Sabbath Service – February 22, 2020 – Bro Stair

RG Mad Face. A wicked man hardeneth his face (Pr 21:29, 16:30)

Haughty eyes and a proud heart, the lamp of the wicked , are sin! (Pr 21:4)

Sabbath Service - February 22, 2020 - Bro Stair

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Sabbath Service Feb 22, 2020

Upset today because no one will quarrel with him [Throw out the mocker, and you will be rid of tension, fighting and quarrels. (Pr 22:10 TLB)].  He remembers when they went to the Moon, which makes it true.  Steve’s phone call helps to provide some filler.  Even Stair says he berates and hollers at his people. 

Bro Stair is so concerned that people keep him in the great high place that they once heald him in when they were first deceived.  Alas, he has always been his only message that he preaches.  The prophet, the prophet, the profit.  Me, me, me.  This is why he’s always taken on greater titles because he couldn’t get enough respect from the previous one.  So he turns up the volume.  Yells louder.  Makes himself out to be some greater one (Acts 8:9).  Simon’s sorcery was the simple act of self-exaltation – making himself out to be something he wasn’t.  Just as Lucifer did.

Brother Stair is always concerned about the impression that he makes on people and is upset when they are not impressed and don’t stand in awe of him and his stories.  And then if/when they do get impressed he rebukes them for it.  You can’t win.  This is also why he doesn’t allow testimonies anymore – he doesn’t want to be showed-up.  He doesn’t want to admit (of have you realize) that God works in anyone other than the Prophet.

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He brags about how the world and his radio stations treat him so good and bend over backward for him.  They are doing it all because of his money.  Yet the people of God with God’s spirit are the ones he has issues with.  The spirit within them does not agree (witness) with what Bro Stair is saying and doing.  This anger you hear coming from him is not at God’s people (as he makes it sound) but it is his anger at God for the unacceptance of his wicked ways.

While Jesus told us to be witnesses to Him (Acts 1:8) Brother Stair teaches that we are to be his [the prophets] witnesses.  This is antichrist.

For those desiring to endure this week’s blasting, here is the morning Service.  Not only do they still not know how to use the compressor to keep the volume normalized but they don’t know which mic is Brother Stair’s either. 

It opens with him unmic’ed and asking them again if they’re having fun, again.  We all know that the only one having any fun there is Bro RG Stair – when you let him have his way with you.

Deleted only 17 minutes of manipulating pauses, due to the noisy background [refer to the above-noted incompetance].

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