Sabbath Service – July 2, 2022 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

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Sabbath Service – July 2, 2022 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

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Coming Destruction of Sinners

Surrounding today’s Service is the old message The Coming Destruction From the Almighty which (if you’d listen to it) is in opposition to what Brother Stair is saying in this Service.  He justifies that “The things that happened to me, including sin, happened to me so that I could preach the glorious gospel.  To this, the previous Brother Stair would say (as said in The Coming Destruction) that those “who live in their sin are going to go to Hell”.

This old message of Brother Stair’s changed dramatically from those old messages but no one there realizes it – or do they?  They continue to deceive their radio audience with past messages that preach holiness and sinlessness, while they hold to a prophet who is a man of sin who justifies his sin.  Why don’t they play his very old services before 2001 when he was found a liar that betrayed us?  Why don’t they tell us the dates of the materials they are airing so that listeners can see the progression into darkness?  The waxing worse and worse is apparent when viewed from the timeline (2Tim 3:13;  Rev 22:11).

Merchandising Continues

They don’t mind propagating lies – offering books (like the Too Long in the Sun ad that was just before Service), music CD’s (which are illegal copies), and putting out radio stations that he is no longer on or incorrect, and Brother Stair saying he’s live (Rev 21:8).

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While Brother Stair would edit these things out when he caught them, it doesn’t seem to bother the current regime that has waxed worse than their leader (2Tim 3:13-15).  Fulfilling the scripture – making them a twofold more the child of hell than Brother Stair was (Mt 23:15).

Sweet Hour of Wailing

A sampling is provided of Sister Burgess leading the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and the crying out for mercy in this place of torment (Lk 16:23-24, 28;  Mt 13:50;  Lk 13:28).  This has become the standard fare for Prayer Time over the last two decades – this is not how it was begun.  It seems they know how to pray when Pastor Rice asked someone during Service but they are unable as a body to pray during Prayer Time.  Only the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth is heard (Mt 13:50;  Lk 13:28).  This is one of the many signs of this ‘ministry’ that we should not ignore.

Remember a year ago when brothers were actually praying during Prayer Time and Pastor Rice shut them down by having it taken off the air?  No?  Well, he did.  Much like the same spirit we hear from Brother Stair when he shut down a brother from praising God when Stair had a young girl to hug in the Passover Service 2019 (@ 4:50).  The issue last year was ‘Pastor’ Rice didn’t want Jackie exposing their secrets.

You will also hear Sister Burgess peeping and muttering throughout the first part of the Service in the background (Isa 8:19).  More torment or more sorcery?

Brother Stair comes out of the gate telling them to not ‘Amen’ him if they don’t believe him.  This is contrary to his usual demand for ‘Amen’s’.

He is again naming names to exalt himself.

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The Rod of His Fury…

They took the ship (Fury) away from him.  I don’t think he wants you to put God in that one now.  The ship Fury was Allan Weiner and Scott Becker’s project, Brother Stair put up the money for it – listener’s money that was again lost.  Allan Weiner states that “The Voyager Broadcast project was the hope and dream of many” – not solely Brother Stair’s project.  Though perhaps it was his hands on it that caused it to fail – as we have witnessed in almost everything he touches, if you follow it to the end you will find the same fruit of destruction (Mt 7:20;  Jn 10:10).  Perhaps we should put God in it and apply scripture to it (Pr 22:8).

He who sows injustice will reap disaster,
and the rod of his fury will be destroyed/fail

(Proverbs 22:8  BSB/KJV)

An Established Pattern

Here again, we should stop and consider that this is another of the many failed ventures of Brother Stair where he lost his financial supporter’s money.  This pattern should speak to us as to what God might be trying to tell us about Brother Stair’s dabbling with other people’s money.  You know, that stuff that’s the cheapest thing to him.

If God was behind him and in everything he does – as he states He is – then why is there a long string of failures (that listeners are never told of) that follow every move he makes? (John 10:10)  Something to ponder – to pray about – or better yet, run from this narcissist who idolizes everything he does (1Tim 6:11;  1Cor 10:14;  Jeremiah 48:6).

