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Will there be a trial?  


New Member
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05/05/2019 7:00 pm  

First, thank you so much for adding a forum to your website!  I didn't participate in the Topix forum but read through it frequently and was sorry to see it go. 

I'd like to open a discussion about a trial date for these crimes.  If anyone's familiar with this whole R. Kelly thing, you know that it's easy for a good lawyer to delay a trial for almost 10 years!  It's sad, but with one of the top defense attorneys in SC defending him, I'm not sure that isn't the strategy in this case.  As far as I know, no trial date is set.  Nothing is moving forward with this case.  How long can his lawyer drag this out?  

Active Member Admin
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10/05/2019 11:19 am  

Thank you Porcia44.  The new face-lift and the Forum is something we have wanted to do for years.  As you see by our slow response we are very busy here.

It’s hard to tell what the strategy of Stair’s high paid criminal lawyers is.  For sure, they know what to do as they are well known for getting murders and rapists off on some technicality.  Let’s face it, that’s the only reason that Bro Stair is not in jail now, and why he didn’t pay the over $731,000 in 2007 to his abused victims that a jury trial awarded them.

Although, if we “put God in it” as Bro Stair says, we would see that his escaping the $731,000 ended up costing him a bail of $750,000 ten years later.

We don’t know if it’s the lawyers or the slow process of the compounding of the evidence that is delaying his “right to a speedy trial”.  One right he isn’t wanting.

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