Sabbath Service – July 18, 2020 – Bro Stair

Overcomer Tabernacle
Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Sabbath Service - July 18, 2020 – Bro Stair

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The Prophet, Brother Stair, at the Overcomer Ministry Tabernacle in Canadys SC starts preaching at 3 minutes today, Sister Burgess regained her throne in the ‘singing’ before service, taking the solo at crying and cutting herself (1Kn 18:26-29).

Click on the player and follow along, so that you understand what’s being said of what became a long list of words from the Prophet’s mouth (Jer 23:11-15).

Whoever is running the soundboard has no understanding that there are faders rather than switches on the board.  They switch from Brother Stair’s mic to the Congregation mic – rather than mix the Congregation in.  So we have Brother Stair down in the mix with the Congregation (especially Sister Burgess) louder than he is.  Perhaps this is what the board op wants but it appears that he (or she at this point) isn’t listing to what’s going out.  Like the 36 seconds that everything was cut off as Brother Stair began service.

At least it wasn’t interrupted every 10-15 minutes with a plea to come and join at the Feast of Tabernacles.

Check back for comments and add your comments below.  These things I speak to you that you might know (Jn 17:13).

In a multitude of words transgression is not lacking.  The lips of the [uncompromisingly] righteous know [and therefore utter] what is acceptable, but the mouth of the wicked knows [and therefore speaks only] what is obstinately willful and contrary.
(Pr 10:19, 32  AMPC)

The Damn Show Begins

Brother Stair begins in his normal style of blasting God’s people, that they think about them selves (and not about Brother Stair’s self).  They are too far from what he [Brother Stair] is doing.  Showing out in his standard fleshly manifestation of railing on God’s people, slandering them… and much cursing (Zechariah 3:1-4,  Pr 18:14, 21;  Isa 25:8;  Lk 6:45).

It’s a Damn House.  Bro Stair gave them a prayer (not one he will pray or accept but one that should be fully accepted by everyone else) yet he tells them it’s too late for the prayer since they aren’t instant with their worship.

He begs them [the authorities apparently] to “Come and get me”.  [Perhaps this is so he can finally be a prophet when he does go to jail? (Eze 11:21)]

“That’s stupid.”  “Get the Hell out of here.”  [This is the beginning of the casting out sayings today, from the man that always said that he doesn’t tell or make anyone leave.]

Blames them on destroying his influence.  Certainly, it’s nothing Brother Stair has done or said.  We’ll see if he knows how much influence he’s getting from Sports Illustrated.  At least he finally got what the young ballplayer Ralph Stair wanted – his name in Sports Illustrated.  (Pr 18:3)

Brother Stair talks about witchcraft and sorcery with Simon in Acts, which is a scripture that is the very definition of Brother Stair and his ministry.  Defining Simon the Sorcer with the same terms that define Brother Stair more than any other man in this time (Acts 8:9).  Perhaps he’s read about this here on this website and is trying to head off people clearly seeing that we show him revealed in Acts 8:9.  Regardless, Bro Stair insists he’s not making himself out to be some great one.  Stay tuned, the service is not over, he’ll get to it.

Calls the Brother a fool when he doesn’t read what Bro Stair wants him to say and makes someone else read it.  (Mt 5:22)

When the Hell are we gonna give it up?”  “You damn folk you won’t budge will you?  How long must I suffer you?”  “Damn fools!”  “Stop it!  Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!!!”  (Pr 18:6, 23)  [The speaker here seems to be lacking peace, let alone the perfect peace that comes to those who trust in God (Isa 26:3)]

“The day you hear the voice [meaning Brother Stair] [That’s not magnifying yourself or making yourself out to be some great one – is it?]

I’ve wronged none of you  [Yeah, we hear that one all the time – mostly as we’re being wronged.  On the other hand, we all wrong Brother Stair by doing nothing that he can pinpoint.  So he makes it some spiritual sin that is ambiguous so that he can make it anything he likes – or doesn’t like, as is the case.]

God Damn this wicked house”  “You damn fools.”  “Your hearts aren’t right, people.”  (Ps 139:20;  Mt 12:34;  Pr 10:11;  Eze 16:30;  Lk 6:45;  Zephaniah 3:3-4)  [This apparently is how a right heart speaks]

The story started out with Paul, went to Phillip, and then Peter.  It’s a good thing Brother Stair has a clear word.  I understand he’s getting old but he’s always done this.  Though the concern here should be that he claims that his words come from the very Throne of God.  Does this god of Brother Stair’s not know which ‘P’ this was?  Perhaps he’s sleeping through this message (1Kn 18:27).

