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“Honor is not enough.  There’s got to be a double honor.  It’s in the Book.  A Double honor.  First, honor me in the flesh as a man of God.  Then, honor me in the spirit, with the honor that God gave me.” (Brother Stair, Sabbath Service – August 29, 2020)

Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine (1Tim 5:17). 


First of all, Brother Stair has said many times that he doesn’t qualify to be an elder mainly because of his (now two) divorces.  So, according to Brother Stair, this verse cannot apply to him.  Not that there was even an acknowledgment that the word elder was in the verse where this is being quoted.


Second, contrary to what Brother Stair thinks, he doesn’t rule well – his congregation’s faces, his failure rate of 99% lost sheep, and his constantly having to beat them into line with rebukes – all show us he doesn’t rule well (it’s just that it doesn’t sink in for him to realize this).  Make no mistake, we’re not saying he doesn’t rule.  He does that with an iron fist (Pr 28:15-16).  Lordship is his stock and trade (1Pt 5:3;  Rev 2:6) as he just went over making sure we knew that no one but Brother Stair was going to rule over us


Third, Paul says that they (the elders) should be counted worthy of, this ‘counting’ is not the physical manifestation that Brother Stair desires – especially from the sisters.  This would be a justifiable place for Brother Stair to pull out his spiritual card (like he does with iniquity and the witness) and preach that this honor which he is desiring the double in, is a spiritual acknowledgment of being worthy.  Interesting how he doesn’t want us to take this spiritually but physically.


Fourthly.  Talking about things like; random sexual things, upsetness with how you’re not pleasing the prophet, news items, and such like (Gal 5:21) might be laborious for those having to listen to it for endless hours but it is not labor in the Word of God.  The only use we ever see of God’s word is for justification when some false teaching is being taught.


Fifthly, false doctrine does not qualify here as laboring in doctrine.

We’re sure somewhere along this dismantling that Brother Stair would counter that he is an elder on the account that he has been appointed over you or at least because of his age.  But would he also accept that elders are not gifted, not anointed great ones (Acts 8:9), and not special messengers as Brother Stair proclaims himself to be?  Because if he did then this double honor would not be for him.

By Appointment Only

Do we not know that elders are appointed (or chosen by men) not called or anointed of God? (Titus 1:5;  Acts 14:23)  If you don’t know that, then it will be even more shocking to you to realize that these (uncalled, non-anointed of God) elders have the duty in the church to impart spiritual gifts? (1Tim 4:14)  Now there’s something that is lacking at the Overcomer.  Perhaps we’re starting to see why this is out of order (1Cor 14:32-33).

These teachings of Paul disrupt the whole kingdom which Brother Stair has built.  To put the power of God into the hands of the Church is absurd to men who seek the preeminence (Col 1:18) and practice lordship (1Pt 5:3).  And yet this is God’s intent (Eph 3:10).  The administration of the mystery of God has been given to the church – not to a man, or an office, or a calling.  Namely not to a prophet

To bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things; so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places.  According to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus.  (Eph 3:9-10, 20-21  NASB)

It’s Never Enough

What Brother Stair is really after here in this honor is found in the next verse 1Timothy 5:18, The laborer is worthy of his reward.  And he wants a reward because Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn (Dt 15:4).   And that Ox doesn’t want you to muzzle his sexual appetite or his sexual advances.  [Remember that Ox takes Rhino pills for his little horn.]  Just hold on, there is a reward coming (2Tim 4:14;  Ps 28:4).

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“Honor is not enough” for Brother Stair, he must have the preeminence in all things (Col 1:18).  He requires the greater honor (1Cor 12:23).  Even though that verse tells us that the greater honor is to go to the lesser members, Brother Stair has no honor for such in his congregation, this honor is for him as it was for Aaron – and for him alone (Heb 5:4).  Something he once had boldly placed on a plaque behind his pulpit to remind us to honor him.  Oh, we’re told we get to share in it – only if we give it.


Yes, Virginia, you have to qualify.  If we look at 2Tim 2:20-22 we find Paul speaking of vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor.  Which one does Brother Stair qualify under? First, honor me in the flesh as a man of God.”  (This sounds like a request for the sisters to follow up on – any other guesses?)  “Then, honor me in the spirit, with the honor that God gave me.”  This is back to the spiritual submission which is taught to subdue your iniquity and can be abstractly made to mean whatever he needs it to be.

What’s wrong here is that both of these extractions have nothing to do with the scripture they are pounded into.  Paul does not tell us that the double honor we are to give to worthy elders is honor in the flesh and honor in the spirit.  Not even close.  Paul says they are to be considered worthy, and the Amplified translation clarifies it by saying this means they are to get “adequate financial support”, not that they are to be honored in the flesh and in the spirit, as certain men teach.

How Much?

Double the Fun.  Another thing that you may have missed here is this spinning is that double does not mean two different thingsDouble means twice as much of the same thing[‘consisting of two equal, identical, or similar parts or things’].  So how did Brother Stair get an honor in the flesh AND and honor in the spirit turned into a doubling?  That’s not what double means folks (Pr 30:6).  Brother Stair may not understand this but we hope you do.  We hope you are seeing that every little angle of this teaching is in error.

