Phone Call Messages 13
Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Phone Messages #13

Last Updated on Tue October 19, 2021 @ 3:42 pm

9 minutes of calls with 14 callers. 

Several callers are calling in to give radio reports due to the old broadcasts with Brother Stair asking for radio checks and giving out various offerings for them.  But it’s the second caller that magnifies the point that we’ve been making about the Overcomer Ministries’ lack of helping the body of Christ with any timely word.  They are in no way assisting their own listeners in understanding the confusion that Brother Stair has left them in.  Here it is six months after Brother Stair died and now what?

Well, for the longest time Brother Stair’s ministry was silent on the present truth.  Then, at the end of the Rosh Hashanah service, Pastor Rice fretfully broke the silence by telling us that we should not be trapped by believing that Brother Stair’s words – like Jesus coming six months after his death – were going to come to pass and that we should not expect what he told us to manifest.

Thus Pastor Rice and the Overcomer Ministry have declared Brother Stair to be a liar and that his words are a trap and are not going to come to pass.  But it’s enough that we merely take his words as the spirit of what they meant.  Whatever that might mean.  It certainly isn’t an explanation that would fly with Brother Stair.  He would vehemently condemn anyone who said, or even hinted at, such a thing.

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  1. What you requested is reasonable and should be addressed by the current Overcomer Ministry. They are obligated to answer questions regarding the integrity of that ministry. They are accountable not only now but before Jesus Christ. The continuation of silence is called stonewalling. That second caller speaks for so many of those who deserve to have an answer but the silence stretches on… The apostle Paul even asked in Scriptures if anyone had any concerns or felt they were owed anything to please come forward. Paul was open and honest and truly ministered to the body of Christ as an example. Also, all the apostles taught us that all members no matter how lowly their place were to be accepted in unity. There was no “we have no need of you” or “go stand over in the corner” The Overcomer Ministry is now and always was all about Stair. You were correct. Stair is a trademark name now to be used to continue to support the few there in comfort while giving the impression they are completely reliant on God’s sustenance with no outside provision neccessary. They can continue to claim they are more devoted then the people out in the ungodly world who are making it possible for them to pay their bills without having to be in the system. They still believe you have to be in a Community to be saved but don’t mind taking offerings? Let your love be without dissimulation is worth examining. Thank you for your dedication and accuracy in compiling each daily word, article, message or input on forum you offer us. It must be time consuming and perhaps at times burdensome. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share and have the support this channel has offered.

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