Passover 2021 – Sabbath Service – April 3, 2021 – Bro Stair

Bro Stair groping sisters in Tabernacle Service
Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Passover 2021 – Sabbath Service – April 3, 2021 – Bro Stair
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Last Updated on April 8, 2022 at 4:12 pm ET

What should have been the Tenth meeting of the 2021 Passover Weekend Gathering Services at the Overcomer Ministry with Brother Stair, the Prophet of the Overcomer Ministry preaching at the Overcomer Tabernacle in Canadys SC.  Has turned out to be as vacant as the fifth service.

Due to Brother Stair’s ill health, they chose to forgo any Services for those he spent months gathering.  Instead, all eyes (on the Farm anyway) were turned to the Prophet who seems to have planned all this for his death before them. 

[UPDATE: See The Last Day of the Last Day Prophet as Brother Stair died later this day.]

All minutes were removed because of the Prophet’s silence.

We were graced with an older clean unaltered airing (aside from the added ominous tone) of the 1987 Prophecy which we will present as today’s audio.  But first, we provide some current context.

The Last Days of the Prophet of God

Brother Stair’s only remaining satellite community, Grace Community had been in attendance but has returned to Oklahoma.  Pastor Rice could have stayed and preached – but that wasn’t done.  Showing that the body of Christ and all those listeners – who are his financial supporters – are not important and are left in the dark.

So Brother Stair’s extended family of followers has been left in the dark.  This is what happens when you follow the blind (Matt 15:14).  Is this what we were expecting from the man we were looking to to inform us of these times?  Even today, we have had over 5 different people from the Overcomer visit this site, looking for information that even they’re not getting perhaps?  You wouldn’t think that they would be expecting us to have more information, would you?  Are they being kept in the dark too?  Or are they wondering if news of his death has leaked out yet?  We’re not officially telling yet.  As perhaps the Overcomer’s new overlords going to pretend that nothing’s happened?

Are they going to lose their protector who is to block the authorities from coming for them?

Are God’s words to the prophet going to fail, in causing him to outlive his enemies, and he’s got lots of them according to him.  Lately, there’s Steve, Link, Stan, and the River.  Not to mention the hundreds that have left him.  [The prophet failed in these words on this very day]

It will be interesting to see what unfolds.  Whether Walter will shell out more millions to keep the broadcast going for the six months following Brother Stair’s death that would bring about their expected return of Jesus.  Or to see how the Community Farm tears themselves apart fighting over control and who will establish themselves as the new prophet.  Perhaps someone will grab the mantel of the prophet and take over controlling the broadcast.  Might be a woman, perhaps his live-in concubine Rose?

Whether this happens sooner or later, it’s going to happen someday.  So get ready for the drama.  Some like to report that Brother Stair is recovering [more lies to keep people in the dark because Bro Stair died later this same day], yet we’re still left in the dark.  Muck like the way it took them five hours to start airing an old Service.  That would have been more appropriate to air during Service time.  But this goes to manifest the fruit of confusion that is prevalent over the Overcomer Ministry (1 Corinthians 14:33-34;  Matthew 7:15-20).

We were graced today with an older clean unaltered airing (aside from the added ominous tone) of the 1987 Prophecy which we will present as today’s audio.

Notice, if you will, how these words he spoke are so applicable TO Brother Stair.

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And it’s time that I must move against… those within her ranks who call their self, “My people”.  I established within your borders [communities] the people of God: men and women of integrity and righteousness and morality.  I caused your influence to reach around the world [via shortwave radio], until the whole world marveled at your success and your prosperity; but My dear friends, I the Lord thy God remind you: that in the same scripture verse that I have declared unto you where “Righteousness shall exalt a nation,” I have went one step further, and I have declared that sin, sin, would be a reproach to ANY people [yes, even the Overcomer]. 

