Jan 2018 – No Service, Just Lip Service

Bro Stair returns to the airwaves without Services. “I’m Not Going To Talk” How long did that last? Send Me the Million Dollars, 3/4 of a million dollars is not enough to keep him out of jail.  Faith is not enough. Back to Confusion

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Bro RG Stair

Last Updated on November 1, 2020

The Shepherd of Iniquity

In typical narcissistic fashion, there was no Tabernacle Service the first Sabbath after Brother Stair’s return from jail (out on bail), because he cannot go to the Tabernacle as it’s too distant for his GPS tether… currently.

Caring not for the flock in not having a Service, Brother Stair took to devouring the airwaves to rant in his now odd voice.   Just like a cartoon character, this character is playing the part of a godly man and making it a joke to all the world.

This master deceiver makes God a liar by saying that he does not have to pay for HIS sins.  That Brother Stair’s iniquity is not marked (while his audiences are), that he is too special to God as the Last Day Messenger of God (add echo here) to be called to account for his sins.  Making a mock of sin and using grace as a license for him to continue therein.  Just ask him how many times he’s had sexual contact since his return to the Farm.

At least he finally attached the word iniquity to his name, but God’s not paying it any mind so it doesn’t matter.  But YOUR iniquity!  That’s another matter.  Brother RG Stair spoke of spiritual leaders like David and how God used them even though they sinned.  What Bro Stair forgot to tell us is that God never used these men AFTER they sinned.  The great King David was not even allowed to build a house for God, and he was dethroned by his own son of whom he was also on the run from because he sought to kill David.  And this was only David’s second judgment from God, more were to follow.  Does Brother Stair tell you about that David?  The David that sinned?  No!  He tells you of the David after God’s heart that walked a holy life.  Not the man that he became.  Not the man that Bro Stair is far past.

What Brother Stair also fails to tell us is how many men that he says were anointed men of God that failed God, sinned, and were no longer used by God.  That all their doings became works of their own hands and not ordained of God.  Men that Bro Stair has condemned as lost.  Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, David Terrell, David Wilkerson, and many more.  Bro Stair even has claimed that John the Baptist was imprisoned because he went into an area that he shouldn’t have – taking on Herod having his brother’s wife (this rings home for Bro Stair now with him in the same situation as Herod, having his brother Dennis’ wife Rose). 

Bro RG Stair even said that William Branham was “taken out by God” because of his later false doctrines.  What about these examples of men that Bro Stair has condemned that their error and sin removed them from God’s favor?  How then does Brother Stair’s condemnation not fall upon his own house which is showing that it is built on sand?  And if William Branham went into false doctrines, what does John tell us was his beginning?  They went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not…of us (1John 2:19).

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Brother Stair refuses to acknowledge that his flock has left him because they obeyed God’s word.  Brother Stair has always said that no one comes and lives with him that he doesn’t first get God’s approval that they are God’s people and that God wants them there.  Now Bro Stair is saying that their leaving proved that they were not of God.  Is Bro Stair going to admit that he’s not hearing from God?  Because that’s where that logic has to go.  These saints that left fled from wicked as God’s word commands them to.  They removed the dross.  Lot got out of Sodom.

Having no service at the Tabernacle shows that Brother Stair cares not for his flock or his few listeners but rather only that he is seen or heard.  Since he couldn’t be seen and heard in the Tabernacle he didn’t have a Sabbath Service. Something that hasn’t happened in many a decade if ever.  So he denied a Sabbath Service to his few on the Farm, those who drive in for services, and those who listen online – Bro Stair just did his Radio Room Show.  Something he could have done in any other time slot. 

Thus we see what a Service is all about to Brother Stair – his mouth running down the people of God.  Now that everyone is against him, it makes him alone right. Doing everything to point to him.  If he can’t be heard from the Tabernacle then no one else will be either.  Understandably, as Bro Stair makes himself out to be some Great One – the great power of God (Acts 8:9-10).  Saying that the Sign must be magnified – meaning himself. 

What a mockery of his catchphrase “Jesus is coming” and his supposed purpose in pointing to Jesus.  Brother Stair’s whole ministry has always been about pointing to himself as the great one. Just as did Simon in the book of Acts.  As did Lucifer in Heaven.  As did Jim Jones.  As well Wm Branham.

As long as we’re talking about the whole of his ministry we might as well put it plainly.  From day one he went to church for women/sex.  That’s his testimony.  The only thing that changed is he’s on the other side of the pulpit now.  Making him in full control.

Anyone with sense would have someone else preach a message in the Tabernacle like Timothy did last week but that would mean that Bro Stair would be the outcast – and he couldn’t have that.  Bro Stair can talk from the Radio Room anytime he likes.  Why does he have to take away the Sabbath Service to do so?  Because his narcissism wouldn’t let him stand down I guess.

The, I’m Not Going To Talk, Talk

Yeah, we’ve heard that one before. When Brother Stair was in jail in 2002 he promised that he was going to stop his overbearing talking in the Dining Hall and as he roams about the Farm seeking whom he may devour with rebuke.  Brother Stair said that God told him to stop it.  That lasted for about 3 minutes.  He did about the same this time.

