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Brother R.G. Stair
Phone Messages #3

Last Updated on August 7, 2021

The Overcomer presents more revelations of the teachings that have been taught by Brother Stair as revealed by his follower’s phone messages.  Bro Stair’s teachings are slowly being turned into a worse apostasy propagated by the current regime in control at the Overcomer Ministry.  They are diverging from the teachings of Brother Stair and this will only become more manifest in the next few months.

What we have here are 12 listeners (followers), some that are believing that Jesus is coming in September and that soon the Last 45 Days before Jesus’ coming will bring about the resurrection of the saints.  In all of this, there is no reality of Brother Stair’s failed prophecy to die at the hands of the Pope in Jerusalem (which was originally in Rome until he wanted to be the Two Witnesses, then he combined his assumed 3.5-year testimony in Jerusalem with the Pope killing him).  Then there are Brother Stair’s last three Thunders that he has to reveal and that he has to identify the antichrist and proclaim America’s last 40 Days, the Two Witnesses, and many more…

It appears that in their delusion, followers are setting these things aside hoping that Brother Stair rises from the dead at the beginning of August so that he can finish his ‘ministry’ and not be the false prophet and total liar that his sudden death sealed his testimony as false on (Pr 29:1).  At the end of this article, there is a video on The Coming of Jesus Christ ~ The LAST 45 Days According to RG Stair.

Brother Best says he loves the lord but the lord he’s loving is Bro Stair – because he does not have a love for the truth of God’s word but rather a love for Brother Stair’s word on what he taught to be the truth.  This is heard in what Bro Best is lauding here – Brother Stair’s false teaching on the Last 45 Days.  This teaching even contradicts Bro Stair’s teaching on Jesus coming with the risen saints and lifting us all off the Earth and pouring out His wrath on the Earth then we all come down back on the Earth. 

This is the reason these callers are under God’s Strong Delusion – because their love for the Prophet trumped their love for the truth.  Bro Stair taught this well with his insistence that you should get a witness on him and then never question or seek out the truth on him when it was revealed in his actions (Mt 7:15-20).  God has turned these people over to believing a lie – the lies of Brother Stair and those propagated by his ministry (2Thes 2:11-12).

And for this cause
God shall send them strong delusion,
that they should believe a lie:
That they all might be damned
who believed not the truth,
but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

(2 Thessalonians 2:11-12)

To think that Brother Stair would brag that if he was deceived then he was deceived by God.  Well, that’s not the badge of honor that he made it out to be if you realize what that means.  It means that God has him under a strong delusion and that he is believing a lie, and that he will be damned for this pleasure he has in unrighteousness (2Thes 2:11-12).

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So please pray for these followers – many are asking for prayer.  Pray that they are delivered from their stronghold of lies that they have trusted in (Jer 7:4, 8) and that they are given a love for the truth so that God will release the deception that He has given them (2Thes 2:11), and that they escape this corruption as many have (2Pt 1:4).  Over 99% have been wise virgins and delivered from this deception that has you burning out your oil too soon. 

What is ridiculous about that fact is that here we have a prophetic ministry with the Prophet who is to reveal the times and most importantly the time of Christ’s coming.  Yet it is just another one of the many shysters that have the virgins burning out all their oil under the delusion of a soon coming Bride Groom.  Which has failed to transpire in any timeframe that Brother Stair has predicted.  That should have been enough for us to keep your way far from her, and do not go near the door of her house (Pr 5:8).  The her in that verse is the adulterer.  who do we all know in this context to be the adulterer?

Since many of us fell for this deception we reaped the verses following that one.  We gave our vigor to others and your years to the cruel one (Pr 5:9).  Then strangers [were] filled with [our] strength and [our] hard-earned goods [went] to the house of an alien [Bro Stair & those who came after us] (Pr 5:10).  And thus [we] groan[ed] at [our] final end (Pr 5:11).  Yes, the word of God is true.  You’re not going to escape it.  No matter how far you bury your head into a man’s lies.  Brother Stair cannot save you now.  If the righteous scarcely be saved (1Pt 4:18) how will they be saved harkening unto lies and following a man that is far from righteousness?

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“I’m a wicked man” ~Brother Stair

If a ruler hearken to lies,
all his servants are wicked

(Prov 29:12)
Concerning the works of men,
by the word of Thy lips
I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer
(Psalm 17:4)

But the word of the Lord endureth for ever.  And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you. (1Pt 1:25;  Isa 40:8)  This Word of God that Peter is talking about is not the word of Brother Stair because Bro Stair forfeited the gospel and preached his own gospel – himself.

