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Last Updated on April 28, 2022

Now that we have fully passed the third of October and have arrived on October 4th, 2021, we have officially marked off six months since Brother Stair passed away in his sins.  This means that his final words of Jesus returning within six months after my death have failed along with all his other words.  Finally fully (and past) proclaiming him as the false prophet he always was.  Three strikes and you’re out – God only requires two or three (Mt 18:16;  2Cor 13:1).  Four, and you’re certainly done.

So those 6 of you who voted “We will find out Soon” on the recent poll you have now found out, and you 6 who voted “Absolutely NOT!!!” to Is Brother Stair a False Prophet? have been officially misled and deceived – by a false prophet.  Revote and repent lest you receive the false prophet’s reward (Rev 19:20;  Jn 5:14).  Likewise, the one who voted “It’s looking that way” and “Certainly!” to Is Jesus coming in September 2021? can repent your vote – unless you got raptured.  In which case you wouldn’t be voting anyway.  And didn’t Brother Stair tell you you shouldn’t be voting?

You’re Out!

God’s word is clear about certain men like Brother Stair who prophesy and speak presumptuously (Deut 18:20-22;  Jude 1:4).  We are not to fear them (Deut 18:22).  Interestingly this fear is exactly what presumptuous prophets like Brother Stair desired.  One of his oft sayings is that “You’re going to fear my words” as if saying it would invoke fear in you to cower under his very breath.  Plus it was his god that told him that we were going to fear his words.  Another failed prophecy for the list.

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Likewise, the Overcomer is out on revealing any truth on this matter of Christ’s return six months after Brother Stair’s death.  Thus we are again inundated with traffic searching for the present truth on this matter.  Because people are not going to find anything about these facts and fallacies on the Overcomer Ministry website.

As we were finishing this article for the evening of the 4th, Brother Stan released The Prophet That Speaks Presumptuously: Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid of Him earlier on the 4th.  What we wrote above on that scripture was written the day before his video.  We see this happen often in how the Spirit moves on brothers and sisters on the same topic across the world.  That’s how the body of Christ works – not by the talk of a prophet but by the power of the Spirit (1Cor 4:20).

We covered many of the unravelings of Brother Stair’s words in the article Is Jesus Coming in 2021? where we show how according to Brother Stair’s many other words and prophecies, Jesus cannot come in 2021 when many of his followers were expecting Him in September during the Feasts.  This coming of Christ should be expected by all who follow Brother Stair because of his six months after his death statement that everyone should hold to – or let loose of Brother Stair completely.

This is just what his very own ministry has done essentially – let loose of him.  On the Feast Day of Rosh Hashanah 2021 Service, Pastor Rice got up the courage at the end to proclaim that it was a trap to hold to Brother Stair’s words manifesting.  Declaring Brother Stair to have Struck OUT!  Thus we should expect to see the soon end of the Overcomer Ministry.  Unless they plan to go on as liars to some false prophet.  Time will tell but don’t expect the demons on the Overcomer Farm to just fade away.  They will find new hosts to continue their false visions.

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The End Has Come

If we are to believe the words of Prophet Stair we must needs remember that he said that “There ain’t no way Christianity is going to endure on this Earth after my death.”  For his very own ministry to continue after his death would be calling him a liar.  Or perhaps they will choose to not call themselves Christians?  You decide from that one statement who it was that Brother Stair spoke by (John 8:44)?  Listen to a full discourse of this matter in Shewing Himself That He is God ~ Rg Stair.

So many things left unfulfilled that were spoken by Brother Stair.  If you haven’t perused the Future Timeline it may be high time you did.  This old article (2013) shows us many of the things Brother Stair taught.  There are many more things that Brother Stair said that are just as false and unfulfilled, these mentioned are just the main points of his teachings.

Future Timeline

  • The Present Truth
    • The Revelation of the Anti-Christ
    • The Seven Thunders
    • The Great Falling Away
  • What Must Shortly Come to Pass
    • The Great Tribulation
    • The Gathering of 1,000
    • The Final Push
    • Death of a Prophet
    • Those Who Remain
    • The September Return of Christ
    • The Rapture
    • The Son of Man
  • and So On…
    • The Millennium
    • The Kingdom of Angels
    • Do It Again God

That is by no means a complete list of Brother Stair’s teachings on future events.  Things like The Two Witnesses and The Last 45 Days are not covered.  We go over some of these and others in Is Jesus Coming in 2021? that you’ll want to look over.  Check out the many videos of the Truth Blaster and on The Final Witness to see many more things that Brother Stair claimed with his own words speaking them.

