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Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Phone Messages #8

Last Updated on Sun September 5, 2021 @ 10:34 am

This week’s weekly Phone Calls have 12 calls, for 14 minutes.

All are using the Overcomer’s magic password – Maranatha (so they are allowed to be aired).  Not realizing that Anamatha! is the word for the Overcomer Ministry.  As we will show below.

This latest release of phone calls has Bro Best proclaiming Jesus coming this year – he’s going to be in for a surprise when he hears what Pastor Rice has to say in the Sabbath Service – Aug 28, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service.

One addresses Brother Stair as if he’s still alive and at the helm.  The usual sister gives her standard detailed report that we should have memorized already.  Some have prayer requests.  We recommend that you pray for all these deceived people to find the truth and be freed from the strong delusion they are under.

Mostly the same usual suspects that are tied to Brother Stair, somehow expecting his words to come to pass – or are they just confused?

A sister from Las Vagas addresses Brother Stair and has a message for President Biden.  She blesses Brother Stair and says that Brother Stair was always telling the truth about the Mark of the Beast“Yes, the Mark of the Beast is the vaccine.”  This is not going to agree with what Pastor Rice says that Bro Stair said in the following Service when he finally man’s up enough to make a few statements about the present time.  See Sabbath Service – Aug 28, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service.  Nor does it gel with the prophet who said it would be a physical mark.

She thinks Brother Stair is now 88 – thus still alive.  Thanks to this ministry that is not informative – even of the death of their prophet.  Brother Stair never made it to 88, much like his failure on Jesus coming in 1988.

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What we need to seriously realize is that all these phone messages have been hand-picked.  So what is being said is what has been chosen to be put out.  Brother Stair did not allow any and every phone call to be broadcast.  It had to be a message that he wanted out over the air.  Surely tech Mark was instructed likewise. 

So what is the current regime trying to tell us?  There is a profound message of confusion going out today.  Callers are saying one thing (we’re in the last 45 days and Brother Stair is resurrected and walking around with us and Jesus is coming in Sept 2021) and Pastor Rice is saying another (by his silence on these points and his recent proclamation that he is waiting for the revelation of the Man of Sin). 

So is the Man of Sin going to be revealed this September 2021?  Or is Jesus coming in September 2021?  Which is the Overcomer Ministry propagating?  Both!  Thus we have confusion that is not being reconciled.

So we have callers in confusion – but they think they’re in revelation truth.  And we have Pastor Rice in denial of anything that Brother Stair proclaimed (aside from the revelation of the Man of Sin) – but he thinks he’s upholding the words of the prophet – which he doesn’t remember.  Brother Stan has been reminding him of what Brother Stair said.  But he’s not listening.  Pr Rice rejected the truth in late Dec 2004 when he refused to hear anything other than what Brother Stair said went on when he aired porn over worldwide radio.  This hardness locked him into refusing the truth and therefore not loving truth – which locked him into a strong delusion to believe Brother Stair’s lies (2Thes 2:11).

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This confusion of purpose and direction is witnessed in the current broadcast.  The airing on old Services with Brother Stair being shown clearly as a reviler, a railer, and a man of perverse speech, seeking to idolize himself, justifying his fornication, and practicing his pre-sex moves in Services, …. 

But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat (1Cor 5:11).

Think About That

  • You’ve got a man who Brother Stair has angrily rebuked every time he talks to him, who thinks Brother Stair and the saints are going to rise at the last 45 days (at this time risen) before Jesus returns in September 2021.
  • You’ve got a woman who thinks Brother Stair is still alive and 88 years old.
  • A woman has a message for President Biden that she’s giving to Brother Stair.

What is going on here?  More importantly – why is this confusion being set on display to all the listeners?  Does the Overcomer Ministry even fathom the depth of deception that they are under and are propagating unto the whole world?

Get ready.  We’re going to see a dramatic departure from the Brother Stair that listeners expected.  Or, you’re going to witness the Overcomer Ministry so seduced by this spirit of antichrist that they are under that they will continue airing and showing Brother Stair’s lies and antichrist treatment of the body of Christ – with no clue that they are displaying the spirit of antichrist. 

The question now is; are they aware they are doing this now?  Is this part of their plan to move away from this foul-mouthed abuser that they are airing?  Getting their audience ready to depart also?  As Brother Stair would say, We don’t have too much more time to find out.

The Phone Messages:

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1 thought on “Phone Messages #8

  1. It’s to be hoped listeners will be attentive when the prophecies they distinctly remember hearing as of God FAIL! Rice merely says “It’s not time yet” and moves off the topic. We spend more time sneezing or tying our shoes in comparison. Tough if you gave all to live there and realize it was all based on a lie. That you could have served God where you were and gave offerings to persecuted Christians in great need rather than all to Stair and his kingdom on earth.That’s all the time allotted to Stair’s claim to die the death of a martyr in Jerusalem at the hand of the Pope, or the resurrection 45 days before the 2’nd return of Jesus Christ, which was going to be within 6 months of Stair being martyred. What was the whole point of Stair saying those things would happen if they didn’t? It appears Stair didn’t just lie, but he lied the most fantastic great over the top lies he could think of. But that’s ok. Stair gave us a clause to test him. Remember his own words? If I die an ordinary death then you can throw out everything I said as a lie. Here’s another gem. If God doesn’t make a major move by the year 2000 I’ll tell God to go to hell! Since Stair already said Jesus was coming by the year 2000 we all know that was the major move he was speaking of. Really? Here’s a truth for those who are still confused. Stair is going to deeply regret saying that when he has to face Jesus. I’m shocked anyone has any doubt this man was a liar in his claims. Stair insinuated himself into the body of Christ and abused exploited and neglected them incessantly and yet Rice drones on in his accolades of “the prophet told us” or “the prophet said” using his pompous intonation of awe. I’m waiting for the 6 months to pass by to set free any captives that were still bound by the last final lies, by fear or coercion, if there are any left to be delivered that were waiting for absolute proof.

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