We should find it interesting that the Overcomer Ministry is leaving the teaching of the current truth to the callers to tell, as it is not coming from the Overcomer Ministry – nor has it.  This Ministry that has a website and a 24/7 radio program to inform its follows as to what is going on has failed to use these resources to do so.  Most people, even their followers, had to come to this website to get any current information on what has been going on over the last three years. 

So it’s no wonder that these callers are so confused in their beliefs as to what is going to happen or where we are in time.  They have been fed a stream of sporadic confusion that has let them pick and choose what they like and ignore the many failed words from Brother Stair. 

Bro Best is an example of a man that Bro Stair constantly railed on for not understanding what Bro Stair wanted from him and obeying the Prophet.  Yet the current ministry airs Bro Best’s teachings so that it can’t be held responsible for saying it themselves.  At least they learned that lesson on how to cast blame from Bro Stair.

Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto HimThat ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition
Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.  (2Thes 2:1-4)

Now, while Brother Stair seems to qualify for several things in that scripture, he would not accept it as revealing him.  Yet we find now that the current situation is one of the people being shaken in mind and troubled by a word that the day of Christ is at hand.  Pretty clearly.

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Some man has deceived them by some meansWhere is this falling away?  At one time Bro Stair taught that it was in 2001 when half his followers left him when he was revealed to be a man of sin.  This same Bro Stair is well known to oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God (God’s people).  Moreso in the last years of his life he magnified the showing of himself that he is God.  So has this scripture been fulfilled?

Bro Best makes this Last 45 Days delusion clear in his phone message.  Brother Stan makes clear the error on this in his recent message The Coming of Jesus Christ ~ The LAST 45 Days According to RG StairGive the truth a try.  Listen to someone who spent many years with Brother Stair and can give you an actual witness and testimony to the truth of Brother Stair.  Or, you can bury your head in lies and awaken to damnation (2Thes 2:11-12).  Where’s your love?  Does the truth matter more than the delusions you want to be right?  Or do you love the prophet so much that you’ll gouge out your own eyes to avoid seeing the truth?

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5 thoughts on “Phone Messages #3

  1. Has everyone that believes Jesus is Coming again this year also ignored the fact we haven’t even gone through the Tribulation yet? This would make the 2’nd Coming of Jesus Christ a pre-Trib event and even by the teaching the farm claims to believe is post Trib.This is getting more and more obvious as time goes on that people are scrambling to cobble random bits and pieces together that make no sense in order to validate Stair. Not the Bible, not the truth, not Jesus Christ, not the Holy Spirit, not the apostles. People say they love Stair but he didn’t love them. He left them bereft of how to deal with the massive blow when they realize he lied- again -when Jesus doesn’t come in 2021.They will have to endure the same discouragement and disappointment some of us had when Jesus didn’t come by the year 2000 after waiting and believing that was the word of the Lord. I feel pity and compassion for people when I hear them in these calls. Many are sincere and the betrayal could cause some to fall away. God have mercy on them like I want mercy for myself and my family. Thank you for keeping us informed. I hope some are drawn to seek the truth on this channel and be delivered. These pastors and elders will be held accountable.They want to be held in high regard or be seen and heard but are only able to take money or exploit for their own gain, not feed the sheep.

  2. When The Proclamation and Revelation Does NOT Come to Pass as False Witness and False brother Rg Stair has Proclaimed For Many Many Years ~ That Within 6 Months of His Death at The Hand of The Pope of Rome Jesus would Come ~ THEN This Scripture will Begin to be Fulfilled in All of Those who chose to Believe Lies rather than The Very Word of Truth in God’s Word : Matthew 24:10 And THEN Shall Many Be Offended, and Shall Betray One Another, and Shall Hate One Another.

    1. You’re right. The Scriptures are clear. I witnessed firsthand those ensnared under the Overcomer Ministry delusion have the corrupt fruit of being implacable and unmerciful, proud, with a mouth full of cursing (for us) who have escaped. James Edwin Baker of Mackville, Ky. of the defunct Upper Room Community while under Stair’s leadership cursed my unborn daughter in front of all who were assembled and has not reached out in almost 2 decades to a sister who was deeply wounded at the time. He stated my precious daughter was conceived in lust even though the Scriptures instruct us the marriage bed is undefiled. I can only think this man has a seared conscience in order to not experience conviction. If he is a brother he has the responsibility to reach out because he spoke as a man of God. A lot of big shots are the most arrogant and high minded and would avoid humbling themselves especially to someone in a low estate that they felt superior and exalted over. I left that Community in grief and sorrow to protect my daughter from ever hearing those words repeated to her. Perhaps a few listening to this channel and yours, and not yet living at the Overcomer Ministry will be spared who haven’t yet hardened their hearts. Your channel is also a good place to seek truth to be delivered from false heresies. God bless you and your precious wife.

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