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August 2021

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Leave your August 2021 notes and quotes below for the Overcomer Ministry Broadcast of the former Last Day Prophet of god Brother R.G. (Ralph Gordon) Stair.  Now under the presumed leadership of Pastor Rice who is under the control of the handlers, Dennis and Rose Larivee.

Please include the day & time in (Eastern Time or GMT) of the related report.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on changes to the Form please let us know via email or post them in the Suggestions, Ideas, Improvements forum.

Thanks go out to all of those who support us and participate in this forum.

Remember, this is the month that Brother Stair's Last 45 Days begins and the dead will rise and be with us for the 45 Days until Jesus returns in September at the Feast of Trumpets.  Or so according to the Prophet of God Brother R.G. Stair.

We will soon see what kind of a prophet he was (for those that don't already know) and whose prophet he was/is... since, as Pastor Rice said, he still speaks.

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Not much attention is being given to the old stuff being repeated.  The call-in number after this mornings service (about 1315) was an old one again.

The congo relocated from Henryetta do make the Prayer Services sound like prayer services, usually with Pastor Rice there to oversee the worship.  No one is filling in duty time with long Scripture readings.  I think I haven't heard Jacky's voice for a while.

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