Story of his job as a spot cleaner  [Yet unable to remove or even see the largest blot. (Isa 56:10-12)]

He tells god he ‘doesn’t know what to do’, he can’t turn to his own people for a testimony [because he knows it would testify against him] but finds the right thing to do is to lay out a long list of insults upon God’s people: 
“You damn, rebellious, stubborn, self-willed, heady, high-minded, haughty, arrogant people!”  [Now that that’s out of his system we should be free of more slander – shouldn’t we?]  (Pr 18:2)

Saved?  From?

“Saved at 16” [but not from women or wickedness].  “God” trained him [with religious shysters who taught him sexual perversion and how to merchandise God’s people?] (Pr 11:27;  Pr 14:16, 7;  Ps 141:4).

Get out!  Get out of this Tabernacle.  Go on Stewart, go back to your room and lay down.  Go ahead fool!  Why don’t you pray your prayer?”  [Wasn’t this the prayer that it’s too late for earlier?  Then Sister Burgess says it.  So we see this prayer that Bro Stair gave them is now theirs to be bowed down to.]  (Pr 18:1;  Lk 6:45)

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Now he’s 15 years old and god just called him.  After he just told us that he got saved at 16.  [But they are the confused minds.]  (Pr 18:7;  Ps 7:14)

God Damn this house Lord.”  [Then speaks of how this prophet is used to preserve you.  Damning them is preserving them?  (Ps 139:20;  Lk 6:45).  There should be no question as to why 99% of all the people through the Overcomer Ministry have been scattered (Jer 23:1-2;  Eze 34:6;  Jer 10:21;  Isa 56:9-12;  Mt 23:13;  Mt 9:36)]

When speaking of what applies to himself (unknowingly) he says, “They are so wrapped up in their own selvesDoing that what is right in their own eyesTo Hell with what God wants!

Why does the wicked man revile [God’s people]?
Why does he say to himself,
“He won’t call me to account”?  (Ps 10:13)

Figs are now “A type of Judaism”.

Brother Stair went back and looked up the Catholic Seven Stages of the Cross, then defends the Catholic Church.  [There are actually fourteen Stations of the Cross, not stages.  Bro Stair needs to brush up on his faith.]

Get out of my Tabernacle!”  “Where are you: Stan, Enoch, Jonathon, Christopher, Baker, Pr Roberts, Timothy, Terry, Brother Larry, Kevin, Brother?”  [The Prophet doesn’t know where they are.  They are in Christ that’s where they are.  They like Lot fled Sodom (Gen 19:15)]

Bro Stair quotes Hebrews 5:4; “And no man taketh this honor unto himself” Then immediately follows with taking the honor unto himself saying; “The voice of the Last Day Prophet of God!”  “I’ve been called of god, I’ve been…  I’ve been… I’m kept…” [It’s handy when you can self-appoint yourself as called of God when God’s people don’t know about it.  The truth is loud and clear here; here is a man called of himself and proclaimed as such – by himself.]

God Damn this house!  Why won’t they budge god?  God are they stubborn!  ‘I got it Brother Stair.’  Like Hell you do!.”  (Ps 139:20;  Lk 6:45)

The point I want to get across with Simon is that Peter pronounced judgment on him.  You are in the gall of bitterness.  How many of you would like me to point out that you are in the gall of bitterness?  And bound by your iniquity?”  [The only bitterness and iniquity that we have witnessed so far today is from the mouth of the Voice of the Last Day Prophet of God.  (Isa 25:11;  Ps 140:1-3;  Lk 6:45)]  Which bring us to the point Brother Stair wants to get across; therefore we, like Peter, are pronouncing judgment on this modern-day Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 8:9)

“Except you become converted!”  [This applies to all but Brother Stair, he alone can stay the same – and does.  Aside from his waxing worse and worse.]

“Somebody say Amen to me.  Damn this house, they won’t humble themselves.”  [This happens right after Stair says the Catholic Church is the original Church of Jesus Christ (like the good Catholic he is).] (Lk 6:45)  Brother Stair is not getting the warm welcome that he desires from the spirit of God in these people that the Catholic Church is the proper and original Church of Jesus Christ.  I wonder why?

