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There seems to be a curious relationship here with the Overcomer.  I do not see any frequency for broadcasts on its Global 3 but it is on the internet 24/7.   

There are transmissions on Sat.-thru Mon., none from national sources, the I Am (St. Germain) followers occasionally, and no program guide on the station's home page.  Stair never mentions this station, internet listeners to it would not show up in his country counter.

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Yes, it was, and probably still is, owned or run by one of Bro Stair's nemesis' who turn back to airing him in the early 2000's.  I see that WWRB lists him but the Overcomer website does not list WWRB.  That is likely an old program guide on WWRB and perhaps they have change the frequency for Global 3, as that happens seasonally.  Or they realized what manner of person he is.

We have been informing stations like WWRB about RG's current situation - which he's misleading stations in convincing them that it's all blowing over.   Many of the stations the Overcomer is on are owned by iHeart Radio.  It would be good for everyone to contact them and all the stations he lists to inform them of his situation, and send them some links like the one that got him arrested.

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