Sabbath Service – Oct 23, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

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Sabbath Service – Oct 23, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

Last Updated on Fri June 10, 2022 @ 11:23 am

Now clearly running without a shepherd, what has become the standard Service is a bad replay heard through the Tabernacle speakers.  Suppose that is supposed to make us feel like we’re there – if we could understand it at all.

Another week with Sister Burgess and scarcely anyone else – at least no one vocal about it.  This week brought us to the expulsion of Pastor Rice – therefore casting aside any hope of a shepherd that they might have had to shepherd them.  Perhaps Dennis or Jackie want to give it a try?

We say expulsion because somehow the powers that be, or the senses of Pr Rice, have come to a head, and the pastor that we have been void of for some weeks is not only missing but replaced.  So don’t think that his sickness took him out.  As we noted last week, The interruptions have been replaced by another brother.  They replaced his announcements word for word with a squeaky kid at least by last Thursday the 14th.  Showing why we didn’t hear anything after last week’s service, nor anyone but Burgess in the opening.

Here’s a clip of the new kid replacing Pastor Rice on the broadcast interruptions starting last week.  Both the long one and the short ID.


Why would they do that?  They should consider Brother Paul’s reminder from Phone Messages #15Christ is NOT divided (1Cor 1:13).  You are witnessing the destruction of the Overcomer from the inside, as it always was.  This is where the division always came from – the top.  They are working the same kind of silent rebellion that Brother Stair practiced against those he pushed out.  Bro Stair just did more vocal dancing around it.  He would replace brothers that he had done certain jobs without informing them and get others to just step in and take over.  This is the same spirit at work.

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Imagine the shock that this should be inducing in the listeners.  Why not use a known voice?  Where is Pastor Rice’s announcement?  Why has it been replaced – with who?  Why not use Brother Brown who would read in service and did the first announcements after Brother Stair’s death, or Brother Spencer, or anyone we might recognize?  It’s just more propagated confusion.  From which we must conclude to be either their intent or a manifestation of the confusion and working of confusion in the Overcomer leaders.  That confusion is why we even have this interruption announcement in the broadcast.  Do they think people don’t know what they’re listening to after all these decades on the radio?

Then there’s the broadcast itself.  What confusion they are sowing by having Brother Stair mention and uplifting all the brothers and pastors that have left him.  Brother Baker, Pastor Dowell, Pastor Rice, Brother Connelly, and on the list goes.  We have a broadcast that is fresher than it used to be because of all the older material that Brother Stair would not play – mostly because of the mention of these brothers that he cast out.  It’s just more fruit of confusion being manifest so that we can identify them (Mt 7:15-20;  1Cor 14:33).

To this, those who believe in Brother Stair’s perversion of Amos 3:7 should see how it lacks a fit.  This prophet does things without revealing (supposedly God’s intent) to his people – he just does them in silent rebellion.  This new use of the microphone also begs the question, If the microphones there still work, why are they not being used to inform the body of Christ?  Or have they given up on the care for the body?  Dennis always wanted to preach, why isn’t he doing so?  Jackie and others would like a show.  The divisions are so massive that there are some who don’t go to the Services, Prayer Time, or the Dining Hall.  There be clicks there.  That’s nothing new.  There were always divisions among us, due to the evil spirits at work on the Farm, due to the one who let them roam free – the man at the top.

You tolerate that Jezebel, who calls [himself] a prophet.
By [his] teaching [he] misleads My servants into sexual immorality

I have given [him] time to repent of [his] immorality [2001-2021],
but [he] is unwilling
[cast out River 2017, & Sis Andrea 2018]
So I will cast [him] on a bed of suffering,
and I will make those who commit adultery with [him] suffer intensely,
unless they repent of [his] ways.
I will strike [his] children [followers/Overcomers] dead.
Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds,
and I will repay each of you according to your deeds.