Speaking of things God told him to stop – his calling God’s people “peanut brains”.  Which Bro Stair declared several times in the Tabernacle services after his return in 2002 that God told him to stop talking to His people that way and to stop using those words.  Which he hated doing but he only stopped for a few months.  Apparently, God’s commands to him mean nothing, so he called them even worse things, as we can all currently tune in and hear.  Plus, he told us that he was going to trust God and wasn’t going to get a lawyer the first time he was arrested in 2002.  Out of that came the sixth highest-paid lawyers in the nation at that time.  Thanks to all your financial support.  Keep sending it in.

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Then in 2004, he was caught airing porn on the radio broadcast that he was watching it on his Radio Room computer.  He then said he was only going to talk from the Radio Room and would allow us to run the Farm without his overbearing.  Not to mention (oops, we did) he said he could handle the “strong meat” of pornography.  Though just a few minutes earlier he said: “it was an accidental mouse-click, you’ve all done it”. 

Which begs the question, what sites are Brother Stair on that a misguided mouse-click will bring up a pornographic video… that you let run for 45 seconds…  and only stop because someone comes into the Radio Room – because everyone hears it???  [UPDATE: We found out in 2019 that RedTube, a porn site, is one of the sites Brother Stair is on and favors.]

Today he said that it’s the Devil that’s trying so hard to disintegrate his ministry – that must make Bro.Stair himself the Devil as he is the only cause of his troubles.  Unless you take Brother Stair’s account that the victims are at fault here.  But wait, what was that?  HIS ministry?  That pretty much says it all.  No further questions, Your Honor.

Send Me the Million Dollars

Brother Stair has over 3/4 of a million dollars now that he has sidelined from paying for airtime (which was what it was given to him for) so that he can stay out of jail.  He knows that if he can stay out of jail and get on his microphone that he can get money to keep going.  Is faith not enough?  He only had to pay out $75,000 for the bond.  That still leaves about $800,000.  Since he’s not paying for airtime with it all we have is lawyers left.  Still, he is asking for millions to be sent in.  I’ll leave that one for you to do the math on.

How many millions has he squandered and wasted already on prostitutes, pornography, and venting on the airwaves?  According to his account, it’s been like $10 million dollars, and to what end?  Less than 1% of all who have heard his message still stand with him. That’s worse than Lucifers’ odds.  At least Lucifer got 1/3.  Which also means that God has the majority.  Something else Brother Stair tells you the opposite of.

His millions have certainly not been spent to help the people of God get back on their feet when they leave there.  He often gives them nothing of just a few hundred dollars to start over with (those are not the stories you hear him tell).  After they gave him all their money, belongings, time, labor, their very souls he takes and has no care for how they will make it.  That’s not a shepherd, that’s a wolf donning the clothing of a man of God.  How does scripture put it?  Babylon (confusion) merchandises in the souls of men [Rev 18].  And Bro Stair tells us that he quit merchandising the people of God.  Looks like he’s never stopped with what the shysters schooled him to do (Pr 1:10-16).

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Brother Stair says he’s not going back on the radio, then what does he need that amount of money for now?  Is he planning to flee the country?  Buying the court system off?  Well, naturally he has no workers to run his Farm now, mostly older woman, so he is at a labor disadvantage.  Then there’s the broad-reaching news of his current state impacting his ability to start over and get in fresh meat to grind his grain.  What he’s not telling us is that he’s not going back on radio largely because the radio stations will not air him anymore after his crimes.  They don’t want to touch him with a ten-foot pole. In a time (a wicked generation he would call it) when the secular world is more indignant against such sins than Brother Stair is.  What a mockery of God’s name he has become.

Don’t forget that Rick Bell, the hailed River Prophet, prophesied that $10 million dollars would come within the next few months – or I’m a false prophet and you’re to never listen to me again.  Well, that was many years ago and Rick just went on preaching like we were supposed to keep listening to him after that.  No surprise though, that’s how we all do with Brother Stair and his false predictions that fail.

Back to Confusion

One thing we can tell is that Brother Stair is back in the Radio Room because it is back to total confusion in the programming with the in-and-out cuts.  Oh, and I almost forgot, the crazy stuff and the Steven Hawking reader speaking nonsense websites in a monotone voice, which does help to contrast with the blistering Bro Stair gives us with his excessive volume swings.

Brother Stair ends the 9 o’clock hour just before the Sabbath Service time (which didn’t take place) with a cut taken from his famous 1987 Prophecy:

Because of the voice of the My servant the prophet…” (repeated over and over)

not because of Jesus or His sacrifice

not because of the word of God

NO, it’s all because of Brother Stair and what he says that God moves.  Now that is epic level narcissism there kids.

This does go well with the old phone messages played that praise Brother Stair into a deity.  As does the scripture “if Brother Stair be lifted up God will draw all men unto Himself”.  I think that’s how it goes… at least that’s how we hear it goes.

More of the same to come we’re sure…

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