God can I quit?  I’m so sick and tired of this.  They sit right in front of me hour after hour.  You see why I stay away from you?  See why I don’t want to come into the Dining Hall?  I’m sick of this.  I’m just sick of it.”  [He thinks he’s sick of it.  He should realize that they are far sicker of it – hour after hour.  Apparently he has no discerning of spirits as he says in this excerpt that he does.  He doesn’t want to come into the Dining Hall?  He loves slandering them there, more so than in the Tabernacle (Ps 140:2-3).  This pity-party of Bro Stair’s is what is sick.  This is why God’s people are being destroyed – this man has rejected God’s knowledge and forgotten the law of God (Hos 4:6).  Yet all that this sick man sees is that it is their hearts that aren’t right with God.]

Blasting the Truth into a Lie

Old stupid Stan  Told Bro Stair to Stop perverting the Word of God.”  (To which Bro Stair laughs at)  Then Brother Stair wants everyone to know what Brother Stan told him – as if that was all it was about.  It’s not, Brother Stan addressed many of Brother Stair’s false teachings (2Pt 2:1-2).  [Stay tuned for all that Brother Stan told Stair he was in error on.]

“Look at you Damn folk.  Look at ya’s.  Do I know what I’m doing?  Sure Do!”  (Eze 16:30;  Pr 21:2;  Eze 11:21;  Pr 24:12)

“Jesus carried His cross.”  [This again is Catholic teaching and part of the Catholic Stations of the Cross that Brother Stair is now teaching (2Pt 2:1-3).  Also noteworthy is how Bro Stair says that his congregation is also not on board with him on this.]  To their lack of joining in with him on this Brother Stair says, I wish somebody in this place would get saved.”  Indicating that he doesn’t think they’re saved or that unless they believe what Brother Stair teaches on this they are not saved.  Either way, they’re not going to get salvation from Brother Stair as he does not preach the gospel of salvation.  So here we have a man that claims that he is called only to God’s people and that everyone that comes here has to be approved to him by God as God’s child, and yet he has a house full of unsaved people. ???

Brother Stair wonders how far he’d get with spitting on someone’s face [as he makes gross sounds like he’s going to], yet he doesn’t apply it the other way – how he would react if someone spit on him.  Since he’s greater than Jesus why doesn’t he speak of what he’d do (or does) when he gets humiliated.  We all know the answer to that one.  For we know that Brother Stair will not so much as take a cross look from someone without going into a rage (i.e. today’s message), how is he going to react if someone spits on him?

Back to the Seven Stages/Stations of the CrossRose apparently did it so she was Catholic too?  Says that Stage #2 is Jesus called Mary women, that He never called Mary His mother till He was on the cross.  It seems the only thing Brother Stair is not on board with the Catholic Church is with their veneration of Mary.  Since Brother Stair does not like having anyone venerated above himself, especially a woman, then this is where they fail.  [But having an exalted leader (Pope) is just good doctrine – since he is one.]

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Damn you ___!  Why do you resist this?”  [Probably because the spirit of God in them knows it’s false doctrine?]

“Can you picture that?  Are you able in your peanut brain mind?”  [This is what Brother Stair calls those with the mind of Christ, making therefore that the mind of Christ is a peanut brain (1Cor 2:16).  He has long done this yet was “Told of God” in 2002 to stop calling God’s people that.  He stopped for a few months but was right back to it, and as we see today he has no problem damning them with many curse words.]

Someone there is told they are going to wake up in Hell but Brother Stair has been faithful with him.  So much for losing none of those God sent (Jn 18:9).  But then again, they’re not saved anyway – so, there’s that.

Next, we are taught that Jesus was in error in the Garden crying out to God having forsaken Him because then God tells Him that, “I didn’t send You (Jesus) to make people know about God.  I sent You so they would know about God who is Your Father.  So His final words were ‘Father!’ ”  Then Bro Stair is upset that they don’t get so excited that they can’t sit still then that they take it out on the messenger (Stair).

“The Catholic Chruch was the original Church when organized”  And that it was God’s doing but “God did not intend for it to be controlled by a Pope.”  “She was very intimate.  But in an unlawful way.”  [Much like Brother Stair’s unlawful intimacy with the women on his Farm?]

Reading his scripture list of Hebrews 13:9, 1Peter 4:4, 1Pt 4:12,  Jude 1:7.  Then he interrupts himself when he comes to the word fornication in Jude 1:7.  “Now you see I always got to stop because when I talk about fornication and adultery we always think about the fleshly one but we’re talking about spiritual fornication.”  He pauses because they aren’t buying it.  “You’re doing it again.  You fornicators.  You blasphemers.”  Then he jumps the rails and is off on another rabbit-trail chasing Trump.

