Passover 2021 – Friday Service PM – March 26, 2021 – Bro Stair

Bro Stair groping sisters in Tabernacle Service
Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Passover 2021 – Friday Service PM – March 26, 2021 – Bro Stair

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This is the first meeting of the 2021 Passover Weekend Gathering Services at the Overcomer Ministry with Brother Stair, the Prophet of the Overcomer Ministry preaching at the Overcomer Tabernacle in Canadys, SC.

Friday’s Prayer Time was diverted by a Pre-Passover Service that started at 5:57 PM and ended at 7:16 PM.  When rather than going to Prayer they just all left.

34 minutes of dramatic silence were removed.  Taking 1:18 down to a shorter 44 minutes.

Brother Stair’s only remaining satellite community, Grace Community is in attendance.

Is there Anybody Gonna get Saved at all?

Is there anybody in this house, anybody at all?

THIS is the question.  It is the question as to why anyone would sit in this seat of the scornful (Psalm 1:1) or listen to a man who has no ability (or desire) to bring even his own house to salvation?  Just wait for his statement tomorrow which backs this up, I have nothing to do with your relationship with Christ.”

How, pray tell, is anyone going to get saved under Brother Stair anyway?  He is so ashamed of the Gospel of Christ that he preaches another gospelA gospel that can not save (Gal 1:8-9).  Yet we constantly find him wondering why no one under his leadership is saved (Acts 13:41).  What we have here is a blind prophet leading others into his blind ditch (Matthew 15:14).

The reason no one is gonna get saved at all is that it’s only by the Gospel of Christ (which Bro Stair doesn’t preach) that the power of God unto salvation exists (Rom 1:16).  The void of this revealer of the righteousness of God (the gospel) is the reason for the void of righteousness in Brother Stair and his ministry (Rom 1:17-22).

[mocking Sister Chandler] “Well you and your little damn stories.”

Indeed it’s interesting that people take note that Brother Stair’s preaching consists mostly of his little stories rather than the word of God.  Here we have Brother Stair mocking someone that magnified that to him because he wants others to fear thinking the same.  And why do we have a man of God cursing all the time?  (John 10:10)

This is the Safest Place in South Carolina

To that, let us refer you to the articles Go Ye Out Into the Wilderness for a Great Sign, and Dividing Christ.  Where we see what Jesus actually said in Matthew 24 –  not the lie of The Sign of Jonah which certain men tell you.

“Could you imagine me going through something like this any other place but here?”

Yes, prison perhaps, where you belong for your sex crimes.  Brother Stair then brags that the Doctor would love to get ahold of him to find out what makes him tick.  Perhaps he’s referring to a psychologist or even a psychiatrist.  Why has he been telling them for months that (his?) doctor would like to get ahold of him?  Why does he have a Doctor to know this?  Isn’t one of his Commands of God to Stop going to the Doctors?  Another case of rules for thee but not for me.

“I can’t walk too well.”  “We’re trying to get the folk to give me an oxygen machine.  That’s where my shortage is.  About $100.”

You are finding out what we have long told you – that Brother Stair will give anything to save his own life (Job 2:4;  Lk 17:33).  It’s yours that he doesn’t want any Doctors and medical attention for because it would cost him money.  Even if you were not on his Farm, that is money that you could be giving to him.

Who are these folk that Brother Stair is trying to get an oxygen machine from?  People?  Medical people?  Somehow Brother Stair is trying to get medical handouts otherwise he could just buy an oxygen machine.  Is $100 too much for him?  Perhaps someone will send him the money, or a machine out of pity.

He is already confessing to using a Pulse-Oximeter.  Now he wants oxygen because these worldly medical gadgets are telling him what he should do.  This is so far from the preaching that he gave decades ago, and it is the very thing he condemned.

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Bro Stair's Rhino 691 Augusta HwyPerhaps he should have considered the side effects of his male enhancement ED drugs, a low supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart.”  Why doesn’t he do what he had done to Brother Wayne (who he derogatorily called Simon) that contributed to Brother Wayne’s death?  Put him on an oxygen tank from the Shop – without a Bubble Humidifier.  He didn’t let Brother Wayne get the simple medical attention that would have saved his life.

Brother Stair has always talked about his low blood pressure and his mother’s diabetes.  But he paid no mind to the effects of the erectile dysfunction drugs he got through mail order.  In the Healthline article, FDA Says ‘Rhino’ Male Sexual Enhancement Products May Pose Health Dangers (Curley, 2018) we see how Brother Stair chose ignorance over pleasure.

“Werthman explained that Viagra can interfere with heart medications, especially nitrates, causing a rapid drop in blood pressure, fainting, and other complications.  He also noted that ED can be a symptom of an underlying condition such as vascular disease, heart disease, or diabetes.” (Curley, 2018, section Why you might want to see a doctor, para 3)

About RHINO (once Brother Stair’s favorite) the FDA states – “These undeclared ingredients are phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors, which can be associated with significant safety issues and the risk of serious adverse events.  For example, they may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.  People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease often take nitrates.”  (Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2018, para 6)

“‘Cos your mind is not set on things above.  It’s set on things below.  All I’m doing is preaching the word to you.”

