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Welcome to RG Stair .com  Our goal is to show forth the genuine Brother R.G. Stair The Last Day Prophet of God and the Overcomer Ministry located in Canadys, South Carolina (SC) [formally located in Walterboro, SC] (USA).

RgStair.com is here to present the truth regarding Brother R.G. Stair and the Overcomer Ministry.  Proclaiming the ministry of the 7th Angel Messenger, Prophet Brother R.G. Stair and the Overcomer Ministry in Walterboro, SC (USA).  All statements herein are true - these are not rumors, conjecture, or rants.  Our goal is to magnify The Sign just as Brother R.G. Stair desires.  So herein are some of the details regarding Brother R.G. Stair and the Overcomer Ministry.  What the Overcomer Ministry is, what it believes, what it represents, its goals, and where it is headed.  Since this pivots on what Brother Stair believes, his doctrines and teachings.   This is the history of one man called into the Wilderness.  The genuine truth behind prophet Brother R.G. Stair – cutting through all the mud-slinging and hype to make clear who he is and what his ministry is.  We are here to clarify the teachings of Brother Stair and how they fit in scripture.

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