Sabbath Service – Sept 4, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

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Sabbath Service – Sept 4, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

Sabbath Service with late Brother R.G. Stair leading from an archived service.  Today marks five months since the death of the Prophet.  One thing that has not been late about Brother Stair in the last 5 months is his starting service on time at 10 am Eastern.  This is because he is no longer alive to be sidetracked by getting in his sexual quickies before service so he could come in all anointed.  That’s not said as a joke – that’s the evil anointing that he would often come in with and his pride from his sexual prowess would then amplify in his ‘messages’. 

Though quite often he would come in in a rage at God’s people.  This was from his being rejecting in finding a quickie or from his conscience convicting him of his deeds and feeling that God’s people knew and were condemning them in his spirit.  This made him step into the pulpit and announce that ‘God’ just spoke to him about our wickedness.  This was his famous gaslighting technique that he played on us.

Today’s Service begins with a sign as Brother Stair was running down the 1987 Prophecy (which he called the 1988 Prophecy).  You cannot continue to support the religious system of… [the Overcomer Ministry Service begins here].

Here is a condensed version of it putting the emphasis on Brother Stair and the Overcomer Ministry…

The peanut gallery (taken from how Brother Stair would refer to his peanut brains people) is overpowering the Service more than usual.  Which seems to be the usual way things usually work out.

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Today’s marking five months since the death of the Prophet means that we only have another month to go before Brother Stair seals his testimony as a true or a false prophet with his death.  If Jesus doesn’t come by October 3rd, 2021 then Brother Stair will finally be sealed, by his death, as a false prophet (Duet 18:15-22).  This also means that there must be a Gathering of 1,000 before then.  Is that what we are expecting for these Fall Feast Days?

Still, shouldn’t we be asking who now holds the crown as the “Greater than Jesus Christ today?


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