Sabbath Service – January 30, 2021 – Bro Stair

Overcomer Tabernacle
Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Sabbath Service – January 30, 2021 – Bro Stair

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Last Updated on February 6, 2021 at 5:37 pm ET

The Passover push begins.  This may be the last one If Jesus doesn’t come this year He won’t come for 11 more yearsSo either Brother Stair dies this year at Passover or he dies in 11 years when he’s 99 years old.

“You Mother F#@king Bastard why don’t you get off the air”

Since Brother Stair let open the floodgates of his foul mouth a couple of weeks ago in Service (though he has been speaking like this and worse in the Dining Hall for many years).  He now is continuing in his use of unabbreviated (Pr 4:24).

Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips
(Prov 4:24  NIV)

I did not molest the children. I’ve never raped a woman in my life.  Never.  Never!  I’ve stole from no one.”

Brother Stair was schooled in that “You can’t rape the willing”, thus he makes us willing by teaching submission and that “If they rape you and you don’t resist – then it’s not rape”, as he continued on saying.  Likewise, Brother Stair continues here and states that since no one screamed out then he wasn’t raping them.  Where’s the realization of the fear factor here that his victims are under that keeps them from not only not screaming out for help but from not speaking out to others about it?

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It is this mental and spiritual rape that takes place in the people that conditions them for his physical rape that they then feel is their fault.  Because he makes them think they came to him willingly.  One of Brother Stair’s often used tactics is the one he used with Sister Natosha – getting them to come to the Radio Room for something that he has for them

Now, if a man of God would have picked up something for a sister (even if it was something that she requested) and was to give it to her.  Would he not leave it in some public place, or meet in a public place?  Why would any man invite a young girl into his private lair to “give her something”?  Simple, a man of God doesn’t do this – a sexual pervert does.

Wherefore the Lord said,
Forasmuch as this people draw near Me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour Me,
but have removed their heart far from Me,
and their fear toward Me is taught by the precept of men: (Isa 29:13)

So from having submitted to his request to “come to the Radio Room”, she is then assaulted and in shock that the man she trusts is sexually assaulting her.  Screaming would do no good – you’re alone.  We know how he spins these (many) incidents already – it’s her fault, I didn’t do anything wrong, and certainly not what she said I did.  We all know the demonization that goes on for the sisters that merely don’t cook the way Brother Stair wants.  What would he do to those who resist his sexual advances? 

We don’t have to guess we have many results.  Such as how he excommunicated Sister Andrea when she called him out for his groping.  And there was the ex-communication of the River Community because they refused to allow Bro Stair to continue with his groping and sexual agenda with the sisters there.  Which those on the outside only know as the River betrayed the Prophet and God and that they need to come and fall down before all and confess their sin so that they can be restored.  So that Brother Stair can continue his sexual agenda with them.  After all, he’s been raising those girls since their early childhood for this, by giving them candies and special treatment.  It’s time for the worker to have his harvest of the fruits. (Sick)

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Radioland has no idea that the River has done no wrong in this.  Rather they have stood up for righteousness and against the wickedness in their midst.  The problem is that it just so happened that this wickedness was Brother Stair.  And resisting that wicked one is not going to fly in his house.  So we were sold another story.  A story of the sin and betrayal of the River against the great prophet of Almighty God.

Notice that he didn’t say that he didn’t molest specific children, he just didn’t molest THE children, as in the whole of all the children.

We should also consider the realm of sodomy that Brother Stair’s sexual appetite exists in.  Because, like he has said lately, if there wasn’t penetration then it wasn’t sex, and then it certainly wasn’t rape.  So getting out of admitting rape is even easier when he considers that most of his sexual encounters are quickie encounters of sodomy.

Let’s go back to the submission game, shall we?  When the Prophet of God gets you alone and cornered and asks you if you want to please God.  Then suggests something sexual either that you can perform on him or that he can perform on you.  Are you going to not please God“You want to please God don’t you?”  Is the question they often hear from Brother Stair to manipulate them into coercing sexual pleasures out of them.


Brother Stair, the Prophet of the Overcomer Ministry preaching at the Tabernacle in Canadys SC.

11 minutes of silence removed.

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  1. Rg stair is a Profound Liar and Reprobate to The Core !!! Just like His Sexual Assualt on Sister Natosha. Make no Mistake People, It Was A Sexual Assault and He said just a few weeks later, That He “Touched her Right”. That is the Mind of a Sexual Narcissist Predator. Remember the Harvey Weinstein Court Trial where He was convicted of Oral Sex Rape after the Women continued to contact him !!! Ralph Stair is No Different. I will soon be Unleashing a Barrage of Truth about the Depths of Satan being Manifested through Rg stair. God Bless brothers and Sisters

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