Sabbath Service – November 7, 2020 – Bro Stair

Bro Stair Tabernacle Hugging
Sabbath Service – November 7, 2020 – Bro Stair

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Brother Stair boasted today of how he pleasured women in Boston but couldn’t associate this to his then loss of half his congregation in the midst of his sexual infidelity and perversion.  Just like his current lack of understanding (Pr 6:32) on why he has now lost 99% of his followers.  (Isa 2:12;  Pr 10:9)  [That fun starts @1:41 in the Service]

We have long told you that Brother Stair has lost all of his followers and all of the churches that he pastored because of his adultery and his sex sins always causing people to leave himjust as it is today.  And now he is so brazen in thinking that the law isn’t even going to hold him accountable for his crimes.  And his deteriorating, waxing worse and worse mind, that he brags about it openly. 

The lips of the righteous bring forth what is acceptable.
But the mouth of the wicked, what is perverted. (Pr 10:32 NASB)

“Why shouldn’t we talk about it?”  Bro Stair asks.  Because God’s word (if that matters to anyone) says that it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret (Eph 5:12).  That’s why.  We feel the shame of having to bring these things to light, but Bro Stair has no shame in boasting about them before the church in a supposedly holy setting.  What a shame.  (Pr 8:12-13;  Pr 4:24;  Eph 4:29, 31;  Pr 6:12;  Col 3:8;  Pr 8:13;  Jam 1:26;  1Pt 2:1)

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His solution to this was to make himself a prophet (Acts 8:9), to make his own church which he would be the ruler of and make all the rules.  Then he could cast out all those who didn’t abide by his dictates and those who find out about his sexploits that do not want to engage with him in his flood of dissipation (1Pt 4:4).

So the bragging continues about pleasuring women (which pleasures him) and takes him to state that he’s got a woman there that he’s kept a virgin.  Though he shows he knows that everyone there believes she’s not anymore [wounder why that would be?].  But you have to understand what Brother Stair means – she’s a technical virgin.  Brother Stair only constitutes sex as penetration – that’s the game he plays to make it alright.  Thus anything is legal for his touchy hands and tongue, and anal sex is also not sex.  [This fun starts @1:30]

Brother Stair showed today how he’s not kept God’s word, which says in so doing you will be kept from the adulteress (Pr 7:5).  God’s word also tells us that those who do the deeds Brother Stair bragged about today (to justify his still continuing in them):

  • Lacks understanding, sense, and judgment (Pr 6:32) – Not something you want in a prophet or anyone you follow]
  • Destroys his own soul (Pr 6:32;  Ecc 20:22) – To his pointing of the finger (Isa 58:9) at everyone else as the reason for his troubles is in rebellion to God’s word.
  • Wounds, blows, disgrace, and dishonor are his reward (Pr 6:33) – Yet Bro Stair’s heart rages against this (Pr 19:3).
  • His reproach and shame will never be blotted out or wiped away (Pr 6:33) – Something else he refuses to accept of God’s word.
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Thus, is the way of the wicked they know not at what they stumble (Pr 4:19) – for it is most often themselves.

Thus, Brother Stair abides in the house of death (Pr 7:27;  Pr 9:18).  And as all can witness from his Overcomer Ministry that it has produced nothing but the fruit of death (Mt 7:20;  Pr 7:26-27).

But none of that matters unless you hold to God’s word rather than to some man’s words or interpretation (2Pt 1:20;  Pr 8:36;  Isa 2:22).


Today Brother Stair reinforced himself as the manifest Son of God who cannot fail.  (Mt 15:14;  Isa 56:10)

Damn you folk!  What the Hell you hanging around here for?”  “Did you come for peace, or did you come for war?”  [Because all you’re going to get at the Overcomer is war (Isa 48:22;  Pr 1:15;  Pr 9:13)]

Brother Stair, the Prophet of the Overcomer Ministry preaching at the Tabernacle in Canadys SC.

11 minutes of the Sister Burgess Show was removed.

8 minutes of silence removed.

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