Sabbath Service – Nov 13, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

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Sabbath Service – Nov 13, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]
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Last Updated on November 14, 2021 at 9:52 pm ET

Just over an hour in Brother Stair goes to gibberish leaving another long awkward moment that Sister Burgess jumps in to take control over and starts singing.  Perhaps the callers should be expecting her to take charge rather than Pastor Rice.  Or perhaps someone should tell them that she is so loud throughout the service that she is louder and clearer than Brother Stair.  Perhaps she is the preacher?

In the midst of preaching about God’s bride that He is purifying for His marriage when the Kingdom comes, Brother Stair says marriage isn’t going into the Kingdom, it’s a failed process

If you don’t see what’s wrong with that then you’re blind and nothing I can say will help.


If you can stand to listen to the nonsense then please post some comments about what you heard.  It’s more that I want to pollute my ears with today.


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1 thought on “Sabbath Service – Nov 13, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

  1. Without Rice or another speaker to address those listening, I decided to randomly start and stop at different places to see if I could find a few things. At 58 Stair doubts they’re all Christians, run your mouth all day and it means nothing “Lord Lord” Stair has a talent for highlighting his own condemnation while under the impression it applies to others. At 1:07 Stair laments the lack of respect due to his status. This is immediately followed by a long 5 minute recess from 1:08- 1:13 while Stair either has a bathroom break or sits to catch his breath. This is when Conchita and others sing. It’s strange no one else was available to step up but Stair is dead set against anyone thinking they can usurp him and more then likely no one wanted to be in his crosshairs for making this a smooth transition. No. Better to look awkward and disorganized rather then a well run and unified front. At 2:00 Stair says God reveals whether someone is a Christian by giving him a revelation, by giving him a witness. He again
    states your big mouth means nothing. At 2:01 Stair said there is doting about of words (Bro. Stan had a recent message on doting about of words on Truth Blaster) and we just hate that verse because we just know SO much. I’m again amazed Stair is oblivious at his self reflection (the Emperor’s Robe) as he’s somehow convinced this is someone else even when he’s on speakers 24/7. I think I missed a lot by not listening to the whole 2 hours and 22 minute and 40 seconds long segment, but I found these observations by a quick perusal. Taking over 2 hours to hear Stair and his “doting of words” would take an exhaustive toll on anyone. All the more reason to appreciate the dedication and resolve of this site to maintain a channel to contrast the deviant lack of moral and Biblical standard of righteousness found at the Overcomer Ministry in the event a few look for truth and explanations elsewhere.

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