“You Damn people…”

His mouth is full of curses and lies and threats;
trouble and evil are under his tongue.  (Ps 10:7)
Bring to an end the violence of the wicked
and make the righteous secure  (Ps 7:9)

” ‘Oh he makes people do…’  I don’t make you do nothing.  I just wish I could make you get out of hereI’m sick and tired of this peopleYour iniquity is just popping up, running your mouth, with your attitude.  I’m sick, I’m weary with it.  Okay, okay, I know what you’re gonna do.  You’re gonna put it back on me.  Go ahead.”  [Why would those who live with him, who witness what he does, who hear his Dining Hall secrets, put it back on him??? (Isa 40:10)  Then he has the gall to speak of them with the condemnation,Gall of bitterness.   Bond of iniquity.”  After he is clearly manifesting that he is fulfilling both.  Further, Bro Stair continues with, “Repent of this thy wickedness.  Your hearts‘ not right with God.”  To which he must be referring to himself as god, as that’s the one who their hearts are not right with – Brother Stair.] 

Now, if we’d realize that iniquity in the Bible most of the time means guilt and not some ethereal spiritual mystery that Brother Stair makes it out to be so that he can magically pronounce it upon anyone for anything that he doesn’t like them doing – against him.  Then we would realize that the man manifesting iniquity (guilt) here is Brother Stair.  It is his guilt that drives him into these rages against God’s people for he feels guilty that they are not buying his sidetracking his sins and he wants them to agree with him so that he doesn’t feel the burden of guilt for his deeds that he walks in.  He wants to justify them and call them forgiven.  Yet somehow he knows that’s not true.  But it’s never more true then when his own congregation doesn’t buy it.  Thus he rages at them and fails on them.  Take note.  You will always find these things fitting together this way in his preaching and railing.

You see, why God emphasis your iniquity is because the wicked continue in the very things they KNOW are wrong and they are guilty of.  This guilt is that iniquity that can be more wicked than the deed because it’s not a guilt that causes you to stop but a pang of guilt that you wish wasn’t there because you have no intention of repenting from the wicked deed.  Thus your guilt (iniquity) hounds you and will be your ruin.  This iniquity is what you see manifest in Brother Stair. (Pr 14:9)

Then he turns to the Son of Man and has scripture quoted that his house is speaking against him [why would they do that when they witness what you do?  It’s always been interesting that the only ones who don’t get this condemnation from Bro Stair are the ones who don’t live with him.  Everyone that lives with Brother Stair and witnesses his deeds has ought against him.  Interesting?  Or is it telling? (Mt 7:15-20)]

If you’re not for me [Bro Stair], then you’re against meWell, now when you do right I’ll be for you.’  Oh, I see.  So you’re the judge of righteousness hu?”  [Yes, Brother Stair, the righteous will judge even the angels (1Cor 6:3), we are instructed to judge men like this in every way and detail, otherwise, how are we to know those who minister amongst us (1Thes 5:12)?  How are we to discern between the holy and the wicked (Mal 3:18)?  It is to us that the declaration of true and false prophets come from (Mt 7:15-20;  2Pt 2:1-4;  Deut 18:20-22).  It is the church that is to judge and cast out the wicked one from among them (1Cor 5:13) even (and especially) when that evil one is behind the pulpit.  This being the reason that Brother Stair had to create his own ‘Church’ because he was cast out of all the others he ran – for his overt wickedness.  These are scriptures you will not hear from the Overcoming Ministry (Rev 13:7).] 

“So every man doing that which right, in his own eyes, he says ‘I’m right’.  Then the judge [Bro Stair] steps on the scene.”  Realize what is being said here, this new ‘judge’ is the man that’s saying ‘I’m right and everyone else is wrong.  This man is saying that he is doing that which is right in his own eyes and is mad that you’re not backing him up on it and saying that what he says is right, is right.  Right? (Pr 21:2)  Clearly, what Brother Stair has his own list of what is right in his own eyes (and should be fully accepted by all), like even shown today where “fleshly” fornication and adultery are okay, it’s only “spiritual” fornication and adultery that are bad – and that everyone else is guilty of.  So, if you’re not with him on this then you’re against him, and only he has the right to make a judgment on this and on you (Pr 21:2;  Pr 24:12).  That sounds a lot like someone exalting himself over God’s people and declaring himself to be in the place of God (2Thes 2:4).

