Sabbath Service – Aug 28, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

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Sabbath Service – Aug 28, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

Before Service, there was an interesting old Service aired.  We condensed the 15 minutes that were before today’s Service into 3.5 minutes for you.  Have patience, Sis Burgess will be done in a moment.

PreService Service

Brother Stair, in the usual fashion, is exalting himself and spouting lines such as “you serve the prophet then you’re serving God”.   Some of his lines may be better than today’s Service.

“Well, Brother Stair you don’t live life [as] an example.  Why Christ gave me an example and I’m the example to you.  He didn’t go through what you’re going through.  He went through worse than I’m going through.” 

Here we have Brother Stair stating that his example of sexual perversion and his abusive and cursing mouth are the example of Christ.  Thus since he is defending his behavior with Christ he hears them questioning him setting himself us as Christ and continues his retort. 

Notice how he states it.  He [Christ] didn’t go through what [Brother Stair] is going through.  Then realizing his twist he wiggles out of it with He [Christ] went through worse than I’m going through.  Which makes no sense to what he’s trying to say it that way, and shows that his example was intended to state that what Brother Stair was going through was worse than what Christ went through.  Thus Bro Stair deserves your pity and respect.

There is no point to have said it the way it turned out to be said.  This is what we need to realize in these things that Brother Stair says like this – and there are many.  Why didn’t they make sense?  Because they were intended to mean something else and to be said differently.  But he got caught trapped in his own Bobo’s

Witnessing the wicked fleeing when no one is pursuing him – it’s all in his own mind (Pr 28:1).

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“He was despised, He was rejected.  I don’t know if you people understand that.  I don’t know if you grasp that.”

I don’t think you people understand the despite and the rejection that comes from Brother Stair to those he excommunicates – like his good friend and the River.  But let’s forget and not talk about how the prophet treats you people, let’s just focus on the great prophet of God (Acts 8:9) and how everything you people do to him

Here again, we witness what we were speaking of before this.  We have here Brother Stair putting himself in the place of Christ and His sacrifices.  Thus we constantly hear him refer to the despite and rejection that he [Brother Stair] gets.  “I don’t know if you grasp that?”

The delusion that’s going on on the face of the Earth.  See none of these, none of these, prophecy sites, none of them, none of them, will mention the sign.  None of em.”

That’s the witness against him.  Because all matters require two or three witnesses (2Cor 13:1;  Deut 17:6, 19:15).  The fact that no one is looking for or believing that there is some person that is to be a sign should make us question why Brother Stair has made himself out to be the Sign (Acts 8:9).  Can you say Messiah Complex?  How about Jerusalem Syndrome

His false doctrine that Jesus said the Sign of Jonah was a prophet coming preaching a coming destruction was not what Jesus said about the sign of Jonah – at all.  It’s a total fabrication to exalt himself even greater (Acts 8:9).  In 1991 Brother Stair taught that the Jonah Sign was the ministry of the body of Christ.  That was not specific enough for him as he waxed worse and worse and so he took it upon himself to fulfill said signage.

“HELLO, PEANUT BRAINS!  HEY!  When the Hell are you people going to get converted and be transformed by the renewing of your minds?  So you can PROVE by your actions and reactions that He is Lord and that He is coming? When, when are you going to give it up and get right with God?”

Yeah, the preService Service may have been better than the actual one.  This is the same service where Brother Stair says “Christ does not condemn”.  Perhaps you need a refresher on that one.

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Only a stupid prince will oppress his people
(Proverbs 28:16  TLB)

“Oh, God!  Why can’t I manifest Your love?  Why do I gotta show Your anger?”

Because you’re manifesting the fruits of the god you’re serving?  The one who is angry at God’s people (Zech 3:1;  Rev 11:7).  This also explains why Brother Stair can never show God’s love.  The only manifestation of what he calls love is in sexual perversion and slandering (which he calls rebuke).  Which god is that from?


Brother Stair extracts his doctrine from songs in today’s preservice as if it were scripture.  At least that’s better than where he usually gets his doctrine from – demons (1Tim 4:1-3).

Today’s Service

Pastor Rice managed to get in with Sister Burgess when the shouting began at a quarter till today.  Still, we have to listen through the bad audio coming from the way the service is delivered to us – second hand.  It would be so easy for them to give the broadcast the dry mix without pulling it through the Tabernacle speakers for us to hear it through.

“If you’re hindering ME from doing what God tells me to do, you’re a weight.”

