – to them being reprobate IS Faith [1Tim 6:5].  They have faith in their reprobateness that it will not affect their salvation [Ps 94:7] – this is a dead faith [James 2:24].  Not just a faith without good works – a faith that relies on evil works to establish it.  Thus Brother Stair teaches that “God made man to sin”, and “Your flesh is going to sin – just let it”.  [2Cor 13:5]  We see here an establishment of the throne of iniquity [Ps 94:20].  Bro Stair has told many a woman that questioned his sexual advances, “God will forgive”.  God may forgive, but thinking that He is also going to overlook the judgment of your sins is ignorant and arrogant.  ‘He avenges your evildoing and wicked practices’ [Ps 99:8].  Did someone forget that the man of God is to be perfect and produce good works? [2Tim 3:17].

“Where sin abounds grace much more abounds” [Rom 5:20]  does not mean that more sin equals more grace.  That’s the error that Paul dealt with in Romans 6:1-2, to which Paul said, God forbid!  God forbids us to do the wickedness that Brother Stair justifies and commends, while Bro Stair condemns you for even your thoughts [Mt 23:24].

Brother Stair believes he has Freedom To Sin

That ye may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. [1Corinthians 1:8]

So that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky. [Philippians 2:15]

God Forbid

This new message is a far cry from Brother Stair’s teachings of holiness in the pre-2002 days – before he was found deceiving his followers under the pretense of sinlessness.  It’s not that Brother Stair changed his deeds, he’s always walked in gross sin, it’s his message – his bait – that he changed [1Tim 6:21].  Men of corrupt minds [1Tim 6:5], unstable, sensual, full of lusts [2Pt 2:14, 18-20], waxing worse and worse [2Tim 3:13] – these men expose themselves in the end [2Tim 3:8-9;  Pr 26:24-26], when their warped minds are too far gone to keep up the pretense, the charade [Pr 12:8].

Like Edwin Louis Cole said, “When the charm wears off all you have is character left.”  Brother Stair’s followers once surrounded him because of his flamboyant personality (charm) but now all we see is his true character showing (wickedness).  The character that he long concealed behind his many ruses of an evangelist, pastor, prophet, and “sinless” man.  Now we see the foaming out of his iniquity – and that iniquity is not the thought crime that he teaches it to be as he condemns others for as he points his finger away from himself  [Isaiah 58:9].

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The Throne of Iniquity

Look at our article What is Iniquity?  to see that the Biblical definition of iniquity specifically encompasses Brother Stair’s legal transgressions, his sexual practices, and his unequal unjust ways in his dealings both inside and outside his congregation.  It defines his fruit.  Why wouldn’t it, it’s the very thing Brother Stair points his finger at his followers and leavers over – to the end that no one thinks it’s in him [Isaiah 58:9].  This is helped by his never owning up to an ounce of it – all the while “he is the man” [2Sam 12:5-7].

The Lost Message of Holiness

Psalm 97:10, 2

If faith is anything, is it faith that we can and shall be holy.  That Gods spirit living in us can transform our sinful lives into a walk of holiness unto the Lord.  Faith has never been a faith that we can stay in our sins and God will not care and He will still welcome us into His holy Kingdom.  This is the lie of Satan since the beginning – “you will not surely die” [Genesis 3:4].

This message of holiness was preached by Brother Stair but never lived.  He preached it under the pretense of baiting those Christians who would submit to his control over them in beating them down over their sins – supposedly to purge them and make them holy.  Something in all of Brother Stair’s years of ministry there is not one person that he can point to as having attaining this holiness – aside from the free card he gives to all who die on his Farm.

This should have always been seen by us as Brother Stair has always opposed the Spirit of God [Acts 7:51].  This is why he opposes the Promise Keepers movement – it’s about holiness and accountability.  Why he opposes Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.  Why he opposes and shuts down any real movement of the Holy Spirit in his meetings.  Brother Stair will not be accountable to anyone.  He walks in wickedness and that would expose his wickedness.  Songs of pure praise, love, and worship to God are not on his agenda.  He rebukes those who move in those realms and puts them down.

This is the mocking of God.  As the fool says, “God will not require it of me” [Ps 94:7;  Ps 14:1;  Ps 10:4;  Ecc 10:3;  Isaiah 32:6]

Psalm 95:10

The Evident Works

The Psalms speak much of Gods works and that it is by His works that He is known.  When did this change to the teaching today that we don’t know God by any physical evidence?  This teaching has brought about this age of ethereal fuzzies that we are to just accept God and His servants on faith.  This came about largely from the focus on salvation not having any manifestation or feelings.  But there will be evidence of salvation – something that this focus has lost and taken us away from.  James essentially says that if you have no evidence in works of your conversion then you’re not converted [James 2:14-18].

Departing from “Gods Appointed Man”?

Another teaching from these God appointed, God anointed, Men of the Hour is that if you leave them you are damned and lost.  That you must repent and be restored to them or judgment awaits.  These certain men [Jude 1:4-6] want to make their cause the greatest cause and they do this with fearful words of judgment upon all who do not heed their words.  They are following in the doctrine of Lucifer and like their father they want to use God to draw attention to themselves and to make themselves higher than God [Isaiah 14:14].

