Sabbath Service – July 3, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

Pastor James Rice
Pastor Rice
Pastor Rice
Sabbath Service – July 3, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

Last Updated on Wed May 4, 2022 @ 3:54 pm

Last Updated on May 4, 2022 at 3:54 pm ET

Leaving Confusion

Pastor Rice takes the reigns for 31 minutes after the airing of an old service to those gathered to hear an airing of an archived Service of Brother Stair – their fallen leader.  Pr Rice talks about the few there and mentions the leaving that Brother Stair spoke of in today’s service.  Claiming that “the Lord is here” – when all fruit indicators tell us a different story – but who cares about what God’s word says (Mt 7:15-20).

This has always been a ministry of confusion and continues as at this day (Dan 9:7).  Brother Stair testified every week (and still does) that his followers have confusion of faces (Dan 9:7).  Therefore God has no part in it.  For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints (1Cor 14:33).  Thus is the fruit of Brother Stair and his Overcoming Ministry (Mt 7:20).

Returning Confusion

This confusion is going to magnify after September when Jesus doesn’t return.  Those that remain on the Farm do so not just because they are deceived (2Tim 3:13-17) but now because they are confused – they don’t know what to do.  They don’t really know why they’re there or why they stay – because they have had to ignore or assassinate the word of God to reconcile Brother Stair’s sexual perversions that he walked and talked in.  If their ears would open from their deception they would hear Brother Stair on the old archives aired and realize that he is telling what they now know to be lies. 

They know that Brother Stair beat them into just holding on to remaining no matter what they see wrong around them.  He thought us to never question the plain truth before us but simply don’t leave!  We know because that was us too.  Thank God He delivered us (Jer 15:21;  Ps 50:15).  Understand, that this is the testimony (the witness) of hundreds that have fled.  God only requires two or three to establish this matter with their words – thus it is well established (2Cor 13:1;  Matt 18:16).

Confused of God

They have indeed been deceived of God as Brother Stair boasted.  But that doesn’t make it good or right – like Brother Stair tried to spin it.  This is because God turned them over to a strong delusion because they didn’t love the truth of God’s word – thus they believe the lie[s] that Brother Stair taught that God gave them over to (2Thes 2:9-12).  It’s so clear there in God’s word.  You have to be led astray from God’s word to not see it (2Tim 3:6;  2Pt 3:17;  Isa 9:16).

Then their exchanging God for the image of the son of man (Brother Stair) is why God gave them over in the desires of their hearts to impurity for the dishonoring of their bodies with one another (Rom 1:23-25).  This is why they became futile in their thinking and darkened in their foolish hearts – reaping confusion (Rom 1:21-22).

The SIGN of Confusion

This exaltation of Brother Stair is the reason, God gave Brother Stair over to dishonorable passions (Rom 1:26).  Since Brother Stair did not see fit to acknowledge God, He [God] gave [Brother Stair] up to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.  Thus [Brother Stair] become[s] filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity (Rom 1:28-29).  That was how the sign was magnified in his latter years – he waxed worse and worse – showing who his father was (John 8:44-45).

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How did we and they come to this point of thinking that Brother Stair was a prophet or a man of God?  Because we ignored God’s word and God’s warning.  Brother Stair told us to get a witness from God on me, while God told us to test the spirits of the prophets (1John 4:1).  Therefore God is not going to give us any witness on something that He clearly already gave us instruction on how we are to know the man.  Jesus also instructed us that it is THEIR fruit – not God’s witness – that identifies them.  Jesus is also specifically talking about prophets in this context (Matt 7:15-20).

Behold, you are of no account,
And your work amounts to nothing;
He who chooses you is an abomination.
And there is no counselor among them
Who, if I ask, can give an answer.
Behold, all of them are false;
Their works are worthless,
Their molten images [Bro Stair] are wind and emptiness (confusion [KJV])
(Isaiah 41:24, 28-29  NASB95, KJV)

Confusion of Lies

Then Pastor Rice talks about Brother Stair saying that he talked about going to stand before the Pope – no Pastor Rice, he said his death would be at the hands of the Pope.  You’re making his lies into more lies as you build lie upon lie.

Then in confusion, Pastor Rice doesn’t remember what Brother Stair talked about, he then goes into a series of other things Brother Stair talked about – things that also have not come to pass

Bringing it all down to blow it off and justify it by saying “the coming of Jesus Christ is what he preached, that’s why we’re here”.  But the truth is, Brother Stair preached himself – at the expense of Jesus Christ and His body.  Jesus was only used to lift up Brother Stair and give him credibility as being signed off by God Himself.  The reason “we’re here” is because of the confusion that we just talked about.

Confusion of Man

Brother Stair perverted the term son of man into a title, then proceed to steal that title from Jesus and declared that “Jesus is not the Son of Man today”, and that Brother Stair was the Son of Man today.  This was a long way around to declare that Jesus is not a man today, not in flesh – which is the premise of the antichrist spirit.  Again showing that who and what Brother Stair preached was himself.  He made himself out to be everything he could think of in ever-increasing glories, robbing all the attributes of God (Acts 8:9).  

