Sabbath Service – June 18, 2022 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

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Brother Stair
Sabbath Service – June 18, 2022 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

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Again starting out without Sister Burgess knowing that he’s preaching, or just taking a while for her kettle to simmer down.  Perhaps they need to start on time rather than 13 minutes early?  Perhaps they just like Sister Burgess’ preaching rather than Brother Stair’s?  This is apparent from the excessive volume of Sister Burgess’ clear outbursts above Brother Stair’s muffled preaching… every week.

Pastor James Rice comes in at 2:34

Almost 15 minutes of manipulating silence were deleted.

“You people here who are having first-hand sight of the situation.”

Indeed we have.  And this is why you listeners should pay the more careful heed to the warning that we give because we know from wince that we speak.  We have both seen and heard and touched him (1Jn 1:1).  We know what you’re not told over the broadcast.

“All my life, as God would lead me, I had to walk away from things that were dear to me.  And all my life I have done it.  Of the mistakes I made.  Of the wife that I married.  Of the children that I had.  Of the life that I had chosen.”

Brother Stair never walked away from anything that was dear to him.  His life was a fulfillment of his flesh which he held dear to him.  God did not lead him away from his wife that he chose to be in covenant before God with.  Quit lying on God.  Your children that God gave you were your responsibility that you walked away from because you chose to follow your flesh, rather than God.  Stop airing this tripe that justifies Brother Stair’s ungodly lifestyle by using God as the reason.  You are doing harm to the body of Christ worldwide!

What Brother Stair has consistently walked away from is his responsibilities.  Those he just listed for starters – wife, children.  Then there’s all the 99% that “God sent him” that he walked away from and refused to go after (Jn 6:39).  He never finished anything, though he claimed to be “the Finisher”, he only ended things.  That’s not finishing, that’s abandonment.  More walking away.  Don’t put that on God.  Put God in that!

“You are such a bunch of Damn Fools that you sit around me day after day.”

That statement should be enough for anyone listening to run… quickly.  Those who sit under him are not blessed Mary’s they are damned fools (Luke 10:42).  You’re not going to get any life out of sitting under Brother Stair’s ministry.

“About how I got myself into a situation of a double marriage.”  “If you are divorced, and you looked at a woman and lusted after her in your heart, you went in with her, she became your wife.  So you’re double marriage, triple married.  See, we don’t want to apply it like that.”

Funny how Brother Stair then only says he’s double married and others triple.  If we apply it like that we would have Brother Stair unnumberably married.  Such words of edification.

What he don’t want to apply is that even in his marriage he is living in adultery according to scripture.

“You’re not saved until the end.”

And we found out in the end that Brother Stair was not saved.  He sought to save his own life through the lies he spread about his own importance and the events of his death – which all failed.

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“‘Cos I will throw your butt out of here!”

Herein is exposed another lie of Brother Stair’s.  For many years he shouted that he didn’t put anyone out of there.  That they themselves left because they couldn’t handle the lifestyle, and when someone would tell others that they were being forced out no one believed them.  Yet this Diotrephes cast many out of the church because he didn’t want others to find out the truth that they know (3Jn 1:9).

“The first thing you gotta do is empty your damn minds!  Your minds that will damn you.  And I said it right.”

Here we have Balaam telling those with the mind of Christ that the mind of Christ is a damn mind (1Cor 2:16;  Php 2:5).  If you think that was said right you need to repent and turn to Christ.  So when he can get you to first empty your mind of Christ (that damn mind) then he can increase in your esteem and become your idol which you will obey.

“Boy you rebellious house.  How you refuse to hear.”

So sad, but too true – if we examine it from the truth.  The current house is rebellious to God’s truth (while Brother Stair was referring to their rebellion to submit to him).  They refuse to hear not only God’s truth in His word but they don’t even hear through the double talk that Brother Stair disposes, which should awaken them to the error of the hour.

“Okay, I got the message God.  You want me to stop talking.  And I’ve done it.”  “I know what God told me.  He said you stop talking.”

