Feast of Trumpets 2020 – Friday PM – Sept 18 – Bro Stair

Feast of Trumpets
Feast of Trumpets 2020 – Friday PM – Sept 18 – Bro Stair

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“I deserve you guys acting the way you’re acting because I fell in front of ya’s.”

God Damn it!  They won’t let me…, they won’t give me no space will they.  They won’t give me no space.”

You fools! You’re just a bunch of damn fools!

We were so deeply in debt because of you guys keep buy’n, buy’n, buy’n, buy’n.  They run up a bill, over $40,000 bucks.  Ran me into debt.”

“I don’t like when God talks about a false prophets.  I don’t like it.  ‘Cos I could be one.”

God!  You folk, I’m telling ya.  You’d better do something right now or I’m gonna kick the Hell out a ya!  I don’t care what…  Just do what you want you damn stupid people!  Just sit there in your arrogance.”

“Are you folk ashamed?  With some of those accusations you put on me?  Aren’t you ashamed?  No, they’re not ashamed.”  “You accusers, accusers, accusers.  You got so far with your excusers that you became an excuser.  Ja follow that?  Ya accuse them then excuse yourself.

Don’t you dare walk back in this thing tomorrow morning like this.  Don’t you dare do it!  You walk through that door you walk through it humbly, submitted, willing.  Get out of our way.  We want to please God here.”


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Brother Stair appears to be trying to take over being Gene Scott and out doing him with taking the Phone Calls during service.  Only one phone call though.  It seems like everyone listening is already in the Tabernacle.

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