Brother Stair highly exalted himself and gave himself names above every name (Phil 2:9).  The opposite of what Jesus did in making Himself of no reputation, becoming a servant, humbling Himself, and becoming obedient (Phil 2:6-8).  Just the opposite of what we find in the life and times of Brother Stair.

Confusion of Delusion

So what the good Pastor Rice is saying is that we should ignore Brother Stair’s deification and his false prophecies and all the things we clearly know have failed and how his words have fallen to the ground, and just (by being willingly blinded) focus on his pet-phrase that he used to magnify himself with – Jesus Christ is coming in your lifetime.  Or was that in 1988?  Or 2000?  Or 2018?  Or within six months of my death?  Take your pick – Brother Stair did.

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We love you Pastor Rice but you’re under a strong delusion because you did not have a love to find out or receive the truth (especially in Dec 2004).  Instead, you believed the lie you were told by Brother Stair about his watching and airing pornography (2Thes 2:10-11).  Sadly, your continuance in this will cause you to be damned ALONG WITH all those following you in this strong delusion (lie) that Brother Stair was a righteous man.  Worse than these, you did not help those you could have in 2004 to get Brother Stair the judgment he needed and to turn the Overcomer Ministry around to a path of righteousness.  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth (2Thes 2:11-12).

Confusion of Christs

The coming of Christ didn’t matter to Brother Stair, he didn’t believe in or know a Jesus that was going to judge him for his sexual sins that he persisted in and vehemently refused to repent of – even though he condemned others for these very things.  Brother Stair used the coming of Christ as a means of invoking fear and urgency to gain for himself followers, funds, and fannies for his frolicking fun.  It served him well all the daze of his life.

Brother Stair Grave Marker Tombstone Inscription
Image source:

In the end, Brother Stair replaced Jesus as being greater than Jesus Christ – so who’s coming was he really preaching?  If you still don’t know, his grave marker lets us know – “I SHALL RETURN!!” 

I, Brother Stair, Shall ReturnNot Christ!  This gives us the final word on what Brother Stair preached – HIMSELF !! 

That great ‘I’ that he called iniquity while pointing the finger at us.  Here it is cemented as his own moniker – the man of iniquity.  Notice how his followers have not noted the date of his death – again making him a christ – death isn’t going to hold him to a date.  This datelessness is no surprise since the President of the Overcomer, Dennis Larivee, does not acknowledge that Stair is dead.

Confusion of Signs

Brother Stair’s ministry was for the advancement of the sign – and he (naturally) was that sign.  “The sign must be magnified” – not Jesus.  There was no place for Jesus or His righteousness in Brother Stair’s life or ministry Farm.  Those who stood for righteousness and stood against his wickedness found where Brother Stair stood.  They were excommunicated.  Even his “close friend” Brother Chris was not immune to his casting out the brethren (3Jn 1:10) when Brother Chris stood up for the sister’s Brother Stair was groping at the River, had to go.

The “overcomers” may argue that this “I SHALL RETURN !!” is referring to Jesus’ last words in Revelation but that’s not what Jesus said, that’s what General MacArthur said.  Jesus said Surely I come quickly (Rev 22:20), something Brother Stair boasted that he didn’t do sexually.  And yes, Brother Stair loved perverting his pet phrase into a sexual context.  This final inscription in stone is a clear indication of who their returning christ is and what Brother Stair believed about himself as the christ figure.  Which should be no surprise when he proclaimed himself greater than Jesus in 2006.

The true Christ has no place in the Overcomer Ministry.  It is well named – its purpose is to overcome the saints (Rev 13:7).

Confusion of Messengers

Brother Stair’s epithet should be “I FAILED!!!”  That would be the whole truth. Brother Stair failed at being the self-claimed forerunner of Christ, John the Baptizer, and unlike John who condemned Herod for having his brother’s wifeBrother Stair had his brother’s wife (Lk 3:19).  Not only that, Brother Stair taught that it was lawful for him to do so (Mk 6:18).  Great fulfilment on his Herod part.  Epic fail on his John the Baptist part.

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Thus his claim as the Malicah Messenger (which he stole from Wm Branham, who stole it from Russell) never materialized.  He never brought about the restoration of all things as he preached must come to pass.  In these, as in most things, Brother Stair did just the opposite.  It seems his followers have forgotten his own words that now condemn him when he said if he didn’t fulfill any of his sayings that he would be a false prophet.  Now he is left with false followers who don’t even have regard for his own words and thus depart from his lies. 

A better epithet would be “EPIC FAIL !!!”