We get right into today’s Service with Brother Stair declaring that he’s going to have his way or you’re a weight that’s weighing him down.  He will therefore eventually excommunicate you.  Remember that Brother Stair says that everything that comes out of my mouth comes from the Throne of God, so when he asks for sexual favors it’s what God tells me.


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Today Pastor Rice has finally manned up enough to make a few declarations which are sure to be startling to some – especially the listeners that are leaving Phone Messages.  Commentary on Pastor Rice’s part of the Service is found on Sabbath Service – Aug 28, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service.

The question needs to be asked, today especially, why is the Overcomer Ministry airing an old out-of-date Service then having Pastor Rice speak afterward – when they are airing old Services all day???  It seems they are making clear who their idol is and not what is a current word for this present time to help the body of Christ.  One has to ask themselves what is the purpose of this ministry and who is it helping?  The answer to its purpose is clearly the continuing idolatry of Brother Stair, which answers the next question – it’s helping no one.

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We should note that Pastor Rice is continuing in the spirit of the lies that Brother Stair was under.  He says in the interruptions in the broadcast that they are in Walterboro, SC – they are not.  This is a lie and one that is there to inform the elect that this is the place of him that knoweth not God (Job 18:21).  Which was even a clip that Brother Stair made up and aired in the mid-2000s. 

It went like this: Alexander Scourby quoting Job 18:21 “this is the place of him that knoweth not God”.  Then adding WWCR’s top-of-the-hour announcement “This is the Overcomer Ministry”.  Giving us “This is the place of him that knoweth not God.  This is the Overcomer Ministry.”  He would run this in a loop several times.  Likely in his underhanded manipulation as a backslap to us but what Bro Stair failed to see is that verse says him (not he or they) him that knoweth not God.  And whose place is the Overcomer Ministry?  Of those who he kicked out or fled?  No!  It’s the place of Brother Stair.  He makes all the rules and gets all the jewels.  Surely such is the dwelling of an evil man (Job 18:21 NIV;  2Thes 1:8).  Because of the wicked in rule (Pr 29:2, 28:12), it has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird (Rev 18:2).


7 thoughts on “Sabbath Service – Aug 28, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service], Pr Rice

  1. I found this on YouTube. An excerpt quoted from “Diary of a Cult” by a man who lived on the Overcomer Ministry farm Community named Mark Murtomaki? Not sure of the spelling there. This quote was from Brother Dave Morrato one of R.G. Stair’s leaders. “YOU SEE, ON THIS FARM I AM BROTHER STAIR. WE’RE THE SAME. HE AND I ARE ONE. YOU’LL LEARN THAT I’M NEVER WRONG BROTHER, BECAUSE IF I’M WRONG THEN YOU’RE SAYING THAT THE PROPHET IS WRONG, AND IF THE PROPHET IS WRONG, THEN YOU’RE SAYING GOD IS WRONG AND THAT CAN’T BE. THE PROPHET BROTHER STAIR IS NEXT TO GOD, AND I’M NEXT TO THE PROPHET.” End of quote. This is the cult mindset we are dealing with and up against. This is the spiritual warfare. This is the snare and the binding of the flock by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This highlights who a son and who is a bastard. “EVERY SON HE RECEIVETH HE CHASTENS AND SCOURGES. IF WE RECEIVE NOT CORRECTION WE ARE NOT SONS BUT BASTARDS.” Bro Dave and Pastor Timothy placed their names on the land deed my father purchased with his hard earned income alongside my dad’s name. This was a piece of land adjacent to the existing Community but separate. After a short time Stair requested my father remove his name to prove he had given all and was not an Ananias or Sapphira by withholding a portion. Shortly after Stair contrived to evict my family giving them 2 weeks to leave or he threatened to call the sheriff and press trespassing charges. There was a brother who heard Stair and Dave speak privately when he was in a paint shed unaware of what would be discussed. He felt awkward to overhear but noticed they saw him. He kept quiet as he felt this was a test. Afterwards once he left, he was convicted and gave a testimony. Stair told Dave “I want the Duvals out and I don’t care how it’s done” well in advance of them being evicted and once he had taken what he wanted. Stair was covetous and a defrauder, and a whoremonger. The Tabernacle is built on that very same piece of land. The one they call a House of Prayer but is rightfully called a Den Of Thieves. When my father left he asked to speak to Stair and Stair burst on the scene in his usual vengeful angry demeanor. My dad held out his hand to shake Stair’s hand which was rejected. (Who didn’t see that coming?) My dad said, Brother Stair I wanted to say God bless you and thank you for giving us time to move. Stair became livid as he ranted I don’t want your blessing from your God. Get out!! And other hateful curses. In addition Stair didn’t want the trailer moved out by non Community members so my dad allowed Stair to have brothers move the trailer to be set up. The people in the world had given a price of $2500 to move and set up the trailer. Stair had offered to do it for free but renigged on his word and charged $5000. That is gross extortion, is it not? Anyway, I notice Stair only spoke of forgiveness for himself but liberally condemned and had a mouth full of cursing for others.

