Sabbath Service – February 20, 2021 – Bro Stair

Bro Stair Overcomer Tabernacle
Sabbath Service – February 20, 2021 – Bro Stair

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The sad problem of those who listen to Brother Stair is that they do not apply the scriptures to him.  They just stick him into the holes he tells them he fits into but they do not use the whole counsel of God’s word and apply it to his actions and words.  This is likely because they have been given a strong delusion from God because they did not love the truth but rather the lies that were told them by Brother Stair (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12).

Interestingly, it’s when Brother Stair is speaking smooth flattering words that these people think that he is the most trusted and speaking the greatest truth (2 Peter 2:18).  This is his deception (Pr 26:28).

The Service ended, as it often does, dropping back into the broadcast at a point that gives us a sign.  It’s included at the end of the Service (with added perspective – putting Brother Stair into the scriptures).  But so you don’t have to wait for it we’ll include the clip here.

Some notes provided us on today’s Service:

[We’ll work on corrections as some quotes may not be completely accurate]

  • You don’t know.
    • What they don’t know apparently is that Brother Stair doesn’t want the Body of Christ talking amongst themselves.  No ministering should be going on.  That’s the sole job of the prophet, and we see the great job he’s doing.
  • You love yourself
    • Not to be confused with Brother Stair’s love of himself and refusal to deny himself his sexual pleasures (which we talk of in a moment in regards to the River).  If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, For whosoever will save his life shall lose it (Matt 16:24-25).


  • My God, I’m a perfect example of the word of God coming to pass.
  • I keep thinking about the scripture.  I don’t know the scripture.  You’re in the scripture.
  • Anybody have the Ahab spirit?  How about the Judas spirit?
  • You see that...  [boasting of his scripture recalling, yet has to have it read]
    • [Defind a Pharisee and it describes himself]
  • The Pharisee stood, praying to himself.
    • [This perfectly describes Bro Stair]
  • God, I think you.
    • [Brother Stair’s boasting words can be interjected in all this]

But you have trampled and crushed beneath your feet the lowly of the world, and deprived men of their God-given rights, and refused them justice.
No wonder the Lord has had to deal with you!
(Lamentations 3:34-36  TLB)

