Sabbath Service – Aug 21, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

Pastor James Rice
Pastor Rice
Pastor Rice
Sabbath Service – Aug 21, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

Pastor Rice started out trying to subdue the rising issues that have brought about confusion in light of Brother Stair’s death.  He wanted to make that it was evident in Brother Stairs’ teaching that he wouldn’t be with us at the end.  Then he put forth what Brother Stair did as a parent preparing their children for this time.  This is something that Brother Stair clearly did not do.

These children were and are in no way prepared for his death nor for this present time.  They are sheep without a shepherd (Mt 9:36).  Sheep that were led by a ravening wolf and given over to grievous wolves (Mt 7:15;  Acts 20:29-30).

Neither does Pastor Rice give any evidence of how Brother Stair supposedly did this.  He simply spins it to us keeping onKeeping on in the same error that was of no profit to its hearers is the definition of insanity (2Tim 2:14).  Brother Stair’s teaching was one of corrupt communication subverting the hearers (Eph 4:29  2Tim 2:14).  Should we keep on in that or turn away from that as scripture commands us (2Tim 3:5)?

Pastor Rice incessant saying I love you naming many brothers and sisters – is not love (Ps 28:3;  Jer 9:8).  This is the same nonsense that Brother Stair propagated.  Empty words to no profit to the hearers thereof (2Tim 2:14;  Pr 21:2;  Jer 9:5).  True love of the brethren comes from purifying your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit with a pure heart (1Pt 1:22).  This is not practiced at the Overcomer or in Pastor Rice, seeing as he is disobeying the truth of God’s word in favor of Brother Stair’s words (Jer 9:13-15).  You cannot have God’s love by doing that.  Those of us that have come out of her (The Overcomer) testify that the love of God was not in her – or Brother Stair (Rev 18:4;  Ps 28:5).

God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription:
“The Lord knows those who are his,” and,
“Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.”

(2Tim 2:19  NIV)

Pastor Rice got in 56 minutes today.

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Pastor Rice’s announcements that interrupt the broadcast remind us that you can also visit the website.  We keep visiting.  Still, nothing new to report.  The Overcomer Ministry website is not even telling us of any upcoming events.  So what is the reason to visit a dead website?  Interestingly enough, the icon Firefox has generated for the link to the Overcomer website is a Pause symbol.  Selah.  Put God in that!


3 thoughts on “Sabbath Service – Aug 21, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

  1. Anyone else hear James Rice mention his wife isn’t there around the 53 minute mark right before Spencer prays? Rice sounds discouraged as he reveals he invited her and was turned down. Perhaps she WAS listening to Stair when he said this,that and the other thing. When it didn’t come to pass she realized it was all a lie. It’s not faith to continue on in a lie once you find out the truth. Those of us who were there had the deep heartwrenching grief as we prepared to leave. Anyone who loves the truth cannot abide in a lie. I pray for her as she is obviously struggling. The spiritual warfare is real.

    1. So sad how she saw through Brother Stair and her husband wouldn’t take heed to his HELP-MEET that God gave him to help him to see clearly in these matters. Rice’s discouragement should be in the false words of Brother Stair who told him that “his wife would be restored to him”. So often it is the wife that sees through Stair when the men will not. It is Bro Stair’s teaching of the ‘shut mouth women with no say in any matter’ that propagates this in his men followers.

      Brother’s Nuss, Christopher, and Timothy’s wives all refused to live on the Farm with Stair and left. Fortunately, their husbands left with them, but sadly they continued to go to the Farm to services and to work.

      Rice says “The man of god had the foreknowledge to know that we would need to dwell together in unity.” Yeah, I suppose he’s talking about that ‘dwelling together unity’ described in the above sentence where women aren’t safe to be around said ‘man of god’ and flee for their lives. The only unity that Bro Stair brought about is the consensus of the 99% that fled from him.

      1. I’m glad you informed us. Stair only attempted to destroy marriages and families, his own and others. Isn’t this the second wife James Rice has that doesn’t want to associate with Stair? My own personal experience has been difficult having an arranged marriage by Baker with Stair’s permission. When I had second thoughts and concerns, Baker announced if I didn’t want to marry my husband but opted to remain single, I would be dropped off in the nearest town with enough money for a bus ticket. I was still under the snare of believing we were eternally damned if we left a Community under Stair’s covering so what choice did I feel I had? Marriage to a stranger OR eternal hell? Hmm… A few months later Baker shouted at me in the dining hall on the day he decided I should have sex for the first time. I sat there in stunned humiliation while any brother who should speak in my defense, that had any standing or spiritual calling or status sat in silence. Now, I have importunity because I have been in marriage to a man for 21 years who believes Stair was a prophet, a man of God, was forgiven and “spoke the most amount of truth then any other man he ever heard” Plus I use my own identity because everyone that was there when I was will remember I was shamefully entreated and none of them spoke up. I didn’t have a strong spiritual leadership over me and Stair knew exactly who to target because he was a bully and a coward deep within. I was told by Stair at Victory when he visited and made me the main course menu in the dining hall that I was brought there by God to kick me out in their sight to cause others to fear by the example. He had given a false promise to me ahead of moving there that I was given a fresh chance to start over when in actuality Pastor Roberts told me they had secretly conspired to kick me out before I ever got there. Wow! When you’re the “last to know” you were despised and seen as offscouring and finally realize how others truly saw you as chattel or as a disposable loser, it’s completely devastating. They really just wanted a component part (think if this what you want) for a hard working man completely under their thumb that would leave without any female they could quickly rustle up. Well, this is my testimony. This is my life. Would anyone like to tell me to shut up?

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