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Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Phone Messages #7

Last Updated on August 26, 2021

This time we get a 16-minute spot (we cut down to 14.5 after silence was removed) of 15 callers leaving messages.  We like to put God in it and notice the place and way these messages are inserted.  Take notice of the insert of Brother Stair they placed in the messages.  That was not us adding those words there – it was the current Overcomer Ministry.

Several callers are expecting the coming of Jesus in September 2021.  Emphasizing 45 Days till September 28th.  Wich should mean that Brother Stair and others have been resurrected and walking around with us – as Brother Stair taught. Though they are not getting this backed up by the current regime who is standing aloof from the teachings of Brother Stair and are airing many of his older messages that clearly show more of his predictions that never came to pass. 

Hey Brother, how is Jesus coming without the antichrist coming first – as your dear prophet taught?  Are you believing in a PreTribulation Return of Christ?  I fear for you, that somehow Brother Stair wasted his efforts on you (Gal 4:11).  Have they zealously affected you, but not well; yea, they would exclude you, that ye might affect them? (Gal 4:17)

What will come of these followers when their expectations are crushed and they have to face (hopefully) that their leader lied and deceived them?  They have trusted in another Jesus by these false teachings (2Cor 11:3-4).  Will they shipwreck their faith?(1Tim 1:10-20)  Pray for these people!  Pray they come to the knowledge of the truth and be set free from the strong delusion they are under (1Tim 2:4-5;  2Tim 3:5-7;  2Thes 2:9-11).  That they would receive a love of the truth rather than a love for the prophet or any other love (2Thes 2:10-12).  Only the truth will set you free (John 8:32). 

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What we are witnessing in the Overcomer Ministry and its callers are people that do not see the truth.  They are ignoring the truth and refuse to seek out the truth as the Bereans did (Acts 17:11;  Jer 7:4, 10;  Jer 10:21).  The lie has been so ingrained in them that they will not explore websites like this one or The Final Witness, or the testimonies of the many that have left after being faced with the truth.  In this, we see that they are not seeking truth but have been instructed to stick their head in the sand and ignore anything that opposes the narrative that their leader has prescribed.  That is exactly the same thing that we see in the world today politically.  The world is deceived in the same manner as Brother Stair indoctrinated into his underlings.

Brother Stair told us that what they were saying about him on the radio and on The NetTeam were all lies and that we shouldn’t be found on these sites.  I remember when some of us decide to look at the testimonies of some of the brothers we knew, to read these lies and backup Brother Stair.  But what we found out was that the things they were saying we knew to be the truth.  They also spoke of incidents that we knew about with facts that we didn’t know that we connecting to make us understand what really was going on.  So they were not lying but revealing the truth – which is not what Brother Stair wanted us to find out.

What this is telling us is that in all these years of Brother Stair preaching against the Pre-Tribulation Rapture we now find that his faithful listeners are expecting a Pre-Tribulation Rapture with the coming of Jesus in September of this year.  Before any Tribulation has begun.  This false belief has come from a false teaching that we could be at the end of the Tribulation before we realized it.  This was not what Brother Stair taught in 1991.  He taught that there would be seven years of obvious Tribulation that would mark the coming of Jesus.

This teaching of being into the Trib before it’s revealed to us came from the same man that mocked people saying that Jesus could come at any time.  They don’t remember what Brother Stair taught they just pick what they like from it.  This was learned from how Brother Stair’s approached his own teachings – he would forget about the things that he didn’t think were going to pan out.

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Aside from Brother Stair’s obvious false prophecies about his death in Jerusalem at the hands of the Pope, how did we get to where Jesus can come without the Two Witnesses or the rise of the Antichrist?

If they had been listening to WWVA this week they would have heard Brother Stair teach that Jesus is only coming seven years after the Tribulation starts and he went on to tell of the things that would mark the beginning of the Tribulation – which had not yet happened.  Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to be aired on the normal Internet broadcast.  “The 7 years before Jesus returns… over 130 billion will be destroyed… during that 7 year period, the Mark of the Beast is going to come.”  Then Brother Stair is to identify the antichrist and is killed in Jerusalem at the hands of the Pope.  He also said in the last 45 Days will be hiding and running.  And that happens before Jesus returns. 

So the question seems to be, which Brother Stair do you listen to?

One caller believes that the Door of Grace closed with Brother Stair’s death.  If he had been listing to Brother Stair and remembered what he said, he would have known that Brother Stair said in 1991 that the Door or Grace was already closed.

Another caller says “What a faithful servant Brother Stair was”.  Yes, he was faithful to serving his lusts.  He was faithful in betraying the Brethern.  He was faithful to the end in his stubborn rebellion in refusing to repent.  He was faithful to malign anyone (especially women) who resisted him or came against him.  How much more do you want to know about his faithfulness?  This caller has never lived with Brother Stair – we have.

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One thing that we find most noticeable in the phone calls is the forlorn attitude from the callers.  They are not exactly rejoicing in this coming Jesus.  This is likewise heard in Prayer Time with the moaning and growing – not in an expectant excitement of Christ coming next month.  Brother Stair has infused in them this spirit of being beaten down at the hands of a bully so well that we see that they continue to be beaten down from listening to the recordings of Brother Stair.

Some of them have started addressing Pastor Rice as the new head of the Overcomer Ministry.  Sadly the head of the Overcomer Ministry is Dennis and Rose, the other man’s wife that Brother Stair had and had lived with him (Ecc 9:9;  Pr 6:29;  Lev 20:10;  Ex 20:14).

Perhaps noticing our emphasizing of the majority of women callers – they put the men out front.

So you know, those of you with the Overcomer Ministry are free to comment and explain, without registering to anything.  So let’s hear it from you as to what is in error here…

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