Hearing Happenings

Brother Stair had a hearing before the magistrate in Colleton County on 13 Feb 2018.

This hearing was to determine if there is enough evidence or probable cause to go to trial.

It may have gone better for Stair if he would have decided it was important enough to attend.

Harve Jacobs of TV-5 in Charleston SC covered the hearing. 

WCSC TV-5 has a short morning report - Preliminary hearing scheduled Tuesday for alleged Colleton Co. cult preacher

We will keep you informed on the updates of the proceedings in another article.

Bro Stair was hoping they will not find enough probable cause for a trial and remove his GPS tracker and his restrictions for minors on his Farm and at his Tabernacle Services.  But don't think that this will end his ranting that he's still not free, as he will then direct it to his House and blame them for holding him back in their thoughts and not letting him have full control over them - just like he did in 2002.

It's possible that there will be new charges added, which may be enough to repeal his bond and land him back in jail until the trail.  Which is likely to take about a year before any trial starts.

With the recent push to go back on Shortwave (against his word on that part of his ministry having come to an end) Stair has been pleading for $15,000 to pay the bill.  Apparently, his over $900,000 of listener money given to pay for radio broadcasting is not enough to cover that, as he thinks it would be better spent keeping him out of jail.

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