Sabbath Service – Aug 7, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

Pastor James Rice
Pastor Rice
Pastor Rice
Sabbath Service – Aug 7, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service
Last Updated on August 8, 2021 at 2:54 pm ET

We have Pastor Rice continuing on in his normal mode and getting in some 53 minutes today, again.  Standard filler of Hallelujahs, singing, and scripture quotes – which he will seek to justify today.

Brother Spencer is brought to the mic to pray for us all.

Pastor Rice is blasting the congregation much like Brother Stair would in that he heard something that they didn’t hear, but he didn’t wait for their response before he shamed them for it.

This continues around 20 minutes when James Rice talks about a sister then says (like Brother Stair does) that he’s not talking about her, I’m talking about us.  Then returns to talking about her.


 What the Overcomer and Pastor Rice are not talking about is revealing that they do not believe all of Brother Stair’s words and they are picking and choosing what to hold to – something that would enrage Brother Stair.  Brother Stan covers the Last 45 Days that we should already be in NOW!!!  According to Prophet Stair.


The Coming of Jesus Christ ~ The LAST 45 Days According to RG Stair

More on The Final Witness


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3 thoughts on “Sabbath Service – Aug 7, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

  1. More Fuel For “The Holy Ghost Time Bomb” as James Rice was Loaded with a Load of Spiritual Perversion of Rg Stair’s Legacy Once Again ~ BUT Still No mention of Jesus COMING Within 6 MONTHS of Rg’s DEATH ~ Do You Truly HEAR what The Rg ~ Rice Spirit is Saying That clearly Does Not Line up To The Very WORD of GOD !

  2. The one thing Rice cannot do is gainsay or resist the truth so he cunningly avoids it altogether. No mention of false prophecies. No mention of rampant lasciviousness that must still be present at the farm as it hasn’t been dealt with, so therefore isn’t cast out.No mention of taking all or most of what brothers and sisters brought before driving them out. He brings up Samson who wanted a woman of another culture. Is this supposed to get us in agreement with Stair shacking up with a married woman, while still viewing porn AND lining up young women on the side, those who came and went over the years like fast food meals for him to devour and dispose of? Or we hear about David and Bathsheba for the umpteenth time. ONCE at age 30. Not before, or after. Not a lifelong pattern. Plus, David confessed his sin openly, took full and complete responsibility upon himself, not pointing at anyone else, and for the rest of his life he paid for it many times over as we read about. Stair fits neither description in these instances but rather I read about him in the New Testament of a wolf in sheep’s clothing and those who crept in unawares. Rice is openly and unashamedly supporting a sex predator and giving him laud and praise which is to his shame.

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