Another Rapist Convicted

Harvey Weinstein

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

The trial and conviction of Harvey Weinstein now stand as a platform on which men in positions of power will be judged, and not excused as they have been.  This trial began when in 2017 a brave woman came forward.  In this same year, another brave 16-year-old stepped out and told the world via YouTube what perverted acts a “man of God” performed on her.

She used the same platform that this “minister” used to air to the world his improper touching of a 12-year-old during a Church Service.  One sign that this 16-y-o represents is that it was 16 years previous that this “minister” was jailed over sex crimes.  He had a space of repentance for 16 years (Rev 2:21).  16 years to put things right and repent – yet he chose to do just the opposite and wax worse and worse

The show of their countenance doth witness against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom; they hide it not. Woe unto their soul!  For they have rewarded evil unto themselves.  (Isaiah 3:9)

Brother Stair says that in 2002 in jail that he did as Hezekiah and turned his face to the wall, and prayed (Isa 38:2).  If you put God in this you could say he was given Hezekiah’s 15 years, but unlike Hezekiah, Brother Stair did not purify and repaired the Temple and purge it of the idols he placed there.  And so we find that he sinned away his space of repentance and God brought this judgment upon him so that all would know of all the evil which he has done in not returning to the Lord.

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The Sin of Sodom

“Sodomy is defined as oral sex – contact between the mouth and penis or female genitalia”

Around Pentecost 2009, Brother Stair’s second wife Teresa (now divorced) spoke in the Tabernacle rebuking him for his adultery and sexual perversions.  She said that “He loves oral sex.”

Brother Stair practices oral sex with his victims because he thinks that he cannot be charged with rape if there’s no penetration – yet he also goes there.  Harvey Weinstein’s case says differently.  This must have Brother Stair shaking in fear and if you listen to his Services you’ll hear that he is.  Perhaps he is just playing another fear tactic on his listeners and financial supporters to get them to pity him and release more funds for the time is short.

Now he needs your money to fight the wicked corrupt damn system that is against him.  You know, that system that God said was His sword against the evildoer (Rom 13:4).  This evildoer doeth always resist the spirit of God (Acts 7:51) as is heard every week in his treatment of God through His people.  People with the mind of Christ (1Cor 2:16) which he calls peanut brains – on a good day, and God damn you wicked people most other days.  [Here’s a Service filled with this term]

Sodomy is not just homosexual butt sex, it is also heterosexual anal sex.  From Brother Stair’s stories and his proclamation that we’ve all had homosexual thoughts’ [speak for yourself Stair – and be assured he is] it appears he’s been down the homosexual road too.  And how is that any different with a woman than with a man?

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He’s confessed to buying a cow to have sex with it – that’s bestiality.  Shall we go further into the farm animals that he has bought to have sex with, and the references to his familiarity with sounds the goats make when you’re having sex with them?  There’s also the sheep that he cared for at the Campground in Walterboro SC.  Perhaps he didn’t want anyone else having the same care for them on the Farm, so they were slaughtered when everything moved to the Farm.

It’s not these sheep that concern us but it is a pattern that obviously shouldn’t be overlooked.  It’s God’s Sheep that are being slaughtered and abused that is the issue here (Jude 1:4).

An Appointed Time

To those awaiting closure, a resolution with this matter of why is nothing happening with Brother Stair’s case.  Get over it!  No really, get over it!  By that I mean the hatred and vengeance you reserve.  You will never get the vengeance or the closure that you desire.  You can only find your peace in Christ.  The court system will not give you the closure you are looking for.  Get over hoping for vengeance to find closure and find your peace in Christ alone.  Sometimes God’s judgment tarries because we don’t turn it over to Him (Rom 12:19;  Deut 32:35;  2Pt 2:9).

Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.  (Hab 2:3)


It is a sad thing that there are many who are harmed by these evil men that are never known.  Not that they need to be known or that they want to be known (quite the opposite).  It’s that these wicked men hurt so many.  Almost everyone in their path that has had interaction with them has usually suffered from their perversions – either mentally, spiritually, or physically.  Many more than will come forward have been raped (brutally or sensually – it’s still rape) by these men of Belial (1Kn 21:10; Deut 13:13).

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In Brother Stair’s case, the truth is that all of us were raped.  Some of us were unfortunately physically raped by him.  Others to lesser degrees sexually.  Yet all who lived with Brother Stair and were under his thumb were all mentally and spiritually raped.

Spirit of Rape

These men are rapists.  It’s more than their physical or sexual contact.  It’s their whole personality and being.  They are rapists in everything they do and everything they touch.  Destruction and misery are in their ways:  And the way of peace have they not known:  There is no fear of God before their eyes.  (Rom 3:16-18).


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