  • To Hell with those who are not here.
  • I’m not like other men
  • Rose helps him put his paints on
  • Luke 18:10 Put yourself in that first part.
  • The Christ in me is the same.  The calling on me is the same.  They won’t budge.
    • Nope, his own house doesn’t believe it
  • I wonder what these folk are waiting for?
    • Repentance perhaps?
  • Brother Best give me a call.
  • I didn’t know I came here to work…  Double time, over time.  Blah blah blah blah
  • Has to do with one thing that is so vitally important to you.
    • [Best calls – he thinks]
  • Dealing with Bro Best for…
  • Go ahead just sit there just do it.  You’re not going to change when I talk to you.
  • Praise the Lord…
    • [mockingly saying it like 90s cartoon characters Beeves & BH]
  • If this isn’t the personification of humanity today.  The Pharisees said within himself, I like myself.  I’m not like others.  I’m not an adulterer.
    • [this IS Brother Stair]
  • The publican couldn’t even lift up his eyes
    • [this isn’t Brother Stair]
  • Profound question here.  Look at them.  Jesus asked a question.  I’m in the Bible.  Gino don’t tell me that question is not there.  It is there!  Wow!
    • It’s not in the Bible though he continues to insist it is.  This time no one finds it for him – because what he’s saying is not in the Bible – they can’t.  Jesus did not ask a question or say what he’s inferring.
  • You’re gonna make me a liar.  Damn you it’s there.   All you fine…
    • It’s now become their responsibility to do his preaching research as he is doesn’t.  He needs them to prove him right when they can’t.
    • He wants to lie and for them to swear to his lie being the truth.
    • They are not the ones making him a liar – his own lies make him a liar.  Yet they get damned for his lies.
  • I won’t back away from it.  Which of the two when to his house justified?
    • No, he won’t back down, he’s implacable.
  • Wow, you damn wicked hard heads….
    • He’s angry at them because they can’t find what he thinks is in scripture.  How did it become their responsibility?
  • The story’s there, it has to be with being justified.  Justified freely.
  • When He comes He’s going to justify our living like this.
    • God will in no way justify the wicked (Exodus 23:7)
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  • I remember years ago at the old fashion repentance service
  • 1970’s when we switched from the Martin Luther era to the Healing Era.
  • Told you when we came here how…
  • I just got kicked out of St George.
  • Damn you (fool) what do I have to say…  Your dark eyes.  What is these dark eyes?  What is it?
    • It’s called without understanding
  • All week long now, I’m coming, I’m coming.  Hey Best there’s a better welfare system here than N.Y.
  • We’re drunk but not as you suppose.  I wish somebody…
  • Justified.  Which of these two men when to their house justified.
    • That’s not what it says.  Brother Stair is again mixing different scriptures.
  • I tell Sister Rose I won’t be around long.  Terry?
  • I must have quoted that scripture many times.  And you’s don’t like that part.  I would quote the first part.
  • Everyone in front of me would say, yeah that’s what you are a man of unclean lips.
    • Would they now…  Were you the same then as now?
  • We have enough places, on this little Farm as you call it
    • Perhaps Brother Stair would like it better if we would call it a compound
  • Hello…
  • [mocking] I hear that all the time, I’m listening, I’m listening. Hello…
  • Now, Brother Stair, you can’t expect all the people to come here.  I can expect 200.
  • See, I get calls like this all the time
    • Yet he wastes time in service to take them.
  • He shall turn to you for a testimony.  How… I ask you Peanut brains.
    • Good question.  When Brother Stair will not allow them to testify.  This is because they don’t want to testify about him.
  • Where’s Brother Connelly?  He’s going to Hell that’s where he’s at.  When someone goes another way…  I know that.
    • How does Brother Stair know that?  Certainly, he has gone another way, but he doesn’t think he’s going to Hell because of it.  So why does everyone else get a free ticket to Hell and Brother Stair is excluded?
  • The way is already made all you got to do is come and work.
  • And you folk, Hello…  Brother Ben.
  • He’s doing better by staying away cos now he sends me money every week.
  • [mocking them]  You don’t do me right.
    • Quick, someone get him a mirror.


  • We have enough place here, more furniture, food.  All we got to do is serve the Lord, and do it with gladness of heart
    • [Lord = Brother Stair]
  • If I would give you the opportunity to join this place so that you get credit for doing it . No man can join.  Ananias is that all of it?
  • Ananias and Sephora we not cut-off because they kept back part of the price.  Because they lied.  Read it!
    • This is the opposite of what Brother Stair has previously taught, that they held back part of the price was the reason, he preached this to get more money.
  • How many of you folk lying?  We’ll God brought me there.  You’re just not going to budge are you?
  • You lied I saw a picture of you and that little girl.  No, I did not.  I did not grope her.  Wow!
    • His “Wow” is him witnessing that even his own people don’t agree with him on that.  All you have to do is look at the thumbnail we have to see this.  You don’t even need to watch the video it’s so obvious.
  • A bastard does not enter in.  When I first read that in scripture I didn’t want to read it.
    • Seems Brother Stair has a list of scriptures yet he didn’t get Luke 18 on it.
  • You want to show out?  Boy are you haughty!
  • Everybody knows how you’re clean.  By the word.  I’m a word preacher.
  • Boy you hard folk.  These words don’t get you.
    • He wants the words he reads to get them by he ignores the words that get him.
  • I promise you your family is not blessing you.
  • What kind of life did you live before?  Yes you did!
  • Hello… hello, hello…
    • [Trying to take a phone call]


  • There’s so much wrong today.  Just wrong in the way you’re living.
  • I remember some days ago.  My friend Chris.  I’m not going to receive your loud mouth, your money…
    • Mockingly calls Brother Chris his friend.  The same Brother Chris who was the sole support of his ministry for many years.  Now excommunicated because Brother Chris confronted him about groping the sisters at the River.  We see here Brother Stair’s love of himself and refusal to deny himself his sexual pleasures.  If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, For whosoever will save his life shall lose it (Matt 16:24-25).  What shall [Brother Stair] give in exchange for his soul? (Mark 6:37).  Sexual pleasures it appears.