Confusion of Leaders

The death of Brother Stair has brought about the apostasy of his Overcomer Ministry as is the pattern for most ministries, especially cults.  Heresy breeds apostasyThe heathen raged, now the people will imagine a vain thing (Ps 2:1).  The World Wide Church of God (WCG) – Armstrongism, had the same thing happen after Herbert W. Armstrong’s death when he said Jesus was coming before he died

The WCG is a cult that Brother Stair proudly studied under for four years and most of Brother Stair’s followers do not know that many of his doctrines, pet phrases, and inflections were taken from Armstrong.  So it’s no surprise that Bro Stair never condemned (by rather praised) H.W. Armstrong for his large church and reception by all world leaders.  This is something he condemns everyone else for.

Confusion of Mysteries

This apostasy from Brother Stair’s teachings will become manifest and apparent soon later this year as they will be going to teach (privately) that the coming of Christ is a mystery – ie: “nobody knows”.  [Which is just what happened at the end of the year].  Can you imagine?  But as they will continue to air Brother Stair speaking his teachings nobody will know what the Overcomer has actually changed to believe.  It’s either this or fight for the new prophet position that will not be accepted by the masses.  They will still want your money though.  [In less than a year Pr Rice and Pres Dennis have been in a heated verbal battle several times in Services]

This is why our purpose in exposing the truth about Brother Stair and his Overcomer Ministry is just as important as ever (Pr 24:11).  What continues in the Overcomer hereafter may do more damage doctrinally (perhaps not sexually) than Brother Stair did.  Just as the Branhamites have propagated the lies of William Branham throughout the world to this day.  It is now the Stairites turn as they think it their duty before God to proclaim and propagate the Last Day Prophet Seventh Angel Messenger.  No matter how the facts and all scriptures are contrary to it.

Confusion of Funds

Pastor Rice is the new voice of the announcements at the Overcomer Ministry [for a while until he gets pulled in a few months, then returns after discord ensues].  He’s asking you to call in your prayer requests (though the prophet isn’t going to pray for you) and to send your offerings – because apparently the paid-up air time passed when Jesus returns in September and the millions of dollars they now have isn’t enough.  While Brother Stair may have deceived you by saying he didn’t have the love for money, his fruit that lingers is showing us that the love of money is unrestrained without a lying tongue to ‘prove’ to us otherwise.

At least Brother Stair would blow the money on air time, the current regime is just sitting on their nest-egg apparently waiting till Jesus doesn’t come in September so they can consume it on their lusts (Jam 4:3).  So send in your hard-earned offerings so they can build bigger barns (Lk 12:16-21). 

If you don’t want your money wasted you can send it our way and help us publish the truth.  You can also use the green Donate to the Cause block in the sidebar.  Thank you for supporting the truth.

The update to this article is Continuing Confusion.


5 thoughts on “Sabbath Service – July 3, 2021 – Pastor Rice after Service

  1. Wow! Thank you for this picture of Stair’s decorated grave. The garnished white sepulchre containing dead man’s bones lifting himself up in self exaltation to the bitter end. Stair is obviously stating he (Stair) a mere mortal is coming again. He craved the worship that is only rightfully given to Christ at His glorious return and that is etched on his tomb as his condemnation.

    1. Yes, the decorations are impressive in their representation of the signs they show us of The Sign.

      The roses are a nice touch. Reminding us of his adulterous Rose (the other man’s wife) that he died living with. And there are three roses – reminding us of that threefold cord of Brother Stair, Rose, and Dennis that he could not break free of (Ecc 4:12). His own little circle of Elijah, Jezebel, and Ahab. With RG as Christ in the middle risen above the rest.

      Did I mention that this Ahab and Jezebel are the President and VP of the Overcomer house now? Therefore steering the direction the ministry will go from here.

      Proverbs tells us the fate of those following the Adulteress; For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her. Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death (Pr 7:25-27).

      1. I still remember the segment I heard on this channel where Stair claimed to be the word made flesh. Several women swooned in adoration as they kept repeating. “He’s here, he’s here!!” It was abhorrent to hear them worship Stair. That is what that whole place (Overcomer Ministry) has done is move Christ out and move Stair in to take the place of Christ. I also saw a news segment where Stair was to stand before a Judge in early 2018. He looked terrible. They brought him out in an orange jumpsuit and chains. His beard had been shorn off. I saw him glance over to the few loyal to him with anger and deep shame. If anyone has a chance to view this and has any discernment you can clearly see he’s definitely not thankful they even bothered to show up to see him in this bound and humiliating position. Those who walk in the Light can discern the few there are neglected and emotionally abused, diseased sheep with wounds left putrid and untreated, unsound, incompacitated, degraded, in confusion, and unable to function.THIS is the legacy Stair left as his corrupt fruit. His perverse, twisted version of how he viewed the interaction of Christ to his Church.

      2. There is a recent article in the Press and Srandard July 8’th, 2021 about a resident at the Overcomer Community named Gail Sharp 66, who abruptly packed a bag and left the farm. She was reported missing by another resident at the farm and was gone for about a week. The police are still investigating. I thought you may be interested in looking into this.

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