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…Will Fail

Again we are witnessing in Brother Stair the same ways how the Great Prostitute corrupted the earth – with her sin [fornication/adulteries] (Rev 19:3  TLB [KJV/NIV78]).  The ship Fury would go on to smuggle Haitian refugees.  Allan Weiner had brought in several people, promising them air time, so Brother Stair was not getting sole airtime on Fury as he likes to make it sound.

Weiner’s engineer Scott Becker and Johnny Lightening with his Radio Newyork International (RNI) [which also operated from a ship] were among those working on the ship and had their tapes already on board – tapes which some of Brother Stair’s helpers decided it would be ‘spiritual’ to destroy.  Just more of that fruit of destruction that his ministry brings (Jn 10:10;  Mt 7:20).

Here’s a much different story than is told today by Allan Weiner and the way Brother Stair told it.  “The ties to Stair, whose views stood in sharp contrast to Weiner‘s, led to accusations that Weiner had “sold out” his long held beliefs in pacifism and agnosticismStair frequently clashed with Weiner and especially Weiner’s engineer Scott Becker during the abortive project.”  (Allan Weiner – Ships Ahoy,  Who was fooling who?

Pretty sure the Almighty God would have had no problem fulfilling His purposes with the Ship Fury – if He would have been in it, and it would have been His purpose.  Its end declares the presumption of the dream of vanity (Deut 18:22).  Because God’s purposes will be accomplished (Isa 55:11) showing us that this was not God’s will nor God’s project as Brother Stair made it out to be.  He lied on God (Acts 5:4).

So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
(Isaiah 55:11)


3 thoughts on “Sabbath Service – July 2, 2022 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

  1. In addition to all this listening to old Sabbath service messages by Stair, Rice said last year they don’t know the end of the matter to the sound of reverberating applause. Excuse me? Doesn’t this make Stair completely unnecessary in his purported role of “know it all” since he obviously didn’t have any part to play other then strutting around acting superior, and that was laid on inordinately thick. If Stair could merely say he didn’t like how the coffee was made and wasted immeasurable time better spent elsewhere, no wonder brothers were leaving the dining hall in the morning to get chores done before the excessive South Carolina heat. We all couldn’t help but notice Stair had in his residence air conditioning, running water, a bathroom, and a kitchen along with unrestricted access to pornography in his comfortable radio room while brothers and sisters had to share a collective shower house and were subjected to unmitigated nit picking as he cruised around on his bicycle, or in later years a golf cart to look for trouble. Can anyone show by Scriptures how this will perfect the body of Christ or why we thought this was of the Lord? Stair/Esau conferred his version of approval on those he was in spiritual unity with or those who continued to wink an eye at his shenanigans. I say thank God there was always enmity between Stair and myself as I’m certain he never had 1 good thing to say about me, nor do I have any good thing to say about him in return. Stair was always a difficult unpleasant individual with an ugly demeanor. That place is likened to the parable of the King who was stark naked and would only allow people there to tell him his garment was grand and exceptional. I hope anyone who loves the truth flees the snare of that Community. Thank you for your faithfulness in what you are called to do as you serve the Lord.

    1. Sorry your comment didn’t show up when you posted it. A word you used filtered it in to the trash (which also happened to Bro Stan) and was not seen till now. This has been remedied. Thank you for all your input. It is much appreciated.

  2. Thank you. Since 2020 I went on numerous YouTube channels giving an in depth personal testimony of my stay at 3 Communities under Stair. I was prompted to do so by a message from a brother in the Lord who contacted a family member asking for my parents assistance in speaking out regarding the 2017 arrest. This caused me to search my heart. It was then I decided to go the extra mile in case anyone stumbled across The Overcomer Ministry and sent in ministry donations or Lord forbid made the error to move there. I was oftentimes delegated to being on public shameful display at the Community, so I believe this gave me the perseverance, courage and resolve to speak up in defense of anyone harmed or to anyone in grave danger of entering that place of spiritual destruction. I always wondered why so few spoke up after leaving fellowship as help was greatly needed to the ravaged flock, those cast aside, neglected and ignored, especially by those who were so prominent in respected positions and esteemed in the Community, but that is between them and the Lord. I won’t judge them for their silence as I hope they won’t judge me for speaking up. We all need forgiveness. God bless you.

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