My heart is breaking over what is happening to the young girls of Jerusalem
(Lamentations 3:51  TLB)
They persecuted the priests and elders who stayed true to God
(Lamentations 4:16  TLB)

  • One day God said don’t take any more money from Chris.  I didn’t know that [x3]
    • Or was it because Brother Stair sent him to the River and wanted his money to support the River?  Or did Brother Chris just stop giving money to Brother Stair because he cut them off and cast them out of the Farm?  I will remember his deeds which he doeth, prating against us with malicious words: and not content therewith, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and forbiddeth them that would, and casteth them out of the church (3John 1:10). 
  • I remember one day I walked out…
  • God Damn this house!  I told you I …  You hear me?
  • I told you you ain’t gonna get a job. I did tell you that!
  • She can’t get her inheritance cos she’ll give it to me.
  • A generation.  All night long God…  What generation is this Lord?  Well it’s the last.
  • Where have you heard anyone tell you this is the last generation?
  • Boy the word of God, it just doesn’t penetrate.
  • I know what I need to know.  There are very few ready to meet the Lord.  And I mean you, you, you, you.  I’m the prophet that God raised up…
  • Stop me Lord.  I’m weary with this nonsense.  But to die…
  • I’m not going to fight dying.  I’m not even gonna fight to live.
  • When God began to tell me I was the last day prophet…
    • Wait, I thought that was when he was 17?
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  • What I’ve been trying to say is we’re coming up to a Passover.
    • [Found old pictures]
  • Yes I did tell you!  You don’t owe me a dime preacher.
  • Black widow spider bit me.  You bunch of cowards.  Week kneed.  Why don’t you get the Hell out of here?
  • You’re gonna tell me you don’t know about that blood vein right there?
  • My mother told me about spider bites.  Damn you!  Why do you do that?  I’m telling you the truth.  Truth or not, that’s what it does.
  • They think we’re in bed all the time making love.  Shure would be nice.  [laughing]  He who sits on the circle of the earth shall laugh.
    • He’s saying it this way to test how she takes it, so he can advance it.
  • Hey Doc.  Come here Doc.   [Talks to Edward]  Edward checks my blood pressure.
    • Didn’t Brother Stair tell us a few weeks ago that he doesn’t go to Doctors?  Now we see why.  Because he has a resident one on his Farm.
  • You won’t budge will you?  God forbid you folks get excited…
  • I was a kid. Just turned 18.  How do you talk to this generation?  They know so much.
    • That’s HIS problem.
    • So Brother Stair has a tent and running the coast at 18?
  • When I’m dead it’s over with.  It’s over!  You people won’t have anyone to fuss at.
    • Someone has it backward as to where the fussing is coming from and to.
  • There for awile it was so narrow you could hardly get in, but He opened that gate to where we could get in.
    • Is that how we got to hug-ville?
  • Now don’t get excited about that Boy.
    • When he says “Boy”, and says it that way, it’s almost always a racial slur he’s applying.
  • [singing]  Hold it!
  • Several times God dealt with me in that old truck.  Finally got all the way to Flordia.
  • Remember the time when I had pain in my head.  Out of that house in Canada, walked over the hill…
  • Sister Eunice helped me with that.
  • Look it up.  Many young people die from it.  The pain is so excruciating…  Look it up!  I had it for well over 8 months.
  • Simon comes running after me one day.  Shall we stand!  [mad]
    • This is the point the Service was to be over… but he persisted in his rebellion and keep them after he said he was done.  Typical false words.