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These certain men tell us that leaving is never right.  These are the same men who give you Comments of God that are a list of things you are to leave [Churches, Doctors, Cities, TV,…].  But after they get you to leave everything they say you cannot leave them.

We could list men who have fled, who have left – leavers as Brother Stair calls them when they leave him.  Men whom God blessed because of doing so.  Lot left Sodom.  Abram left his country, his people and his father’s household.  Later he left Lot. Moses left Pharaoh.  Moses left Egypt.  The Israelites left Egypt.  Rahab left Jericho [Heb 11:31].  Rebecca left her home.  Jesus left Heaven, Bethlehem, Egypt – then Earth.  And there are many more examples.

The point blankness that once you’re here you cannot leave is a deception that is used to blind people as a trap to keep them grinding out your grain [Judges 16:21].  This deception is brought about largely by Brother Stair’s foundational doctrine (heresy) of The Witness.  That you are to get a witness on him and once you “get the witness from God”, then that settles it, you’re locked in.  To go against that witness puts the blame on you or God – your choice.  While Brother Stair gets off scott-free because you are denying the witness that God gave you.  What Brother Stair is doing here with his “get a witness from God on me” is the same thing the Mormons do when they tell you to “pray about the Book of Mormon” to get God to tell you that it’s from Him or give you a burning in your bosom.  The following from the Mormons Doctrine and Covenants sounds much like what comes from Brother Stair’s lips, and it certainly covers Stair’s intentions.

“But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right. But if it be not right you shall have no such feelings, but you shall have a stupor of thought that shall cause you to forget the thing which is wrong; therefore, you cannot write that which is sacred save it be given you from me.” [D&C 9:8-9]

This is a heresy because it is contrary to all scripture.  God has long established how you get a witness on any man – by their fruits [Mt 7:20], and Jesus in Matthew 7 is emphasizing the witness on a prophet [Mt 7:15].  Likewise, the Old Testament test of a prophet was that a non-spiritual nation was to judge them [Deuteronomy 13:1-5].  Still, in the New Testament we are to judge prophecies not just blindly accept them [1Thes 5:20-22].  Nowhere is scripture do we have God locking someone in to an overlord because He made them Gods man.  Even Jesus said that the witness on Him come from what He said and did [Mt 11:4;  Lk 7:22;  1Jn 1:1] – what was witnessed in Him.  Is Brother Stair better than Jesus?  He thinks so.  [See the article Greater Than Jesus]

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This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. [James 3:15]

We are commanded by God (a real command, not one made by a man so as to extract more money from people [Mt 15:9]) to flee wickedness – not to remain in it.  God knows how to deliver the righteous from sin, wickedness, and evil men [2Peter 2:9].  So if you’re not being delivered or not even desiring to be delivered – rather you’re excusing your wickedness – then you’re not a righteous man.  These certain men [Jude 1:4] who want to walk in their wickedness and teach that the flesh is going to sin – so let it, and tell you that you’re not going to be free from sin UNTIL Jesus comes are men of corrupt minds, unstable, resisting the truth, double-minded, wanting to have their cake and eat it too (“make the prophet a cake first” ~Brother Stair) [James 1:8].

These evil men are known by their fruits [Mt 7:20, 15, 16] – not by some ethereal ‘witness’ that they sell you on to trap you into bondage to them with [Mt 23:15;  1Jn 4:1].

Psalm 97:10

Satan’s “Messengers of Light”

Who is this that supplies instructions in sinfulness, against the scriptures instructions in righteousness?  [2Tim 3:16-17]

Why is Brother Stair not free from his sins?  Why does Brother Stair not seek to be free from his sin, rather he excuses them and says they don’t matter to GodBecause Brother Stair does not have the spirit of God [Rom 8:9-11] or he has grieved Gods Spirit to the point that he has become reprobate [2Tim 3:1-8].  He that says he knows God and does not do what God requires IS A LIAR [1Jn 2:4] and there is no truth in him.  Not Gods truth or any other truth – No truth!

The teaching of Brother Stair is – These Things I Teach Unto You So That You Sin! (with me).  This has always been the ministry of the Overcomerovercoming the saints  [Rev 13:7]. Being over, lording over, overcoming you.  This is a work of the Antichrist and his minsters [2Cor 11:14-15].

Contrary to Brother Stair’s message, Gods word teaches us to not sin, and it teaches us things to do so that we don’t walk in sin [1Jn 2:1]

Be certain of this one thing – you will reap what you sow – so sow righteousness!

Romans 14:19

Ye are the salt of the earth: but
if the salt have lost his savor,
wherewith shall it be salted?
it is thenceforth good for nothing,
but to be cast out,
and to be trodden under foot of men.
~Matthew 5:13

For even hereunto were ye called:
because Christ also suffered for us,
leaving us an example, that
ye should follow His steps.
~1Peter 2:21

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