Now your sin, your sin [Brother Stair] so outwardly committed, so unashamedly performed in the midst of thee [in the Community], has caused I the Lord thy God to look away from thee.  I can no more look upon you.  You are so sinful.  You are so wicked I have pled with you for years [sending Brothers to confront your sins, as the River did].   But did [Brother Stair] heed My call?  Have you heeded My voice?  No, you have progressed yourself to the place where you have banished My voice from all of your lifestyleYou have removed Me, from your pulpits and your churches.  And now you are even moving to remove My voice from out of the holy scriptures [by adding your own], and you have chosen to twist them and to wrestle them to say the thing that thou hast wanted them to say [check any Service or Teaching]. 

Your appointed time, your time of destruction, your time of reaper, reproof, your time of being brought down is now, yea, presently being fulfilled.  Your destruction is being planned, the weapons of warfare are being prepared to destroy youSin has been allowed to progress to such a degree that it is almost impossible to find a righteous soul within the ranks [who is left who walks in holiness on the Farm, or even can or wants to?]. 

Oh, I speak against thee [Brother Stair], thou [Brother Stair] hast rebelled against Me.  You have allowed sin to become prevalent.  You have taken from the minds of the children My word.  You have refused to allow them to believe in My creative power.  You have rebelled.  And now I remind you of a word that I have spoken through My prophets of the old [the real prophets].  I will laugh at you when your fear comes; and I will mock you at your calamity; thou shalt see what the might of your defense shall do in the hands of your enemies now; for they do not fear thee any more

Yea your immorality, your godlessness, your disrespect, your pollution of righteousness and truth and integrity has now crept around the world and they no more fear thee.  Yea they are looking at thee with disdain.  I have blessed you and you have polluted My name.  You have polluted My name not only within the borders of your [community], but you have polluted it around the world [via shortwave radio], until the name of God is now blasphemed among you [by you]. 

Oh [Brother Stair], what have you done?  You have brought the Almighty God down to a mere man [you’re now greater than Jesus].  You have embarrassed Me to the rest of the world.  You used My name and you used My power, and you used My blessings.  You have become wealthy and you have used My power to coerce and to and to pollute the rest of the world [merchandised them via shortwave radio]. 

You have used the wealth that I have placed within thy hand and you have polluted it because you have used it for your own selfish, and worldly, and ungodly and earthly gains.  And I am saying unto you  this day that you wealth now shall be turned into poverty, your blessings into curses.  You have allowed within the borders of thy [community], under the guise of freedom [grace], every sin that is so despicable that even I cannot speak to them.  Oh you have allowed homosexuality [sodomy].   You will not allow them to read the Bible, you will not allow them to pray, but you have banished My word and My Spirit from your system, and you’ve allowed the spirit of Hell, and witchcraft, and demology to creep in, and I say unto you it is enough. I the Almighty God have declared “it is enough.”  Then on top of that, you have become a very religious

And [he] sets [himself] up as a representative of God.  And [he] practices idolatry and heathenism in, bold, bold, blasphemy against I the Lord thy God.  And I have spoken judgment to you, I have said that you should come out of her My people; but instead, you have brought her in unto you, and now you are committing adultery, spiritual adultery, you are unfaithful to Almighty God. 

You [Bro Stair] have distorted My holiness.  You have distorted My perfection.  You have distorted My Godliness through your religious creeds, and your traditions, and you have permitted to come even into the protestant ranks now, you have given yourself all sorts of names but the spirit of the whore is upon you.  Call yourself [prophet, the voice of God, Son of Man, …] you all have your little… Popes and your governing bodies and you have removed My spirit from the midst of thee.  And you have refused to obey My word when I have said, “let there be no divisions among you.”  

Now you have gone past the point of no return.  Warnings have meant nothing to you.  You are persistent in your determination to live your ungodly, sinful, lustful, passionate lives.  You have said no to God.  You have said no to My word.  You have done despite to the spirit of grace.  You have blasphemed the Holy One of Israel.  You have crucified Him afresh and anew.  You have spilled Hid blood one more time by your blatant open sins and I will not tolerate it no longer, saith God. 

