Sabbath Service – June 19, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

Pastor James Rice
Pastor Rice
Pastor Rice
Sabbath Service – June 19, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

Last Updated on Thu July 8, 2021 @ 12:20 pm

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 at 12:20 pm ET

Today Pastor Rice got in a 30-minute ramble after Service – whether they liked it or not.  He chastises those who don’t respond and act like he thinks they should.  This is Rice’s covert way of manipulating people.  Pr Rice’s ending message is also listed as a separate podcast here.

Pastor Rice is slowly taking on the same demeaning characteristics of Brother Stair against God’s people -very un-Pastor-like.  Interestingly, Pastor Rice’s message after service is more popular here than Brother Stair’s service.

Pastor Rice mentions that there are those there that do not associate with the current ones in power or keep to what was expected of all.  Some do not go to these Services or continue playing the game of all things continue as they were, which brings on Pastor Rice’s admonition against them. 

Instead of admitting they have followed a false prophet and false teacher they rush headlong into even greater error and establish their own errors (Rom 10:3).  And those that don’t are not fleeing as they should (Rev 18:4) but hiding away as if this indignation will somehow pass over (Isaiah 26:20-21).

“I was a minister to the Man of God.”

Pr Rice was an enabler of the man who wasn’t of God.  Rice has one thing right in that he ministered to Brother Stair and enabled and hid his corruption, and in that, he did not minister to the body of Christ

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Neither did we hear Brother Stair rebuke Pastor Rice, Bro Stair would side with him against the people of God.  It’s no wonder that Pr Rice has the same view of God’s people as Brother Stair did.  That any “man of God” could now claim Brother Stair as a “man of God” is an admission of blindness, deceit, and that one has no knowledge of “God” or His word.

“It’s because of this spiritual opposition.”

Pastor Rice is again speaking like  Brother Stair in stating this as to why it’s so hard getting up to speak to these people – sound familiar?

“I’m not concerned about pecking order.”

Yet he’s been establishing his order in the peck.  He’s also showing us the fighting and schisms that are going on at the Overcomer Farm now since Brother Stair’s demise.

Those at Grace Community are feeling overwhelmed and sounds like they aren’t eager to move to the Overcomer Farm with all its iniquity and power-tripping going on.


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  1. Well, this isn’t a surprise to people who left. We saw this coming.If you don’t pay eye service with your outward appearance to Pastor Rice to suit him you can now remove your (lazy, etc) self out of the service. Of course he couples this by several minutes of informing all there are no titles or positions which means in doublespeak there definitely are, but I just want you all to be equal at the bottom and me in charge over all of you. Of course in his mind this is a completely reasonable expectation. He waited on Stair for years and apparently feels he paid his due. Yup, shove on over Overcomer Community. Ready or not here here he (Pastor Rice) comes! This is actually starting to get interesting with July right around the corner.

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