    1. Thanks, Sister Michelle. You bring out a point that many still want to overlook. Brother Stan mentions it. “If a ruler pays attention to falsehood (lies), All his ministers (servants) become wicked” (Pr 29:12 NASB (KJV)). Thus we have a Den Of Thieves, birds of a feather that are flocking together. Many don’t want to apply this to the likes of Bro Dave Morrato and others they liked. But there’s a reason that they stayed with RG. This may even go to the reason that some started with him. I believe it is the distance that Brother Chris had from RG that is the reason that he stayed so long.

      Their continuance in support of Bro Stair after the truth was revealed only furthers the lie (falsehoods) and causes others to think that nothing’s wrong. Even if they don’t support RG they should realize that their actions in staying support RG’s lies that nothing is wrong and all is forgiven and changed, and the leavers are all wrong and lying on me. This stops others from leaving because if Dave Morrato (Pastor Rice, Pr Timothy,…) didn’t leave then it must be fine.

      Brother David Jackson was above reproach in this. He was unafraid to speak the truth and let others know what was really going on. He was instrumental in getting almost half the people out of there. Then when his work was done – he left.
      Brother Chris (RG’s old friend) also headed the River’s leaving when he found out RG was still walking in his sexual perversions and forcing them on the sisters at the River. He confronted Stair to repent but he would have nothing to do with turning away from his chosen direction. Unfortunately, in RG’s church, one has to leave because it’s his cult and he’s not going to be put out. This is why he puts out those who start functioning in Matthew 18:15-18 and 1Cor 5:11-13 (3Jn 1:9-11).

      I know brothers that were only listeners who fled because of the fact that Bro David Jackson left. Though they doubted the rumors (that RG was saying were lies), they realized something was seriously wrong at the Overcomer if Bro David Jackson (his right-hand man) left. His testimony and witness helped God’s people. Unlike the testimony of Pr Timothy and Pastor Rice who still remain. They only serve to propagate destruction and lies in people’s lives. This is why RG loved to build up Sis Burgess in her shouting. Having her still supporting him after he raped her daughter made it appear to be a lie and helped his case (trial).

      That spirit you mention on Bro Dave Morrato we seen in all the prophet wannabes. Rick Bell being the worst. Dave might not have been a wannabe prophet but he loved to exercise control over (lord it over) the brothers and the way they did their work. You find that the preaching of these men was centered around straightening out what they wanted people to do – not on the gospel of Christ. Though I also know that Dave did not agree with RG’s actions and spoke of how the spirit on the Farm was lighter when RG was gone, and even called him an S.O.B. after he was revealed in 2001.

      If people just knew even a few of Stair’s underhanded dealings with money – like with your father – they would realize his love for money that he proclaims he is devoid of. He lied to WWCR and took them for tens of thousands a month when he was on a per diem basis. He loved to say he got everyone out of debt but all he did with many was ignore it and they had to deal with it when they left (Ps 35:10).

      Often those that leave have come to the light by witnessing things like the brother that heard Stair and Dave speak privately. His wicked ways eventually become evident to all (Pr 10:9, 26:26). It is for the reason that so many have left (99%) that everyone following him should seriously do their homework on Brother Stair and not be shut down by his lies about having a witness. God don’t play that game. That’s a false witness.

      His whole reason for a 501c3 is for keeping people’s money on the basis of a Church. A church which he alone dictated the actions and spending thereof – which is illegal for a 501c3 to do. He extorted the Skenandore’s and even overturned the jury’s decision of $750,000 (more than asked for because of the base nature of what he did) because of his 501c3 ‘Church’ status. All for the love of the cheapest thing god ever gave him – money. What RG always showed to be the cheapest thing God ever him was – by his actions – God’s people.

      Do you have a link to that video on YT?