Who’s doing what here?  Those are all backward.  Brother Stair’s mind is set on his flesh and the flesh of the sisters (Rom 8:8).  What word is he preaching to you?  Not God’s Word.

I Won’t be around Long

“I can’t picture myself going past the Feast of Trumpets.

Remember when he firmly couldn’t picture witnessing the year 2000?


If Brother Stair dies this year then all his prophecies are unfulfilled lies.  See Is Jesus Coming in 2021 where Brother Stair’s many prophecies of what must come to pass, not only before Jesus returns but before Brother Stair can die.  So if he pictures himself dying before this September, just six months away, and this is the year (according to him) that Jesus could come (because all the Fall Feasts fall in September) then he’d better be in Jerusalem now with the Pope and we can expect Jesus to return this September.  All of his Last Days foretold events must happen very quickly if he dies – or he’s a liar – full stop!  Or do you foresee that 1,000 Gathering happening next week?

Then there’s the question of his prophetic ability here.  Does the prophet not know what time it is?  Can he not see even the next six months?  More importantly, does he not realize that if he dies before the Feast of Trumpets that everything that he’s said is a lie?  More importantly, do his followers realize that?  Doubtful.  They will just hold on and wait to see if Jesus comes in September at the Last Great Day.  When that doesn’t come to pass they will be silent in confusion until someone rises up and leads them on another path of confusion so that they don’t carry on and forget the inconvenient truth that they are following a failed false prophet.  One who lied and deceived them and has sentenced them to Hell.

[Spoiler Alert:]  Brother Stair died 8 days later.  Suddenly (Pr 6:15).  Thus granting him one fulfilled picture of not going past the Feast of Tabernacles.  This is not like it was some prophetic insight, it’s just the same rhetoric he constantly used, he would just change it to the next coming event.  He would always use it to put his people in fear of the shortness of the time so that they would be too scared to leave him, even though they knew they should.  So in light of that, it’s not a prophecy but manipulation – but then again, so were all his prophecies.

Now is the time to insert his own declaration of this, marking not only his prophecies being unfulfilled lies (as stated above) but that everything was a lie.  That he was deceived and he was going to Hell.  Not to stop there, Brother Stair goes on to declare that all his followers are also going go to Hell too because they believed a liarHere’s the audio clip, with emphasis.  Simply put, if I die before my time, naturally (which he certainly did) then I’ve been a liar, and I’m going to Hell – along with all who followed my lies.  That is a powerful warning – from Brother Stair himself.

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Even a simple examination of this statement shows us the lack of following his own patternBrother Stair would have to die around this time of this Passover for Jesus to come at the Feast of Trumpets – which he has alluded to.  But that would then preclude his being one (or both) of the Two Witnesses for 3.5 years.  And his death three days before Jesus returns.  Perhaps pattern was the wrong word to use here, as there is no logical pattern to Brother Stair’s random statements.

This should put Brother Stair in great fear, not for the Hell that awaits him – because he doesn’t believe that (Hell is only for those who resist him) but in fear because he has no fruit to show for all his ‘ministry’ years.  He has lost all that the Master has given him and cast the others out (John 6:39, 18:9;  3John 1:10).  Just scroll back up to his opening line where he states, as he often does, that those under his leadership are not saved.  He has failed God – by his own admission.

In the Days of the Voice of the Seventh Angel

“Where’s he at?”  [they respond as he is]  “Would you want to declare yourself the Last Trumpet, would you?  And then you’re not?”

We find here that Brother Stair not only teaches that he is the Seventh Angel but that he is the Last Trumpet.  But don’t miss here that Brother Stair is starting to say that he is not because he is not going to live to fulfill this.

“I try to tell the sisters around here, that got so big.”

Brother Stair doesn’t like fat sisters – sexually.  Oh, he still messes with them but he prefers them slim and trim – as he told Sister Natosha in Service before he molested her in the Radio Room.  He told one sister in the Dining Hall that she was fat and she turned around in front of everyone and said you didn’t think I was too fat when you had your head between my legs.  Here again, showing us whose mind is set on things below.  And who works the works of sodomy.

Video clip of Brother Stair addressing Sister Natosha’s weight and touching her, telling her that he’ll make her slim and trim.

I was in Gathsemine All Day

“All-day.  Still there.  I’ve got to go to a Cross.”  “See, people don’t realize what position I’m in.  They don’t realize what position God’s in.  Why He’s so high.”

And some of you don’t think that Brother Stair has exalted himself above Christ.  He stated it directly, what more do you want?

Most of the Men I Worked with were Better Men than Me

“I worked with men that never messed with a woman.”

Most of the men Brother Stair worked with, or certainly schooled under and learned from, were religious shysters who were sexual perverts who taught him his craft in using religion as a cloak to hide your sexual extracurricular activities.  To say that these men were better than him is quite a statement – but one we agree with.

Why is Brother Stair so shocked that there are men that never messed with a woman?  Why did he not learn from them when he had the opportunity?  Why does Brother Stair use the derogatory term mess with women?  Does he like it dirty like that?

