Sabbath Service – May 29, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

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Sabbath Service – May 29, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

Last Updated on Thu July 8, 2021 @ 12:18 pm

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 at 12:18 pm ET

Once again we are given an old Service with Brother Stair from the archives.

No present truth coming from the End Time ministry of the Prophet that is to instruct the body of Christ as to what we are to do in these times.  Nay, not even a mention that they are waiting for Jesus to come in September – which they forgot to tell us in the ever repeated interruption that informs the funders that the Radio broadcast is paid up till October and that their monies are now going to fund the Farm fun.

This is because they are waiting for Jesus to come in September as per Brother Stair’s teachings.  And when this doesn’t come to pass – those that still remain will reboot and create the Overcomer Ministry as to their own liking and likely a new prophet will arise.

Either Pastor Rice is not being considered wanted to step in and even speak peace to the Congregation or the listeners in this tumultuous time, or he’s gone back to Oklomaha.  There is pitifully little time given to him to address the world and inform us of the ‘ministry’ at this time.

In the meantime, we are still on the same path of lies that have continued for decades.  The lie over the last many months continues on the Overcomer Ministry website declaring the expansion of Radio air time on Shortwave with the new 300,000-watt station.  They seem to (like Bro Stair did) have no care about what the website says.  Just as the Radio Log you can download is from August 2020 – and outdated.

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As well, the current broadcasts are spouting lies of offering books and shortwave radios that they do not have, and news that is out of date – mostly proving the Brother Stair was wrong about everything.  Perhaps that is their current plan and direction – to separate themselves from their fallen leader as they prove him to be a false prophet.  This will be seen after September 2021 when Jesus doesn’t return – which also they are silent about.  They have turned the broadcast into a BBN style that Brother Stair despised, with music and scripture readings – which puts them into copyright violation issues that plagued the Overcomer in 2003.  This continues to be a ministry where truth matters not.

What we have is a blend of the old Service with Brother Stair and the congregation at that time… and the current congregation blended together.  Thus the bad audio quality as we are hearing the service through the Tabernacle speakers rather than directly from the file.  Worse than last week.

The congregation Tabernacle audio is still blended together after the Service as you will hear at the end with their nonchalant detachment.

1 thought on “Sabbath Service – May 29, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

  1. Toward the end I heard Stair proclaim anyone who left wouldn’t be able to make it. Paraphrasing he said they would be helpless and fail at everything. The Lord has blessed my family in leaps and bounds. We aren’t wealthy but aren’t considered at poverty level. God has provided for our needs and we are healthy. My husband and I have been in a faithful marriage for 21 years and all our 5 children were born in this union. My husband has always worked to provide for us. There is no porn, drugs, alcohol or cigarette addiction in our family. Every night I know where my children are. If I had stayed at the Community, I believe it would have destroyed my marriage and family as so many others were irrevocably damaged under Stair’s oppressive leadership and filthy lascivious lifestyle. Everything this man says is a lie! The danger we fled from was Stair! He is far worse then anyone I have ever encountered out in the world. Like R. G. Stair’s own son said, STAIR HIMSELF WAS THE DELUSION THAT HE (supposedly) WARNED US ABOUT!!! Anyone who was ensnared by him found that out the hard way! We as Christians don’t need to live at a certain street address to serve God or overcome sin. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and his infilling gives us power to be free from bondage of sin. Stair did everything possible to have us question and doubt our salvation and to erode our assurance and confidence. His sick twisted method of force and cruelty is opposite of the meek and lowly Shepherd Jesus Christ and the example of washing feet he left his disciples. I can read in Scriptures the condemnation this man Stair heaped upon himself in gross mistreatment of brothers and sisters, and the terror he will face when our Lord returns and speaks these very words written in admonition and warning, “Depart from Me you worker of iniquity, I NEVER KNEW YOU!!”

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