João de Deus, or John of God

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Brazil spiritual healer Sentenced to 19 years for Four Rapes

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A spiritual healer in Brazil known as João de Deus, or John of God, received his first prison sentence on Thursday following a deluge of sex abuse allegations since late last year.

AP’s David Biller reports on the outworking of Brazil’s #metoo moment which had accused the Brazilian spiritual guru of sex abuse earlier this year (2019). 

A Familiar Pattern

“Hundreds of women, including his daughter, alleged he regularly engaged in abuse ranging from groping to rape.” 

It seems God is pointing out something with these sexual perverts with the number 77.  As with the spiritual guru Brother Stair who was incarcerated in county lockup for 77 days awaiting a bail hearing over his rape charges.  Don’t let Stair convince you that it was judicial injustice that made it take that long, no, Bro Stair denied set hearings.  Now we have this Brazilian spiritual healer guru who at 77-years-old has finally been charged with four of his crimes.  Rick Bell prophesied that Brother Stair would die in his 77th year, which would have been 2010.  Another failed prophecy from the Overcomer prophecy club.

Another of the many warnings these spiritual rapists are getting before their number is up – for jail time or for Hell time.

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A Blast From… Just 2018

The last two years have been a whirlwind for the Elijah Prophet Brother Stair.  Still being bound to his Farm under GPS ankle bracelet, he can’t carouse in the daytime [2Pt 2:13] off his Farm for his sexual perversions, as he did in the past.  Why do you think he bought all those houses that he’d go to visit? (think hooking-up with his hired women)

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Alas, this sword of Damocles that is over him serves no warning to him, even though he will constantly remind his followers and radio listeners that they are the ones who should realize and fear this.  Apparently not Brother Stair, as he has thrown off any shred of restraint that he used in the past to tame his violent vocals and loose hands.  Bro Stair cannot stop calling the Body of Christ damned, peanuts brains, so damn dumb, and whatever his anger will vent.  He is without restraint [Pr 25:28] at a time when you would think he would be cautious and earning respect from his followers and financial supporters in radio land.

Brother Stair will get all giddy and giggly when he’s flirting with a woman (sorry, that’s sister, as Brother Stair doesn’t touch women – only sisters) and makes inappropriate comments to her, even in public and on the air.  Then when he looks at how his own people are disgusted with his behaviour he then vents into a rage of anger that they are the ones in the wrong.  Classic narcissism in action.  One wonders if this will ever end?  Will his victims ever get justice?  Give us your comments below.


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Sexual assaults for accused cult leader Brother Stair

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