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Prophet Stair Back In Criminal Scope

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The Colletonian reports - 2017

“Prophet Stair Back In Criminal Scope”

“During the last 20 years,
Stair has been investigated by numerous local and state agencies on various charges of related to infant deaths and criminal sexual conduct.
These criminal cases against Stair specifically include 

  • a 2013 traffic charge that was disposed of; 
  • a 2004 case of assault and battery, where Stair pleaded guilty in General Sessions Court; 
  • a second 2004 charge of assault and battery, where he also pleaded guilty
  • a 1998 charge of speeding;
  • a 2002 charge of breach of trust/fraud
  • a 2004 charge of criminal sexual conduct
  • and a 2004 charge of the unauthorized removal of a dead body.”

Read the full article here


“The DOW will never go above 10,000” - Brother Stair 2003

“The DOW will never go above 10,000”
-Brother Stair (2003)

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World Population:
Jesus Christ is coming in your lifetime."
'The population will never reach 7 billion before Jesus comes'
'The population will reach 7 billion in 2013. We will never get that far [before Jesus returns].'
-Brother Stair (Dec 2003)

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