We remind you that today marks the finality of one of Brother Stair’s most held doctrines – Jesus is coming six months after my death.  Thus cementing him as a false prophet and a liar.

The Final Word

We leave you with Brother Stair’s final words for Christians showing forth his inordinate belief in himself as the most important man on the face of the Earth.  We can forget about the Holy Spirit that God gave us to lead us or the importance of Jesus – what we have here is the Voice of God Himself.  Brother Stair taught that he was the pivot to all of Christianity enduring upon the face of the Earth.  Without him, we would not make it. 

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“There ain’t no way Christianity is going to endure on this Earth after my death.”

That is some epic narcissism.  It also denies his own teaching that there must be those who remain till Jesus comes so that the Devil doesn’t own the planet.  He should have placed that curse upon his own ministry (well, he did in a separate statement) because that is what we witness happening to the Overcomer Ministry – it is not enduring in the faith.


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6 thoughts on “Fourth Strike

  1. I will admit to being among the ones who voted “We will find out soon” on the “Is Brother Stair a False Prophet” poll. This was not because I ever thought he was anything less than a false prophet. I first heard him on shortwave. I had one phone conversation with him several years ago. It took no time to realize he was a false teacher preaching a false gospel who knew not Christ and loved not the Truth. But, ironically, the very first time I heard him on shortwave was his declaration that Jesus would return within 6 months of Stair’s death. And the only reason I continued to check back with Stair’s broadcasts over the years has been because I not only heard him say that on the radio, but heard him confirm it in a one-on-one phone call.

    No, I didn’t vote that way because I ever thought he was anything less than a false prophet. Instead, I was curious and watched with great interest to see if anything would happen in the time period Stair had prognosticated. And by anything I mean … anything. Was there an outside chance that he was wrong about the return of Christ but right about “anything” happening in 2021? After all, the other events surrounding his death seemed to fit with his past ramblings. Was it worth at least holding out a sliver of curiosity? I think so. Was I surprised when “anything” didn’t happen? Not … at … all.

    Stair was an unrepentant and despotic dictator. He is dead. His movement cannot and will not last much longer. So, moving on from that, the question in my mind is this: what do the publishers of this website do now? Stair is dead. His message is dying. His following will fade quickly as their recruiting avenues dry up. Is there at least a little concern that this site might inadvertently draw attention back to Stair and his lunacy and serve as a recruiting tool for those seeking to “defend” the maniac? And if that’s not a concern in the minds of the administrators of this site, it should be.

    Just as other minor fringe cult leaders have gained followers through the back-alley approach via those who have engaged in apologetics against them, I fear the same might happen through this site. What I see here is Stair being made to look far more important than he ever was with a much larger footprint than he ever had. And while I know that, to the families and individuals who had their entire world shattered by this man he will ever be a major figure, to the world at large, Stair was a speck of dust in a whirlwind. Now that he is dead, the dust has returned to earth and, shortly, nothing will remain. He will likely not even be a minor footnote in any chapter of history.

    Just a few thoughts to consider.

  2. Jay, you seem intelligent and it looks like you put quite a lot of thought into your comment. I wonder if you have reached out to the Overcomer Ministry with your view or perhaps planned a visit to discuss this at length with the current leaders? If you weren’t aware, this site was set up and run by those who lived with and have since left association with Stair, his ministry or a satellite Community. I can think of a handful of people who would perhaps have a personal reason or goal to want silenced as many were systematically silenced who have been mistreated or left over the years. It makes me wonder why this is of such concern that you feel led to be one of them? Yes, indeed, it makes me curious – but only a little.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your comments.

      I am aware of the history of this website and have read your comments several times as you seem to comment on every post. I have no “personal reason or goal to want silenced.” I stated my reasons for concern very clearly in my original comment. With that said, I can understand your apprehension considering the experiences you have stated publicly in regard to your previous association with Stair. So you have my understanding rather than my ire on that point. You don’t know me and have no reason to accept what I’ve said at face value. All I can do is tell you, again, my reasons for concern were very clearly outlined in my original comment. There’s no more or less there than what I’ve already said.

      In answer to your question about reaching out to the Overcomer Ministry with my view, no. I’ve obeyed Matthew 7:6 in that regard. They’re doing exactly what they were going to do all along, going about “deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13).

      My prayer is that those who have been effected by Stair will find healing. I understand, psychologically, how a site like this can be a type of catharsis for his victims and former followers. I also see potential dangers. Pitfalls notwithstanding, it’s not my site. But I would have felt remiss had I not voiced my concerns based on observations of other websites dedicated to apologetics against a singular figure.

