Sabbath Service – July 17, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

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Sabbath Service – July 17, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice
Last Updated on July 17, 2021 at 8:56 pm ET

Check back for updated notes and comments as today’s Service is an old doozy.  Expecting more shock from any current listener than experienced in the live Service.  Since Brother Stair’s premature death has revealed his many sayings as false and he says many things in today’s archive that should have anyone walking in truth questioning what it is that is coming out of Brother Stair’s mouth.  Not to mention what will later come out of Pastor Rice’s mouth – which we will mention later.

Finally getting the service levels more acceptable, yet the incessant Burgess clapping is clipping no only the signal but any sensibility.  Foolishness as Pastor Rice will later say.

The string of new Phone Messages, half of which was aired before Service today, reveals to us the confusion that this ministry of confusion is propagating in its listeners.  Many are thinking that Jesus is coming soon in September and giving offerings.  Some are even still thinking they are leaving a message for Brother Stair – they don’t know he’s dead. 

There’s a sign to them that they do not discern the truth of what they are hearing when they don’t even know the simple truth about his early demise.  But most of them are clearly praising the Prophet in their idolatry. 

One brother is actually leaving a message for the deceased Brother Stair.  Another brother says he doesn’t make right choices, is he referring to listening to the Overcomer?  What kind of spiritual perversion have these people learned from this ‘great’ man?  These messages can be seen here

The Sister Burgess Show was cut as we have all heard enough of that sacrifice (Ecc 5:1).

Pastor Rice almost gets in an hour today.  You might think he’s moving into taking over Service himself but don’t expect it.  This has been his pattern at Grace Community – to talk after Brother Stair talked in Service.  All Rice is doing is throwing around some scriptures to get his agenda across – just as Bro Stair would do.

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Service ends on a lie that Brother Stair has told for decades – the Broadcast does not come from Walterboro, SC.

Check back for updated notes and comments on today’s Service…


No servant can serve two masters. 

Either you love Brother Stair and hate God or you love God and hate Brother Stair .

What the Hell’s wrong with you people!  You don’t receive the truth.  God said He put His word in my mouthDid He lie there?

This is classic Brother Stair rhetoric.  Turning the blame to God when God has no dog in this fight.  God didn’t lie because God didn’t say that.  God didn’t put His word in your mouth!  You did! 

This is the same lying nonsense that Brother Stair did when he said “if God doesn’t make a move (return) by the year 2000 that you can call the Bible a lie”.  Why would you then call the Bible a lie?  It wasn’t the Bible that made that ‘year 2000′ statement or ‘making a move’ statement – it was Brother Stair.  Which makes Brother Stair the liar – not God’s Word.  Why would God’s prophet be casting doubt and blame on God and His word?  Well, God’s prophet wouldn’t be.  There’s another sign for you.

Wow!  Why is that so hard for you to accept?

Because the spirit of God in them tells them it’s error.

We have a 501C.  The only deal I made with the government is with finances.  We obey the government.
I get rid of the money as fast as I can.

Following my death is a resurrection.


Bro Stair talked about the $750,000.  Took them to court.  Got $850,000 back.  Then 2 mins later say when you give something you don’t ask for it back.  I guess he was referring to others and not himself – as usual.

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