  • You don’t deserve someone…  Except you repent.
  • You preach the truth today people don’t believe it.  They don’t believe it.
  • This is an evil generation – they seek a sign.  The sign of Jonas the prophet.  They’ll be no sign.  But God promised a sign.  So why do you keep wanting to knock it down for?  Lift it high.
    • Again, lift high the Prophet.
  • This … on America is water.  God put a rainbow in the sky.  The Black folk use to say, last time water next time fire.
  • This place ain’t gonna.. when Jesus comes, He’s coming in flaming fire.
  • Like that?  That’s the way you’re gonna do it?  Hosanna…
  • I don’t want to know if you know about Him, do you know HIm?  Oh my God, they don’t know the scriptures.
  • They just don’t know the scriptures.
  • How many times you see me? … about dying?  For me to live is Christ.
  • See you folks don’t know the scriptures!
    • This would explain why they’re still there.
  • Unto them that know Him…
  • I’s here. I try to tell you folk what I deal with.  Anybody hear that call from St Louis, his name was Mark?
    • Referring to an old message he’s played this week.
  • What happened to Christopher?  Ask him.  His own judgment you know.  Brother Chris, what happened to him?  40 years.  God let me lead him through a wilderness.
  • I didn’t know that…  Shut the Hell up!
    • What they don’t know is what we mentioned above about his old friend Chris.


  • He that believeth not.  What you believing this morning.  Believe in the prophet?  Well if I know where he’s at.
  • That a boy Jerry.  You got up.
  • There is a generation, go read it, it’s the one you’re in.
  • Sister Burgess, where’s Quency at?  We have a trailer over there that Quency use to live in.  I didn’t know that!
  • Timothy, you were involved in that.
  • People forget so quick.  They forget.
    • Indeed!
  • Deuteronomy chapter 8 isn’t it?  You people just aren’t gonna help me are you?
  • Considering, beware. Beware! Thou shall consider all the ways…  Wow!
  • The chastening rod – the Overcomer Community.  A place where you can get corrected.
    • [gets them shouting]
  • I try to do my best that I don’t make BoBo’s anymore.   Say things and people hold me to them.
  • We can say next year.  Next year Messiah’s gonna come.
  • They tell me it’s gonna be another 5 years, that don’t go down with …
  • Not even with you.  [chuckles]  Yeah, she… I can tell you why this situation developed…  You won’t forsake your children, will you?  I heard you.  I heard you do it.
    • Yea, they opened their mouth wide against me, and said, Aha, aha, our eye hath seen it (Psalm 35:21)
  • I could put him in there.  There’s another bedroom in that place.  Hey Boy, you ready to move?
  • We’re gonna have a Gathering here.  I’m kinna bummed.  200 people living on these grounds.  They come with baggage.  I get them out of debt they don’t want to admit it.
  • Tim Buttler owed taxes.  He was a patriot.
  • When are you folk gonna get the mind of Christ?  When are you going to do it?


  • What are you Damn Folk!  You won’t budge, will you?  Will you?
  • I got him upset at me in the Dining Hall.  You’re not upset at me Mike?
  • He’s got some kind of father.  He’s never stood in that man’s way, at all.
    • This is the kind of family Brother Stair honors, the ones that have no concern for their children’s spiritual welfare – just like Brother Stair with his children.
  • You mean God can save an old daddy Irishman?  You stiff-necked.  You stubborn.
  • [boastng himself of phone calls]  Never heard a preacher like that in all my years.
  • The bus only cost $160, I wonder why he tells me that?
  • I wish somebody understood the working of God.
    • Would they be there if they did?
  • Thank God for PayPal.
  • Oh Brother don’t be upset, she’ll give you a hug too.  Now if I get through this weekend.
    • He says that every time he hugs. Why?  Does he somehow know that what he’s doing is wrong?
  • I’m going to shame you to glorify myself.
  • What was the offering yesterday?  $10  [laughs]  What the day before?
  • There’s no way you can survive this ministry on those kinds of offerings.  There’s not one station…
  • Damn you … It doesn’t impress you folk.
  • I even opened a reserve account for you.  I paid that one too.
  • Save your soul from Hell.  Wow!  Wow!
  • Listen, where you finding all that stuff from. 
  • See my picture?  Anit’ I good looking?  Been a ladies’ man all my life.
    • Has Rose dug up Teresa’s old photos as she now lives in Brother Stair’s house?
  • Go with God.
  • [TAKES OFF MIC.  DEAD AIR for over 1 full minute]
  • [Airs The Jesuits “The Ministers of Satan]
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Brother Stair, the Prophet of the Overcomer Ministry preaching at the Tabernacle in Canadys SC.

37 minutes of silence removed.

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