      Thanks again for your comments.

  3. Thank you for showing respect when giving your view. I only recently as in 2020 spoke up regarding my experience at the Overcomer Ministry which has now been 18 years since we left. Years were spent perplexed and deeply troubled with no answers or clarity. Churches as we know them are unprepared to deal with sheep who have fled a wolf in sheep’s clothing and they are uncomfortable dealing with more then the printed sheet handed out to congregants as they file in. The time is carefully alloted to each activity or speaker. Times to sing, stand, sit, pray are carefully noted and adhered to ensure a speedy escape from the confines of perhaps an hour with the God that makes us the most comfortable. Never absent is the offering plate, the donations of which typically only between 1-4 percent ever finds its way to the poor, needy, oppressed or those serving at overseas missions. Finding a few channels and sites namely,, Truth Blaster and Microcults was a blessing. I found others who had endured the same exact thing and could understand. As you pretty much stated, in the grand scheme of things we’ve completely unheard of. Interesting to note that such a small site like this happens to catch your attention and allows you to voice your personal opinion that we should stop sharing. It speaks volumes that the Overcomer Ministry with its plank wouldn’t be willing or open to give you that same opportunity, yet you are led to find the sliver on this one.

    1. Hi again, Michelle, and thanks again for your feedback.

      I have typed and deleted and retyped this message several times grasping for the right way to say this.

      Respectfully, it appears that you’re misunderstanding my original comments and concerns.

      You said, “…a small site like this happens to catch your attention and allows you to voice your personal opinion that we should stop sharing.” That’s not at all what I said or suggested.

      I said, “Is there at least a little concern that this site might inadvertently draw attention back to Stair and his lunacy and serve as a recruiting tool for those seeking to “defend” the maniac? And if that’s not a concern in the minds of the administrators of this site, it should be.”

      I have not said that anyone should stop sharing and thought I had made myself very clear in regard to the nature of my concerns. I would never tell victims to stop sharing their experience. And it’s deeply troubling to me that you had to spend so many years in silence and for your experience with churches that were ill-equipped to serve you in your time of need. But your story is exactly why the direction and future of this site concerns me. So, let me try to explain this in a little bit different way to see if it will clarify my overarching point:

      This site doesn’t seem seem to have as its purpose helping victims or giving victims a voice. This seems like personal and doctrinal apologetics against the now-deceased R.G. Stair and is, in my opinion, could inadvertently serve as a tool in keeping his legacy alive. My hope would be that this site – or some other – would be dedicated more to helping victims heal than engaging in dialogue with a lifeless vapor in the wind that is almost certain to disappear completely in the very near future. Or, that the administrators of this website would sincerely consider transitioning away from things like the weekly critique of broadcasts and refocus on victim recovery, restoration, and healing.

      And, for the record, this site only caught my attention because it ranks highly on a Google search. There isn’t a lot of cyberspace dedicated to R.G. Stair, so ranking high in a search term doesn’t really require much. I think THAT is really what is interesting to note and, again, only serves to reinforce my concern as originally stated.

      At any rate, I think I’ve said all that I can say to this point. Michelle, thank you for engaging in conversation with me. Hopefully I’ve made myself clear to you. If not, I sincerely don’t know how I could have communicated any more clearly and apologize for that which is lacking on my part.

      1. You were being very careful. I’m not offended and I respect your view, although you are correct in your assessment that I mistrusted your initial comment and intention. I myself was thinking of waiting 1 year after Stair’s death before discontinuing to contribute in any way with comments or opinion. If my comments look excessive then you can imagine how many times my name was spoken by Stair in a reviling provoking way in order to have offended me to this point. I believe I was a special target because I didn’t have a strong Godly leadership in our family and Stair knew whose wives and daughters he could get away with mistreating. Despite his faux confidence Stair was a coward and a bully. The current administration although claiming allegiance to Stair out and out REFUSES to play any prophesies that would NEGATE his claim to be a prophet. This would mean ALL of them. They pray, sing, read Scriptures and believe they are following Stair into Heaven as a man of God even though they can’t support 1 claim Stair ever made, except Jesus is coming again and anyone can open up a Bible and read that for themself. Stair was a liar, a defrauder and a sexual deviant. If there are any listening in on services or the broadcast that may be seeking the truth or answers then this is 1 of the few channels I listed. If you care to take a quick look at what Stair left behind there are some recent comments on this channel where you will see the spirit of Ishmael spewing forth as he is clearly manifested as a mocker. God bless you.

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