If only.  This was a game that Brother Stair would play when he had a tantrum because his house wasn’t doing what he wanted them to do.  Yes God wants him to stop talking but Stair never listened.  He never got the message.  Because he never heard from the truth and living God.  He, again, disobeyed God.

“I don’t want to talk.  I really don’t”


You can’t be saved living your own life.  Doing your own thingSeeking your own glory.  You cannot be saved!  So stop lying to yourself and say ‘I wanta be saved’ and not willing to do.”

Again we have the testimony that Brother Sair cannot be saved.  His whole ministry was that of seeking his own glory, doing his own thing.  This is all smokescreened by using the name of Jesus or God a few times interspersed in his words.  This smokescreen steers people away from the truth (or the lies) of his life.

“So what God does.  He called you, put you in a place.”

Here we have the only calling that we are allowed to have in the mind of Brother Stair.  Called to serve him in his Overcomer place.  While he gets all other callings and anointings that he can accumulate unto himself and use them to lord it over us (Ps 106:41-42).

“You’re not going to find it in the body of a whore.”

More perverse words from an evil man (Pr 2:12, 10:32).  Here he is intending on referring to the false whore church – which he is unknowingly fulfilling.

“Because these false churches, Satan has prevailed against them, all the time.  He corrupted them, he distorted them, he deceived them.  And they built up walls, and they all have to come down so you can get out.  Not in, out!  I wonder if there’s anybody that understands this at all?”

I wonder if there’s anybody that understands this at all?  What we have here is an exposition of Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry.  Do you understand this at all?  You have to get out!  It is false, corrupted, distorted, and deceiving youSatan has prevailed against you.

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Wherefore, by their fruits, ye shall know them (Jesus, Matthew 7:20).

How could you refute what that man said?  ‘I’m born again, spirit-filled, bible believing Christian’.  I recognize the truth that comes from you.  But I’m a Roman Catholic.  I’m a godfather.  I’m a god father”

This is the same logic that should be applied to Brother Sair.  Why do Christians so easily take the shiny apple and believe what he claimed himself to be?  When all the fruit says otherwise.

This man he’s talking about is likewise deceived by the prophet’s shiny apple in that he thinks there is truth in what Brother Stair says.

“My dear sister out there.  $10,000 has been placed into your hand in over the last seven, eight months.  Are you getting into the kingdom?”

Here Brother Stair is manipulating a sister and others of their funds to place them into his hands to get them into the kingdom.  A Catholic construct.

Remember from whence thou art fallen.”  “Do you think I have an overwhelming human love for you?  You’re crazy.”

Oh that this man would have remembered.  But a narcissist does not wrong, so there was nothing in his mind (the damn mind) to remember.

It is not in a narcissist to love others.  This is why we always witnessed Brother Stair making love something that we were to express toward him.  His faking of love for us was always just that – fake.  This was always clear in the final fruit of it (Matt 7:20).

“Teresa was your first wife that God gave me…”

“… And I was her first husband that God gave her.  Even though we both had a wife before, and a husband.”

Here we see the fabrication of facts into lies, a perversion of scriptural truth.  This is spun to be scriptural truth and christened to be “of God”.  This is not just a fabrication but an outright lie on God… again.  Here Brother Stair makes God’s word void (Mk 7:13) and a lie by making his own desire upon it.

Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye (Mark 7:13)

“This is the way of life!”

No!  This is deathLies lead to death and Hell (Rev 22:15).

You’re gonna be damned if you folk don’t wake up.  ‘Cos you don’t love this truth.”

This that we are hearing is not truth!  Thus it will damn you.

“I know what the scripture says.”

This should scare us the most.  Here is a man who knows the scriptures, as did the Serpent and as does Satan.  To preach what he preaches in the knowledge of the scriptures should tell us that this man is intentionally deceiving us.  Or is himself deceived (2Tim 3:13).

“Because, they, re, ceived, not, the, love… for God.  ‘Cos God is love.  You have not the LOVE of God in you.”