I will take your enemies that I have prepared a table for you in their presence in the past.  I will smash that table and I will place you into their hands and they shall take charge of thee.  They shall move in the midst of thee.  You desire to serve the god of this world, than I shall give you that strong delusion.  I shall send unto you that which YOU have foreordained and chosen, and I shall see that YOU are damnedYou have chosen the way of death, and the way of death you shall go.  Now death is in your land It shall begin at the very top

Have you hearkened unto Me?  Did you not realize that I would not allow this to go on?  You have counted My long-suffering as slackness.  You have ignored My words of warning.  Have I not declared unto you that vengeance is Mine I will repay saith the Lord?  What have you done?  You have mocked Me, and I have told you, I would not be mocked.  I have told you that if you continually sow to the flesh, you would of the flesh reap corruption

Now hear Me, hear Me.  I am going to, bring you [Brother Stair] down.  You are going to witness it with your own eyes.  The anti-Christ system is going to rise as Satan knowing his time is short, and I am going to remove the restraints from him.  I am going to remove the hindrances from him and he is going to move.  He is going to reveal himself, and he is going to demand that all worship him; and because you have blinded your eyes and you have already accepted his spirit, you will follow and you will follow into destruction

Come out, come out and be not a partaker of [his] sinsYou cannot continue to support [his] false church system.  You cannot My people continue to support the religious system of [Brother Stair].  It is corrupt.  It is corrupt; they are blind leading the blind.  You must separate yourself.  You will only be in unity by My Spirit.  You will come in oneness by the Holy Ghost.  You will come into that, that perfect body by the crucifying of your flesh, by the separating yourself from these worldly things, and setting your affections on things above.  My little children, My little children, come unto Me.  Come unto Me.  Hear My voice [not the voice of another].  I call unto thee. I call unto thee, come, come. 

You have argued, you have squabbled over your pet doctrines [fighting against the congregation’s lack of acceptence].  I have told you in the past and I tell you even now that the foundation of God, it standeth sure.  There is not going to be another foundational doctrinal truths [but that doesn’t stop Bro Stair from making them].  It is built upon the apostles, and the prophets, and Jesus Christ, the chief Cornerstone.  There is only one faith, one Lord, one baptism, one church, one way, and one God; and you must come that way.  Let us lay aside every weight and every sin that doth so easily beset us.  Run with patience now the race that is just before you, that you might endure and attain the prize.  Oh, quit your squabbling. 

You have delayed already too long.  You have allowed the holiday seasons [Feasts] to one more time intervene in your life and move you again away from your course, from your pressing into the Kingdom.  You must redeem the time Wake up!  Wake up Christendom! Wake up children of God! 

You [Brother Stair] have walked before Me in total, complete rebellion and disregard to My words of holiness.  You have spurned My cry of love.  You have rejected My offer of mercy.  You have walked in your own ways.  I have spoken softly, I have cried aloud [sending brothers to turn you].  And you said [I] will not listen.  [I] will not do that which He has asked [me] to do [in fact, I will cast out those who even try],  You think I have not heard you?  You honor Me with your lips but your heart is far from MeWith your mouth you worship Me, but in your deeds, in your lifestyle, in your actions, in the way you live, you [Brother Stair] dishonor Me

You [Brother Stair] have even gone farther than that, you have embarrassed Me.  You have used My name and you have lived in such FILTH.  You have practiced such unholy lifestyles.  Think of it, some of you dishonoring your bodies amongst yourself in homosexual liaisons [alliances] [sodomy] and many adulterous states, and then you get up and say it doesn’t matter to Me, a holy God.  Then you use My name and justify it.  Think of it.  You lie, you tell not the truth, and I have heard your blasphemy.  I have heard your arrogance, and I have had enough of it.  I shall bring it to an end

I am going to bring My purchased church, My redeemed ones, those who have loved Me, and those who have given their lives for Me, and those who have denied themselves for My cause, and I am going to reward them.  I am going to allow them to see Me deal with judgment upon you, and then I am going to restore them into the Kingdom with Me.

But any prophet who falsely claims to speak in my name or who speaks in the name of another god must die. If the prophet speaks in the Lord’s name but his prediction does not happen or come true, you will know that the Lord did not give that message. That prophet has spoken without my authority and need not be feared.
(Deut 18:18-21, 22 NLT)

“Behold, I am against the prophets,” declares the LORD, “who use their tongues and declare, ‘The Lord declares.’ (Jer 23:31 NASB)


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