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Mighty Counselor. Recently Bro Stair says he’s told his name Ralph means councilor. Mighty Merchandiser. Why isn’t Craig Mack called Brother? Mighty Charlatan. Why Bro Stair does is distancing himself from being a counselor?


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Mighty Counselor?

Some recent replays have been with Brother Stair saying how someone told him his name Ralph means councilor.  Then why does he hate the name and has long not used it?  He hates that his ‘enemies’ use it derogatorily with the meaning of vomiting.  Better yet though, why does Bro Stair then choose to not use it?  Is he declaring that he is not bearing the name or position of a counselor?  Indeed!  He also doesn’t go by Brother Ralph, does he?  When he calls most of his people Brother [insert first name].

Mighty Merchandiser

On that point, why does Brother RG not call Craig Mack Brother Craig?  Have you ever heard Brother Stair call him Brother Mack, or Brother Craig?  No, Brother Stair merchandises Craig Mack by merchandising his name, just like he told his brothers to title his video with Craig Mack with Craig Mack’s name on it to gain viewers thereby.  Not as Brother Craig but as Craig Mack – the name the world knows him as.  Merchandising the souls of men (Rev 18:13).

Mighty Charlatan

Wouldn’t it be better for Brother Stair to say his name meant deceiver, and that’s why he doesn’t use it, in that he’s distancing himself from that meaning?  Instead, Bro Stair doesn’t use his name (Ralph) which he says means counselor – designating that he is distancing himself from being a counselor.  Rightly so.

Check out the Truth Blaster message Wreck-It Ralph Challenge as he addresses this issue of Brother Ralph Stair’s first name.  What does Ralph really mean and do we likewise see the witness to this meaning?


The Name Ralph means Wolf Counsel

Months later Brother Stan Blasts more Truth on this topic in this video.

Interesting Meaning of the name Ralph, Ralph Means “Wolf Counsel” or vomit or puke or thug for Life or To lurch {aka RG Stair}. Like in “Ralph Breaks the Internet” or Wreck-it Ralph, on and on it goes.

What is REDTUBE and is it appropriate? ‘ Best Answer:’ nowhere near appropriate. it’s a PORN site that has a similar style to YouTube. It’s not run by YouTube or completely identical to YouTube, however, the format is different and the colors are also different.  The resemblance lies in the fact it streams via Adobe Flash Player, and it’s free. ‘Fill up the Cup’, Bro Stair, not quite full yet,

REDTUBE is another profound Revelation out of Your Own Mouth Bro Stair where your Fruit comes from.  Bro Stair likes it, like SexMessenger or his GetNaughty Porn site.

Brother Stan is referring to Brother Stair’s revealing of his use of the RedTube porn site that Brother Stair keeps speaking of in Services without even catching himself exposing himself though saying this.

This is just more evidence (given by Brother Stair himself) as to what we speak of that many witnesses can testify to that goes on in the Radio Room and on the Farm.  Like the Porn of the Air incident, and how Brother Stair considers pornography to be Strong Meat that he can handle.  What a perversion of the word of God in Hebrews 5:14.


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