  2. I found the excerpt from the diary by Bro. Mark on Alahamu YouTube from a video posted 8 years ago.I don’t know the exact video but believe the main theme was about a sister who had left Pastor Dowell’s Community and he had some items and refused to return them. I don’t agree with everything he (Alahamu) says but this comment was a witness to what I had heard Bro. Dave speak and lines up with how things are currently run (and were always run) at the farm to this day. Mike Rowland has several testimonies including the 1 from the brother (I believe he was in the paint shed) on

  3. I looked again to find that specific video. Alahamu YouTube 8 years ago. The heading is: Pastor Dowell cult leader for R.G. Stair. There were 210 comments. The excerpt from the diary written by a Bro. Mark is just a few down from the top. Sorry I’m not tech savvy but based on these directions you should find it quickly. I never had all that information about David Jackson. It was difficult to leave and start over especially for families. I heard a brother who had access to the radio room got a list of current supporters way back then in 2001 and upon leaving he sent them the information of Stair and his wicked ways. I also remember this brother was always mistreated and degraded. Working with and for Stair must have been miserable in close quarters. I can only imagine what the dining hall sessions were like once Stair discovered (too late) what this brother had done.

    1. Thanks. I got it.
      Yeah, there are many things that even those in the Overcomer circles do/did not know about because RG would suppress the truth (Rom 1:18). Brother Larry Hartley was vilified and lied on as the one who kept calling his cell phone while he was in service. Bro Larry never had his cell number. It was most likely his prostitutes calling him – like they would when he was in Jail. RG made it a point to demonize Bro Larry because he told RG that he was staying in Walterboro so that he could assist anyone wanting to leave the Farm. That enraged RG and he kept that knowledge from us all. Bro Larry did help several brothers with a place to stay and money to get on their feet.

      One brother that RG thought took his mailing list in 2002 was a former tech that he didn’t talk about much in the Dining Hall but when he did he accused him of being a homosexual. That was largely because he didn’t partake with RG in his porn addiction. The brother was certianly not a homo but being quiet and introverted RG likely convinced many that he was. RG did this kind of stuff all the time to bring division and keep people from trusting one another. The 7th thing that God hates – which is an abominationhe that soweth discord among brethren (Pr 6:19).

      For the most part, I remember RG was using the brother to blame him for taking away his financial support from his listeners that he lost. I never thought that he did anything with the list because if he did there would have been far more carnage than there was. RG was just making excuse for the reason that his sins cost him his followers.

      Yes, it was very miserable for all the tech brothers and you witnessed that in all of them that worked with RG. They became that way and were distant from others because they knew too much so it was hard to put up with the prophet praising when you knew he was a pervert that you had to continually clean off the porn viruses he would get on his computers. Everything he touched turned to porn. This is why he went to a laptop after he was caught airing porn in 2004. Which said laptop had to be continually addressed for porn virus removal too.

      But let’s ignore all that since he’s the Great Power of God (Acts 8:9) and act like it didn’t happen. So he can do it again… and again…

      [We really should be having these discussions in the Forum as there are far more viewers to the Form than this single post]

      1. That would be better. I’ll have to have 1 of the kids help me figure out how to sign on there, but hopefully you can transfer this if it’s on your heart. Bro. Dave had accused my brother Tom of being a Mama Boy and effeminate but that is slander to accuse a brother of an effeminate spirit. That would mean he has a reprobate mind. Meanwhile Bro. Dave told me he had beat a horse to death once. I can only imagine the pain, fear, agony and panic this poor animal experienced! The Bible says the tender mercies of a wicked man are cruel. He also boasted of forcing his 2 daughters to strip naked as teens and having them face the wall while he whipped them. He said he only stopped when they stopped crying as that was his decision they had submitted to him. My brother lives a quiet peaceful life on his own for years now in a simple home debt free. He helps others including a handicapped man nearby or anyone he sees in need. He is in a position to give items to others rather than see them thrown away at his job. He carries a New Testament and reads it often. He has a heart of gold and I’m humbled beyond words to call him my brother in the Lord.I have never met anyone that has a non judgmental, kind, gentle spirit, heart and mind like him. Bro. Rick Bell was cruel and harsh to Tom and for a long time after he left Tom worried Rick would find where he lived and show up at his door to yell at him. When I heard Rick Bell died I pondered the concerns my brother had shared beforehand. I heard Stair and Bro. Dave had gotten angry or upset and pushed Bro. Enoch around in the dining hall back and forth between the 2 of them? I remember Bro. Dave always targeted Bro. Enoch and didn’t understand why. Perhaps, some needed to hear these things. Everything added up is a whole picture of the Community and why brothers and sisters left or were pushed out in a consistent pattern over time.

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