Sabbath Service – Oct 2, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

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Sabbath Service – Oct 2, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

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Once again Sister Burgess is absent (live), as is Pastor Rice – as they were also absent on the 28th for the Last Great Day Feast Day Service.  It seems there’s a big case of something going around at the Farm.  Or is God trying to get someone’s attention?  Or is judgment come upon them?  Actually, they aren’t even supposed to be here as Jesus was to come on The Last Great Day and rapture them all away.  Perhaps some of them were too bad to go?

At 2:20 Service ends and Brother Spencer speaks under the, always aired after service, Prophecy 2001 as the Tabernacle mic is again left on making us wonder what happened to knowledgeable technicians?  He says Paster Rice is resting and therefore not in attendance – so apparently there’s no true body of Christ present to conduct a live service.  It’s like Brother Spencer, or anyone else, was not allowed or authorized to speak to the saints of the world and bring to us the Last Day message – something the Overcomer Ministry claims to be about.  Another failure in the hat of Brother Stair.

Two More Daze

For the stragglers hanging on to the last vestige of hope that something that Brother Stair said would come to pass.  As if to make good on Brother Stair’s prophecies these faithful followers are stringing this out till October 4th – because that would make that maximum possible time for Brother Stair’s six months after his death for Jesus to come to be fulfilled.  The question remains if they will finally come to the knowledge of the truth and face the fact that everything that Brother Stair said was a lie? (1Tim 2:4;  2Tim 3:7-9)

When the prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, and the thing does not happen or come true,
that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken.
The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you are not to be afraid of him

(Deut 18:22  NASB)

What’s Next?

Since the Overcomer Ministry quickly announced, after Brother Stair’s death, that they didn’t need any more money because the radio time was paid up through October and since that would take them through till Jesus comes, will they be going off the radio after that time?  Unless there was some intended ulterior message for those not Raptured that they weren’t revealing to us, why would the broadcast endure?

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So we should expect to hear the last of the Overcomer Ministry on shortwave and domestic radio… shouldn’t we?  What use now would they have to continue airing the broadcast?  There was some understanding that it would be continuing till October because of the push to the Fall Feasts when Brother Stair said that Jesus would return.  In light of that, without the coming of Jesus, for the Overcomer Ministry to continue to air Brother Stair speaking would be magnifying and promoting a false prophet

There is now therefore no reason for the Overcomer to continue to air Brother Stair – unless they are using him to merchandise him to bring in money to continue their comfortable lives.  All the while having millions of dollars stored up.  How much more do they need?  None if they end the broadcast. 

Ending the broadcast would mean, in their minds, that they would no longer be faithful to their prophet that they put their trust in (Pr 3:5-7).  That would be too long a stretch for them to make being under the strong delusion they are under having believed Brother Stair’s lies all these years (2Thes 2:11-12).

To continue airing Brother Stair is them saying that they don’t care if he’s a false prophet, a railer, a violent man, an extortioner, or a sexual deviant, as long as people will send in their money – all under the false pretense of the things that he says – which are untrue.  Will they choose to become like their father Stair, who chose to be like his father Satan (John 8:44)?  Time will tell but I think we already know the answer.

Off To The Races

In today’s old recounting of past nonsense, Brother Stair gets on a brother from Canada to get in some blasting time.  All the while tearing down the house while quoting the household of God which he says they are.  Scripture tells us that this is the way Satan treats God’s people (Zech 3:1).

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“That’s good preaching RG!”

“RG” boasts of himself, as per usual (Pr 27:2)  Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find? (Pr 20:6).

and then he says…

“The problem is you’re seeking your own.  Love for God doesn’t seek its own.”

Are they so disconnected that they didn’t follow those two and tie them together?  Brother Stair is so enamored with himself that he doesn’t.  For he flattereth himself in his own eyes, until his iniquity be found to be hateful (Psalm 36:2).

“I got the eyes of the Lord.  I can see you.”

The only eyes Brother Stair had were eyes full of adultery (2Peter 2:14-15).  To add to that… this statement is heresy.

“The wrath to come is the wrath of Satan.”

Meanwhile, we are witnessing the wrath of Satan upon God’s people (Zech 3:1).

“There’s one thing you people need to understand about SatanHe is so close to God that doesn’t ever change.  And he doesn’t quit.  He knows how to invoke worship and how to misdirect it, to self.  He knows how to con you, lie to you, and make you think it’s the truth.  He is slick, he’s wise.”

As a proud son, Satan is a hot topic.  It’s like the Overcomer is intentionally telling us that Brother Stair is operating the same as Satan.  All these attributes are manifest in Brother Stair.  Don’t miss how he placed Satan as equal to God.

Perhaps the Overcomer just doesn’t realize it themselves what Brother Stair is actually saying.  Or that it’s impossible to find a service to air where Brother Stair doesn’t expose himself for who he and his father are (John 8:44-45).

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  1. Proverbs 10:26 “As vinegar to the teeth and as smoke to the eyes so is the sluggard to them that send him.” James Rice informed us “It wasn’t time yet” when pressed for an explanation as to the last prophecies that failed. Stair the sluggard “slothful, idle” was never prompt or accurate about any date. The timing was off or failed completely. In addition to this he never worked on the land or had any chores. The only thing he was caught doing was viewing porn in his air conditioned radio room and when he had to give an answer to that stated it was strong meat that he could handle since he wasn’t like weaker brothers. No one with integrity or virtue would continue to support or validate a wicked man unless they have the same spirit of wickedness. Any prayers made are an abomination if it includes reverence and honour to Stair. No one who thinks Stair is an acceptable substitute for Jesus Christ is saved. They aren’t the sanctified set apart elect. They would have us believe they are chosen and we are rejected but Jacob fled with nothing and Esau stayed with everything.

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