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Coffee Makers are the next rabbit-trail.  To which his people are not going to back him up on – again.  Brother Stair screams “GET OUT!”  Then speaks calmly as he continues his story.  Then back to “GET OUT!  Get away from me.  Go Damn Fool go!  Before God binds you hand and foot and throws you the Hell out there and turns you over to Satan for the destruction of your fleshYou rebellious stubborn houses.  Learn nothing.  Learn nothing.”  [We can see how these words have been fulfilled upon his one head.  We now await the fulfillment of his casting out by law enforcement.  Then see if he learns something as he sits in prison.]

“Beloved!  Is then used to bring on a shout fest to forget about the previous abuse shoveled out.  “It’s amazing how you love people and they end up with more bitterness.”  Indeed, this is what those of us that live with and loved Brother Stair saw manifest.  Our love for him just made him more bitter against us.

Bro Stair says his people don’t suffer.  Apparently, he doesn’t have any clue of what they endure for him and from him.  He only sees his necessary pity-party for what he has to endure in their not giving full adulation unto him.

You wicked people.   [Sis Burgess “Glory God, Bless You.”]  You uncircumcised in heart.  I told you the one thing I asked God to do.  [Slams his hand]  YES I DID!  You tell me what it was!?  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  As I was laying in my bunk in that prison-house”  [He was never in prison only county jail detention].  Look at me boy you gotta…  You wicked folkYou hard hearts.”  [Apparently, the chastisement that brings Brother Stair peace is casting violence upon them (Isa 53:5)]

The fool says in his heart,
There is no God
[here], [or They don’t know God]
They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

Will evildoers never learn – those who deour my people as men eat bread.  (Ps 14:1, 4 NIV84)

“I was so amazed that god allowed me to able to preach to a few of you three times a day, in the prison house.  Never been done like that before.  NEVER!”  [Few?  Very few are still there from then]  Then he is upset that the few that would talk to him were against him.  Still never able to put God in it to see that God was against him (Rom 1:28).

Brother Stair, being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity [intense ill will; spite.].  Whispering, backbiting, hating, and despiting God’s peopleProud (of their calling), boasting (of themselves and their exploits), inventing evil things to do [buying sex toys for the sisters], disobedient to parents [authorities, God’s rule], without understanding, covenant-breakers [marriage], without natural affection [sodomy, adultery], implacable [unapeaseable (not able to be pacified, placated, or satisfied), unforgiving to others], unmerciful.  Brother Stair knows and preaches the judgment of God [upon others] – that they which commit such things are worthy of death.  Yet, not only does he do the same [see above], but he has pleasure in them that do them. 
(The present truth from Romans 1:29-32)  Challenge:  Name one thing in this passage that doesn’t apply to Brother Stair?

Can a corrupt throne be allied with You —
one that brings on misery by its decrees?
(Ps 94:20  NIV84)

Mocking the Scoffer

Keep mocking me.”  [Sis Burgess “Hallelujah, Thank you lord.”“Just keep on.  They mocked the messenger.  They scoff at what he said.  They treated lightly.”  [The only mocking we’ve ever witnessed is from this ‘messenger’.]

Brother Stair demands someone to tell him what he told god what he asked god to do“I could see that after my departure grievous wolves were in, they were scattering the flock.”  The only wolf that has ever scattered this flock has been Brother Stair, whose name Ralph” means “wolf counsel” and even today how many times has he shouted for them to GET OUT!?  Who’s doing the scattering here?

Go to Hell Steve.  Men like Steve are never gonna be saved.  Never.”  “You don’t keep talking to a man of god like that.  And some of you folk better watch the way you treat me.  I’m serious.  You’d better watch the way you receive me.   I’m serious.  I really am.  Believe the prophet!  In what?  Things that you like?”


The Lord God will wipe away all tears and take away forever all insults and mockery [the rebuke of his people] against His land and people. The Lord has spoken—he will surely do it!  (Isaiah 25:8  TLB [KJV])

30.5 minutes of silence removed, again.


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  1. Brother Stair has become a raging maniac! I think he knows that he has failed as “The Prophet” but is so given to his seared conscience he is trying to reinforce his own delusion. I am afraid he is going to pull another “Jim Jones” act. He knows his days are numbered and he is going to want to go out with a Bang. How can people follow this man and give themselves to him as he demands? I fear for the safety of those who live with him!!

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