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Yesterday Brother Stair brought up, after he had a stumble with his live-in chambermaid Rose (who he commits adultery with), that a righteous man falls seven times (Pr 24:16).  Then when quizzed on how often that is (probably because she’s seen him fall many more than seven times) he declared that it means seven times a day.  What Brother Stair is doing here is trying to recover from his use of that statement in the 90s which he followed with “I have fallen my seven times.  I cannot fall again.  If I do I’m damned.”  This was when, and somewhat why, we believed that he was without sin – since that is what he taught about himself.

The Haughty in Spirit will Fall and Fall

Now we have Brother Stair telling us that he can, and should, fall seven times – because he’s a righteous man.  Perhaps he forgot to mention why any man fallsa haughty spirit (Pr 16:18).  So these simple, innocent falls that Brother Stair is selling us on must be all coming from his haughty spirit (to say nothing of his pride) – according to scripture.

Scripture will show us many things like this if we will only consider the path that it is showing us; the consequences of our actions (Mt 7:20).  Likewise, we can understand that certain fruits in people’s lives are the result of certain actions.  For example; where you have strife – you have a proud, perverse man sowing it (Pr 16:28;  Pr 28:25).  Where you have contention, you have someone sowing pride and insolence (Pr 13:10).  Where you have a congregation hiding themselves (with bewildered faces) – you have a wicked man risen over them (Pr 28:13, 28, 16).  It’s not always that simple or that conclusive, but it may be, and it is certainly a part of what brought that fruit (Mt 7:15-20).

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A Naughty Spirit

Another example that is more in-depth is a man that has reproach or disgrace that he cannot wipe away.  This is most likely a man that has committed adultery (Pr 6:32-33).  It is certainly a man that has done wicked works to have achieved such a sentence.  For God clears those who walk in righteousness of such reproach (Pr 28:18, 13;  Php 2:15; 1Pt 2:12).   For God’s people know that He is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy (Jude 1:24).

If we were to actually look at this verse that Brother Stair misquotes we will find out what it says. “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.” (Pr 24:16  KJV)  Well how about that, the just man not only falls but he rises again – something we have not witnessed in Brother Stair.  What we have witnessed in Brother Stair is his continual fall into mischief – which donates him a wicked man.  Scripture also tells us that it is a perverse man that falls he that is perverse in his ways shall fall at once (Pr 28:18).  At least if you believe the Word.  “Stick to the Word people!” is what Brother Burgess would say. 

A Sentenced Spirit

The sin of adultery, thought by Brother Stair to be a lesser sin than our gnats of ambiguous iniquity, is a sin with a sentence that brings on a constant disgrace and reproach (Pr 6:32-33).  Why is it then that Brother Stair tries to thwart Scripture and blame us for his reproach or disgrace?  He earned his sentence.  Is it because he is without understanding as is also noted in the sentence of that scripture?  Which also includes the destruction of his own soulBut whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.” (Pr 6:32;  Pr 28:16).  Whatever happened to having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust (2Pt 1:4)?

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While it is his teaching that fleshly sins are of no consequence to God and it is only our spiritual sins, our iniquity, that matters.  This teaching is coming from the man who claims to be the most spiritual man on the face of the Earth.  Paul warned us of this spiritual wickedness that would come from those in high places (Eph 6:12).  It is these forces that we must wrestle against (Eph 6:11-12).  Spiritually wicked men who justify their fleshly sins by condemning others for what they label spiritual sins or iniquity.  Their condemnation is just! (Rom 3:8)

Even now, Brother Stair continues to earn his sentence.  After his last wife left him and divorced him because of his continual adultery, he stated to us “You don’t think I’m going to be celibate do you?” [abstain from sexual relations].  He inferred that he’s got sisters on the Farm that he’s going to continue his sexual fulfillment with.  It’s not like anything would change, he’s been doing that all along, that’s why Sister Teresa left him.  Thus, his sentence is well deserved.

We should ask ourselves, what are we gaining or going to learn from a man that lacks understanding and has a destroyed soul?  (Pr 28:3)  The ministry of Brother Stair can be largely summed up in Proverbs 16:25

There is a way that seems right to a man
and appears straight before him,
but at the end of it is
the way of death.
(Pr 16:25  AMPC)

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