Two points to take away from this statement are that Brother Stair is clearly telling us that he messed with women with throughout his past and that some of the men he worked with didn’t, so they were better men than him.  Yet they are not known to us but somehow Brother Stair is the man of God for this hour?  B.S.  This here shows us why God doesn’t use Brother Stair.  God doesn’t use unclean vessels for His holy work (2Tim 2:21-22).  Not gonna happen.

“Sampson messed with women.  Oh he paid for it.  Yeah he did.”  “But just this one last time.  It won’t be no more after this Lord.”

The eternal topic on his spiritual mind – more ‘men of God’ that messed with women.  Even while stating that they paid for it Brother Stair doesn’t get that point.  This “one last time and no more after” has been Brother Stair’s motto for decades.

Now the Devil’s tried Several Times to get it Full

Brother Stair is referring now to the filling of his Community – which was done in 2001 before his revelation.  Stating that it was the Devil that did it.  This same Devil that he was calling God’s work.  This sidestep is because he’s now blaming the Devil for sending those who Brother Stair claims that God sent to him and that no one comes there without God telling him that they are to be there.

So has Brother Stair now told us that this “god” that tells him who is to come is actually the “Devil”?  Or is he again sidetracking that he was following the Devil in his sexual sins that he was in – wholesale – which cause the unfilling – all of these several times.

This Devil’s filling also brings into question Brother Stair’s not discerning the body – something which he’ll be talking on in his Friday Evening Communion Service.  Magnifying that Brother Stair does not discern the body of Christ that he claimed they were on all these Passover and Communion services that he told them they were the body.

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Beware of this Catholic Communion that Brother Stair practices – it can damn you.  Look at This is a Current and Important Announcement for details on this serious issue.

Now, Brother Stair is turning on them and not only denying them to be the body but this is also betraying them, and did, in many ways.  He betrayed their trust in lying about his sinlessness, in their trusting him to be a man of God that would tell them what God wanted them to do.  He betrayed their trust in everything that he sold them on that he would stand for.

This is not the Complaint Department

This is the praying department.”

Brother Stair must have missed that memo.  Perhaps he means the preying department too.  For it is these two things that are the makeup of his ministry.  Or perhaps he needs to remind you of this…

Well, You’re Complaining.  Yep, Done That Too.

“What do you got to complain about?  What for sinful man complain when he’s being punished?  Punished?  Did you actually think son you was gonna get away with all that stuff?  Did you think there was no reckoning day coming?  Do you believe the scriptures speak in vain?”

To these questions, Brother Stair answers a clear YES!  Yes, he still thinks that he is not going to be punished because he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.  Thus he still has a right to complain.  Brother Stair believes that he is going to get away with all that stuff.  He does not believe he has a reckoning day coming and he clearly believes that the scriptures speak in vain – and when that’s not enough, he will even add his own vanity to them.

As we witness here with his using these scriptures about someone other than himself.  Thus making the scriptures speak to him in vain.

We are provided with Brother Stair’s insight into his jail time with a woman guard.  Whether it’s true, or even could be, should not deter us from realizing that this is the way his mind interprets events into the scenarios that he desires them to have existed in.  Even when others that were there tell him that it didn’t happen the way he’s telling the story, he will refuse the truth and demand his own way by saying, “That’s how I said it happened.  So that’s how it happened.”  And you are to bow down and accept it as so.

Rick Bell was also under that same spirit and would parrot the same line when he would butcher a story that he was not even a part of.  Think about that.  Someone that would refuse to get a story right to demand that their story was the way it actually happened – and they were not even a part of the event.  Realize this whenever you hear these men tell their stories of their past glories.

Brother Stair tells his story of the woman guard, that she “took me to the shower, took off my clothes, and she bathed me.  She did.  You let her do it?  Absolutely!”  Here we find Brother Stair preparing and training the Sisters to do likewise.  It’s a very common use of stories like this with him in that he tells them merely as a means to pervert the minds of his hearers and get his people thinking about him sexually (2Tim 2:14).

I Don’t Know what’s Wrong with Us

We’re just Not Spiritual-Minded

We’re really not.  To the spiritually minded is?  What kind of life you have?  How much peace do you have in the life you’re living?

Agreed with the fact that Brother Stair does not know.  He does not know what’s wrong with his people because the wrong is not in the people – it’s in Brother Stair.  He is the one that is not spiritually minded – he is fleshly minded (Rom 8:8).  A simple trip to his sex Farm (as it’s been called by former members) will enlighten you to the fleshly-mindedness of the prophet.

Actually, just a listen to these services is enough to enlighten someone that is spiritually minded and can discern right from wrong (Hebrews 5:14).  Now that Strong Meat in Hebrews is not the Strong Meat of pornography that the spiritually-minded Brother Stair interprets it to be.  So why would anyone think he’s fleshly-minded?  Duh!

The House that God Didn’t Build

We’ll get on this, it has to do with Brother Stair’s statement that the Devil drew his great crowds and built the Overcomer to the greatness that it once was before the 2001 falling away.


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