(Revelation 2:20-25  NIV)

We can tell from Pastor Rice’s previous statements that his stance was not one of wanting to leave the Overcomer Farm.  After all, he sold his Community in Henreittia and moved everyone and their monies there.  He said in a past service that he had nowhere to go but felt like some of the (so-called) elders were not keen on him.  We witnessed this in how they didn’t let him preach but only gave him space after Brother Stair was done preaching an old service.  The new regime shows that they don’t want any present truth going out.

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If we are to think that Pastor Rice overstepped his bounds (as he wondered on 25 Sept Service) when he said at the Rosh Hashanah 2021 Service that it was a trap to hold to Brother Stair’s words as fact.  Rather that we should hold them in the spirit of what he said.  We witnessed the agreement of the congregation, including the voice of President Dennis Larivee, rather than an expected hush or uproar.  They were all in one accord agreeing with him on this.  It’s like he had already been talking with them about it – most likely was.  Whereas Brother Stair’s statements would most often shock the congregation into a hush of shock when he wanted to receive their approval.

While we wrote how this was an abomination to the followers of Brother Stair (and would have been to Brother Stair himself) it only went to show the magnitude of the error of Brother Stair and how his lies and false words were coming to a head.  Perhaps the powers that be decided that we were right (even though they said amen to Pastor Rice’s trap) and decided that his dissimulation of the Prophet must go.  Time will tell.  Yet if that’s their side, then why are they airing segments that Brother Stair would never air due to the brothers mentioned favorably?  It seems the strong delusion they are under is waxing worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived (2Thes 2:10-11;  2Tim 3:13).

So now we have even less Present Truth from the Last Time Ministry that has no clue of what time it is.  Nor have they said anything about what they believe or given a word of faith to their followers.  If it wasn’t for the confused callers (that they air for confused reasons) the followers would not have any straws to grasp onto.  It’s becoming more and more apparent that this ministry has no desire to help their own followers – they only want to help themselves to their money.

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Meanwhile in the Sercive today, Brother Stair wants to brag that he’s confessed certain sins and we haven’t had to do that.  Then he points out (in an effort to humiliate others and exalt himself) how he spoke of a certain sexual sin that everyone was guilty of – making everyone guilty – but himself.

This is all a lie.  Brother Stair never confessed specific sins but only a generic term of committing adultery with those that he knew we found out about – he did not go any farther than that.  One example is how there was never a confession of his pornography addiction in the 2001 or 2004 meetings.  That’s when it started to turn to where his fleshly sins were not sins – only our spiritual sins were now sins.  No need to confess your sins when they are no longer sins.  So Brother Stair would justify his pornography was strong meat and that he could handle it (in Dec 2004).  That was his confession.  That was not repentance though, was it?  Confession is not repentance.  That’s just the tip of that iceberg.


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  1. Whatever happens Stair said he’s not wrong and how wicked of us to think he is. Stair himself set up the current President and vice-President Dennis and Rose Larivee. IF there have been sharp disagreements, fissures, disunity, perhaps an order to refrain from speaking to certain in the assembly, (shunning) or an eviction, this would only occur because the same spirit has been at work there for decades. Interesting that there was a move from Oklahoma and possible transfer of all funds just like so many of us were disrupted in our lives and source of income before being cast out. Brother Stan said Rice didn’t want to hear any witness testimonies years ago about the evidence of porn viewing. I don’t suppose Rice spared any pity for unsuspecting victims over the years who suffered because of him aiding and abetting an ongoing crime by Stair against women and teens. IF the same thing (shunning, eviction) has happened to Rice that happened to so many of us as we were made aware of the wrongdoing there, I suppose he’ll say it’s because Stair isn’t alive to stop the Larivee duo. However, Stair himself set them in that position and Rice made himself abundantly clear about being in rebellion against authority so he can’t murmur or complain. Rice knew something was coming in a September Sabbath service (I think 25’th) when he made 3 remarks that caught my attention and line up with what you wrote.

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