With All Rebuke

What you will not hear correctly directed from the Overcomer is a few verses later in 2Timothy 5:20, Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.  While this verse is loved by Brother Stair and fully practiced as he loves to rebuke before all.  The thing that Brother Stair doesn’t care to realize is that Paul is talking here about Elders.  You know, the ones like he just spoke of that are worthy of double honor?  Those same ones that he says he doesn’t qualify as.  These Elders are the ones that are to be rebuked before all that the other Elders may fear

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It is the sinning elders that Paul is speaking of here – not someone in the congregation.  It is these sinning elders of the Overcomer that are shielded by Brother Stair from such rebuke.  Why?  Because he loves having something on someone to blackmail them with.  Scripture also tells us that they have pleasure in them that do them (Rom 1:32;  Pr 2:14).

Satan’s Schooling

What should frighten any of us followers here is that what Brother Stair is doing here is taking Satan’s prescription for fulfilling one’s fleshly desires – in this case sexualThe tempter came to Him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” (Mt 4:3  NIV).  Here we have Satan showing how to use the power of ones anointing to satisfy one’s fleshly lusts. 

Satan’s next lesson was in how to use God’s word to cause God to protect you, even when you’re doing it for your own glory (Mt 4:6).  These techniques have been employed by William Branham, Brother Stair, and many other religious shysters – many of whom Brother Stair was schooled under.  Hath not God said? (Gen 3:1)  The Serpent’s words to Eve were the same prescription that he used on Jesus in the wilderness. 

Satan first questions one’s salvation (heritage) and your knowing and hearing from God [yeah that’s familure].  Has God said to you (Gen 3:1)?  If you’re God’s Son (Mt 4:6)?  In this Satan tests you to see how you’ll respond [again, very familure].  He doesn’t mind you quoting God’s word because his next move is to do the same back.  For it is written (Mt 4:6;  Gen 3:4).  But we must not follow Eve’s lead and just believe what the Serpent said and act upon it, we need to be like Jesus and counter it with the Word of God to test the spirits It is also written” (Mt 4:7;  1Jn 4:1).

Move the Mountain

We are then to continue testing with the word of God putting all things to the test (1Thes 5:21;  Acts 17:11).  Speak to these wicked mountains (Mt 21:21;  Mk 11:23).  Away from me, Satan! For it is written (Mt 4:10).  This act of removing yourself from evil is the practice of the believer.  We are to flee passions and lusts (especially sexual) (2Tim 2:22;  1Thes 4:3).  This is the reason we have seen so many (99%) leave Brother Stair and his Overcomer Ministry.  To not do so would be to be like Eve and ponder and believe every word (Pr 14:15) and so be damned (Gen 3:16-19). 

If the devil doesn’t leave – leave the devil (Mt 4:11;  2Pt 2:7).

It is appropriate, now that we are in 1 Timothy 5, to close with Paul’s closing words in chapter 5; as they clearly define what we’re seeing (or hearing) here.  As we have shown that scripture shows us that Brother Stair is not an elder (and he agrees), he doesn’t rule well, he is a vessel of dishonor, his labor is in false doctrine and teachings of revelations on words, and he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word he’s focusing on – in this case, double”

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Because “Honor is not enough” – perhaps double honor isn’t enough either?  Especially when we realize that he doesn’t understand what the word double even means (let alone the word honor).

Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.  Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.  (1Tim 5:24-25)

Added Honor

When you don’t think you’re getting enough honor from your underlings, and you’re on the radio, then you can air phone messages of those calling in to make themselves feel important as they praise you.  This can also be used as a spell to cause others to feel the same or to do that same – especially important when they are speaking of how God told them to send in money or how you’re the Great Power of God (Acts 8:9).

These techniques have long been employed by religious shysters to merchandise God’s people.  These men are another group that Jude and Peter also warned us about.  These raging waves who foam out their shame are the certain men who have crept in unawares, men who turn the grace of our God into lasciviousness (Jude 1:13, 4).  These certain men are covered in greater detail in Test the Spirits and The Advantage of Admiring Persons.

Evil Seducers

Again, evil men AND seducers (2Tim 3:13) are not a double but an additive, a pairing.  It is their waxing worse and worse that is a doubling – and then some.  These shyster teachers are known by their fruits of doubling down on their sin – they wax worse and worse and thereby they are known (Mt 7:15-20).  They display themselves in their pernicious ways (2Pt 2:2-3) with reprobate minds (Rom 1:28-29). 

Pernicious ways mean; causing insidious harm or ruin; ruinous; injurious; hurtful.  A Reprobate is one who is unprincipled, shameless, immoral, a rogue, rascal, scoundrel, good-for-nothing, villain, wretch.  Paul is specifically using the word talking about sexual perversion (Rom 1:27-29).  Open your eyes children of God.  God will reveal the truth to you (1Jn 2:27).


In this, Brother Stair shows that he is firmly on the path of Lucifer (Isa 14:13-17, 10:1-2;  Jn 8:44-45) taking a scripture (1Tim 5:17) and restructuring it to say what he wants it to say – with no connection to anything other than a few choice words from the verse.  In this case, it’s the words double honor.  Some might call this revelation, others would call it heresy.

It’s good to see Brother Stair taking our admonition and going back to his praying on the air (for which he set aside 7 AM & 7 PM Prayer Time for) – even if it is feigned and just a ramping up for the upcoming Feast of Trumpets 2020 Gathering.  We’ll all see how real this recent resurgence really is in whether it continues, or was just a merchandising move.

In light of all this, and much more, we need to keep Brother Stair and those at the Overcomer in earnest prayer that they would be delivered from their spiritual blindness and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will [who has taken them captive to do his will] (2Tim 2:26).

There is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.  (Ecc 8:9)

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