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Brother Stair has tried hard to get his charges from 2002 dropped so that when he gets caught red-handed again [Update 2017: Too late] it will not count against him.  This was the case in 2002 when his former incident in Oklahoma with the underage girl was not on his record.  Then he can also brag that he did nothing wrong if the charges were expunged.

Alas, this doesn’t seem to be the case though.  Brother Stair and his lawyers (the 6th highest paid in the US when he hired them [and for his 2017 cases he got the best criminal lawyer in SC]) have been unable to convince the Colleton County Court to pardon him of the ‘simple’ (as Brother Stair likes to call them) charges of assault.

These assault charges are what he managed to plea-bargain down to from his two accounts of criminal sexual assault/conduct (rape).  It appears that they might not be as ‘simple’ as Brother Stair wants to make them appear.  We might even wonder why he has seemingly bragged about them proudly stating that “I was charged with rape”, if they are only simple assaults.  How does that fit?  Is “simple” sexual assault stating that he likes rough sex?  Something else we suspect he would proudly brag about too.

Unpardoned Iniquity

The unwillingness of the court system to expunge Brother Stair’s record is God showing us that this iniquity of Brother Stair’s is not going to be simply wiped away (Pr 6:33;  Nahum 1:3).  Especially in that he has never repented of it and has never stopped pursuing it.  [As is clear now in 2018 with Brother Stair again being arrested on many more similar charges.]

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Brother Stair said many a time in 2003 after his arrest that he confessed his sin, that he repented of it, and that he did not deceive the people because they know what he did.  That if he was hiding what he did then he would be deceiving them.  Well, we now know that he has and continues to hide what he’s actually done and what he is still doing.

Lies, Denies, & Pride

Update: We found out in 2018 that Brother Stair has been lying since 2002 and is doing so even more now by denying that he’s done anything wrong – aside from going on YouTube in his pride.  Thus, touching the sisters was not wrong – only his pride in wanting to be seen on YouTube was wrong.  He claimed that he touched her right when he molested Sister Natosha in the Radio Room.

God will not at all acquit the wicked (Nahum 1:3;  Exodus 34:7).  Put God in it!  If this is God’s man and he was innocent, then God would see to it that he was cleared.  Likewise, if he is guilty, then God will (and has) seen to it that he will not be cleared (acquitted).  Whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding; he who does so destroys his own soul.  Wounds and dishonor he will get, and his reproach will not be wiped away (Pr 6:32-33).

Some men’s sins are open beforehand,
going before to judgment;
and some men they follow after.
Likewise also the good works of some
are manifest beforehand;
and they that are otherwise
cannot be hid.
(1Timothy 5:24-25)

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