Sabbath Service – March 14, 2020 – Bro Stair

Bro RG Stair
Sabbath Service - March 14, 2020 – Bro Stair

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After Brother Stair came in and stared them down for almost 4 minutes with only Sister Burgess making noises (we cut this out), you hear his loud sighs and he finally starts to rail on them and they lost his audio.  So, 23 seconds were dead-air before the levels were brought up insufficiently (we’ve cut them out).  Seems they still don’t have anyone who understands how the mixing board and equipment work.  My favorite being that they turn Stair’s mic off when they want the congregation’s audio.  They don’t know they have a ‘mixer‘ that can mix both mic’s together.  Not so much the Brother’s fault as it is the pressure and confusion that they are under from their Leader.


Removed 48 minutes of silence.

Perhaps you’re starting to now realize that all Brother Stair’s great long sermonizing hours (more than any other preacher) is mostly filled with silence and Stairing.

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