Friday Evening Service – December 29, 2000 – Bro Stair


Friday Evening Service – December 29, 2000 – Bro Stair
Friday Evening

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While Brother Stair’s current pride and incessant blasting may seem like something new, this Service from 2000 will show differently. 

Brother Christopher brought a message this evening but this is just the two hours that Brother Stair had to get in.

Brother Stair might not be using the ‘N’ word like he did in these years (and in this service) but he has certainly waxed worse and worse in his foaming out or his sexual perversions and hatred towards God’s people in the last decade.  Realize that this Service is from 2000,  back when he was believed to be without sin.  Therefore these followers would put up with his blasting because they thought (because RG Stair taught) that Bro Stair was better than them and walked without sin

While today he has no excuse for his arrogant attitude and his narcissist hatred for God’s people he still goes on in his rage.  Listen to how his wicked ways have always been there.

Friday Evening Service 2000.12.29 – Bro Stair (only cut)

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