Here we have another accidental or deliberate perversion of these scriptures that he knows.  As he is quoting 2 Thessalonians 2:10 he changes the end and turns the love of the truth into the love for God, not because ‘God is truth’ but because he says ‘God is love’.  He has changed the scriptures and ignored and left out ‘the truth’ that is in that verse.  He got confused about the love of the truth and changed it to the love for God.  This speaks volumes to how he is under a strong delusion – that’s how it happens, you lose the love for the truth (2Thes 2:9-12).

How interesting that he does this right after he says he knows what the scripture says.  Right after he says that we’re gonna be damned if we don’t wake up to the truth.  Then he leaves out the truth.  This should speak volumes to those who have ears to hear (Matt 11:15).  Especially when he continues with…

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“You think you can get this with your money.  You want to buy this power to serve God.  With your talents.  With your gifts.  You’re a thief and you’re a robberTrying to get saved some other way.”

Interesting how he bridges this over into this reference to Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8:9-11, which we often use as the hallmark verse that defines Brother Stair.  This coming in another way has been the mark of Brother Stair’s ministry.  A man raised from obscurity.  We don’t know where he comes from, aside from his self-told fanciful stories of himself (Acts 8:9-11).  This man has crept in another way, unawares (Jude 1:4;  Jn 10:1).  Ever learning in his Schooling from religious shysters in how to deceive and manipulate God’s people (2Tim 3:6-7).  He has lavished talents, gifts, callings, and anointings on himself, but for us… that’s some other way.

Trying to get saved some other way has been the witness of at least the last 3 decades in how Brother Stair has refused repentance (God’s way to be saved) and tried to force his congregation into receiving his own way of his salvation (Rev 2:21).

“When are you brothers gonna understand that when I walk up to you anytime, and you are obviously doing what you know [what] you’re doing, and I’ll say to you ‘What are you doing?’  You ought to say ‘Uh oh, there’s something wrong with what I’m doing here’.

Here we have the classic Brother Stair overlording and putting down the Brothers (Ps 106:41-42).  The manipulation of their minds and questioning of their motives and desires.  This is the classic gaslighting that Brother Stair employs wholesale.  This type of gaslighting is spoken of most often in the Dining Hall.

He had no clue of what we were doing, so he had no knowledge to interject to make himself look like the smarter one.  Thus, in his jealousy, he bullied us and resorted to gaslighting to question our knowledge of reality (James 3:16).  It’s not a question that we were doing something wrong but that we are wrong in doing something, or that our motives are wrong.  i.e. we weren’t doing something because Brother Stair told us to.  To do it our way was wrong, but to do it Brother Stair’s way was right.

This was the constant demeaning nonsense that we had to put up with that caused stress, confusion, contention, and strife.  All caused by Brother Stair (James 3:16;  Pr 3:30, 13:10).  One of his famous retorts was to say, “You want me to show you how it’s done?”  or “You want me to show you how to do it (in a shorter time)?”  This was never intended to be accepted but used to bully individuals.  He never once would step up and do it, or even show us how.  It was always all a show of how much better than us he was.

“In order for God to show us what’s right, He’s got to emphasize what’s wrong.”

If only the Stairites would realize that this is what we are doing here.  Now.  “And that we don’t like, do we?”

“The dog is back.”  “That spirit has got a hold of that woman.”

Brother Stair said this to Brother Christopher referring to his wife Teresa.  You know, the one God gave him.  His precious wife as he would say after he committed adultery with Rose on Teresa’s birthday.


More to come…???


“R.G. Stair is dead!”

Perhaps we were wrong.  It looks like Brother Stair did get something right [*sarcasm*].  Did you get that Dennis Larivee?  Or do you not accept and believe the words of your prophet, that he is dead?  And stop these sacrifices to the dead that provoke God to anger (Ps 106:28-29).

Those who cling to worthless idols
turn away from God’s love for them.
(Jonah 2:18  NIV)

The half has never yet been told.  The foolishness of man ruins his way,  And his heart rages against the Lord (Proverbs 19:3  NASB95).


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